Hi all. Here’s a quick update and request. Please read before 22nd September.

Although we usually call 1st September  Spring day in the Southern Hemisphere, the real start of spring is at the Spring Equinox,  which happens on 22nd September this year in South Africa.

Equinoxes happen when day and night are almost exactly the same length… everywhere. The word equinox comes from Latin and means  “equal night”, so the spring equinox represents a point of balance .

This is also  the time of the year, where we sow seeds of hope, both physically and metaphorically, not only for ourselves, but for humanity as well.

With Jupiter having just entered Libra, as I wrote about last week, the focus of this eclipse is on peace, love and harmony.

My good friend Antoinette McInnes has been working tirelessly to organise a Crystal Ceremony at the exact time of the Equinox, a moment of perfect balance.  During the ceremony, a rose quartz crystal will be earthed, with the intention of  activating heart chakra opening and moving people towards a vibration of Christ Consciousness. There will be a special focus on raising the vibration of South Africa, but of course, there is no limit to such things and the crystal will be connected to any worldwide crystal grids and to anybody else with the same intention.

If you’re concerned about our country and our planet and are keen to plant some good strong seeds of hope,  please join in from wherever you are at 16:21  Spend a few moments in quite reflection on your own, or in a group, to plant a crystal of your own and/or to focus on any or all of the following.

Unconditional LOVE

If this resonates, please share this as far and wide as you can.

In life, light and hope for all