Lifelight Astrology February 2014 – New moon and Year of the Horse

Advice from a horse

The good news for the month ahead is that although there are still some challenges, things should  start lightening up a tad – what with the Sun in Aquarius, the second new moon of the month in Aquarius, Venus turning direct and the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Horse! Yeehaa!

The second new moon is on  30th January, which means that we have a second chance this month to start afresh, to plant new seeds as it were.

The first New Moon on the 1st January was about identifying our goals for the year and setting structured, serious intentions. By now, many of those resolutions may have all but fallen by the wayside, as old patterns emerge and take over.

This new moon  in Aquarius asks us to become the observer, to look at things from an entirely different perspective and to bring our intentions more into alignment with what’s really achievable and maybe more importantly, with what really feels right for us. This is a much less serious, more freedom-seeking, inventive energy. It’s about liberating our minds to seek original, innovative and unique solutions to old issues. New ways of looking at and doing things is the order of the day.

If you have a copy of your chart, the house in which 11 degrees of Aquarius falls is where you need to change your perceptions or try something new.  This link will give you more information on the houses –

If you don’t have a copy of your chart, then just sit quietly at or just after new moon and intuitively connect with the area in your life that you feel you need a different perspective on or where you need to think out of the box.  

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. “Albert Einstein

Be brave enough to question every single one of the perceptions you have this month. Become the observer of your own mind. When a thought or a belief comes up, immediately ask if it’s true. Remember the word “belief” has the word “lie” buried within it. Ask whether your beliefs or thoughts are expanding you or holding you back.  You can do this by simply thinking of a statement and feeling how it feels in your body. Our bodies never lie.

Ask too how you can see a particular issue, problem or challenge in your life as a creative opportunity for your growth, rather than as a troublesome drama to be chased away as soon as possible.

Say for example you have an issue with another person (which is highly likely, as  relationships are under  the spotlight right now). Your thought might be  ‘”Buggalugs should be more reliable and consider my feelings”            As soon as you become aware of the thought, run it through your body and see how it makes you feel – expanded or constricted.

Then shift to a higher, less emotional perspective and  ask yourself if it’s absolutely, fundamentally true….  without any doubt.

Lastly, play with that sentence and turn it around. Try a few different options

Eg Buggalugs should not be more reliable and consider my feelings (perhaps Buggalugs is behaving in exactly the right way to take you to your next level of consciousness or development)

or  –  “I should be more reliable with me and consider my feelings towards myself more

Or maybe even  “I should be more reliable towards Buggalugs and consider his/her feelings .”  … fancy that!

The more you do this, the more liberated you start to feel – guaranteed!

The energy of this new moon can really be like a breath of fresh air if you allow yourself to connect with it.  The next few days are a wonderful time to dream, set your spirit free to roam and imagine the biggest vision for yourself.

Ask yourself questions like :

  • Where am I different from other people and how can I embrace those  qualities?
  • What are my unique abilities, talents and gifts?
  • How can I share them every day?
  • How can I look at this situation in a different, innovative way?
  • How and where can I  jump out of the box and do things differently

I’ll be sending out details shortly  about an upcoming workshop I’ll be running in February and March on the theme of Thinking out of the Box and Changing our Perceptions – watch this space. 

I also have one place left on my Vision Board Workshop on the 8th February. 

Any kind of investigation into our thoughts and beliefs will become even easier as Mercury goes retrograde from 8th Feb until 1 March. As we know, communications and electronic data can go awry during this time, so be sure to back up everything. If we view Mercury Retrograde from a more positive perspective, this is a chance to review, re-evaluate, reflect on, re-envision our beliefs, our words, our perceptions, our actions… our lives and step our consciousness up a few notches.

Along with the amazing energy of this new moon, which will be carried forward for the next two weeks, Venus, the planet of love and money comes out of her Retrograde phase on  the 31st of January. This could start to ease things financially for some of us and allow for more clarity to enter our relationships.

There might still be some drama however, as Venus and Pluto continue their intense dance together. With the Sun in Aquarius and Venus in Capricorn, we are asked to embrace our mature feminine – feel the feelings we feel, but detach from the drama of the story. In any situation, imagine you are in the audience, watching it like you would a movie or a stage show. Observe what’s going on, listen to what’s being said, but don’t jump onto the stage.   In other words, watch, wait and then respond, rather than react.

All this coincides beautifully and powerfully with the start of the Chinese year of the Horse on the 31st January.  Although I don’t do Chinese astrology, I think it’s a wonderful theme to consider this month.  The Chinese chaps  say that this will be a year of rapid expansion, fast growth spurts, optimism, achievement of goals and the embracing of our wild, free instinctive natures.

Let’s allow the spirit of the Horse to lead us through the month and the year. These amazing animals are very powerful teachers to us and they show us exactly how we need to treat them, ourselves and others. Horses are incredibly powerful, yet sensitive and intuitive. They need community, safety and prefer to be approached with caution and gentleness. They do not enjoy being kicked or being yanked  this way and that by strange metal objects placed  in their mouths.  What they do enjoy is rolling in the hay, being stroked and running free in wide open spaces. We are not so different.

The first time I ever rode a horse in the wild was in Zululand at NIGHT and a moonless night at that. At one point I could see absolutely nothing and had no option but to completely put my faith in this incredibly intuitive being, who knew exactly what he needed to do and where he needed to put his feet down. I was told by my friend who was riding with me to give him a long rein so that he was able to smell and sense his way along. All I had to do was stay on the horse and keep my head down, to avoid the branches.

I think with all that’s going on right now, this is quite a powerful analogy. Sometimes we need to loosen the reins, rather than hanging on tighter, pulling, tugging and trying to force and control, which is our normal instinctive reaction when we’re fearful. Leaning back a little can be quite scary at first, but when we get the hang of it, we realise that our intuition comes to the fore and leads us to where we need to go…every time.

Horse blessings



Lifelight Astrology Update 21 January – Out the box

Aquarius New moon: Think out the box

This week, we start to feel the energy of the sun entering the freedom-seeking, communicative  sign of Aquarius. We started our journey this year clambering up our earthy little Capricorn mountains, filled with serious intentions and back-packs full  of responsibilities. Now, those packs are starting to feel a bit heavy.

Ooef….Another year…. another mountain…seems to be the general consensus.

It’s time to put the pack down, sit under a tree and consider the view of your year from a different perspective.  If you’re approaching the year in the same old way, it’s time for a change. How can you introduce some of the lightness and freedom you may have experienced during the festive season into your life more regularly? Those excursions to beautiful places … why not do more of them during your normal week and stop waiting for the holidays to give yourself the permission to have fun? The social gatherings you may have had – why not organise them more often?  Life is all about connection, after all, so if you’re slogging up your mountain all on your own, reach out.

Aquarius is all about community – friends, groups and gatherings and seeing things from a broader perspective. Connect with like-minded people and let your minds run free as you  brainstorm wild new ideas. Share your dreams and your dilemmas with others and let them help you come up with some new progressive ways of doing things.

We have the opportunity of being very inventive, original and innovative in the next month, so let’s make the most of it and march to our very own, very unique drums.  Do something different… that you ordinarily wouldn’t do … go somewhere new,  change your routine, wear something unusual, take the risk of standing out.

This is the time to think out of the box … to express yourself differently. And if that chastising parental voice tells you to get back inside it, tell it to get lost and roam free.

More on this next week. Watch this space for news on the exciting transformational workshops I’ll be running on this theme in February and March.

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Blessings to you all 


Lifelight Astrology Update – Full moon 16 January 2014

Mandal 10


Full moon this Thursday the 16th January is in the “feeling” sign of Cancer. Together with Venus in retrograde, the focus is firmly on embracing and expanding the mature feminine within us – men and women alike. Rather than expecting and waiting for someone else to provide what we need, we need to give it to ourselves.

With the Sun still in Capricorn, much of our energy is on our personal and practical goals, as we immerse ourselves into the responsibilities of the year ahead and work out how we intend to climb our individual mountains as it were.

As we do this, we’re being asked to remember that we are human beings and not human doings. We’re reminded this week to balance the “doing” with some heart-centred feminine “being”.

Take moments out of your busy schedule to stop… connect with your body and just notice what’s happening. Bring your attention to wherever you feel tension, pressure or pain. With gentle awareness breathe into it and allow whatever comes up to just be there, without judgement or resistance. You might see or sense a colour, a sensation, a symbol or a feeling. Notice it, accept it and allow it with a soft heart. Ask what you need and give it to yourself. This might sound “me” centred, but amazingly  the more you do this, the more you’ll notice the relationships in your life begin to change, as your gentleness and compassion is reflected back to you. As our own responses become less spiky and more considered (Capricorn), our interactions with others become smoother as well.

If each of us brings more softness, more gentlenesss into our lives, it magnifies out into the world and brings about change at a level we cannot even comprehend.

“The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers restorers, story tellers and lovers of all kinds”. These are the words of the Dalai Lama, who like our beloved Madiba is a Cancerian – real men, completely in touch with the Divine Feminine – that’s what the world needs now.

Footnote – As a fellow Cancerian, I wanted to share this mandala with you, painted recently by me, after a heart-centred meditation.

Please contact me if you need help with navigating the year ahead. I offer private and group Process Art sessions and astrology consultations. There are still a couple of places left on my two Vision Board Workshops on the 18th January and 8th February.



Lifelight Astrology Update – 6th January – All Aboard for 2014!

Ahoy Matey

Well Matey’s, we’re almost a week into 2014, which promises to be a  powerful, exciting and challenging voyage! As the RaRa and hype from the festive season starts to settle down, many of us are starting to face the realities and practicalities of the year ahead. There’s a chance that some of the intentions we set whilst raising our glasses might not be all that realistic or may have already seemingly fallen by the wayside… or perhaps we’re just not feeling the same verve and vigour we did a week ago…?

It’s  ok … and it’s not too late. The moon is still waxing until 16th January, so we have ten days to reassess our intentions for the month and the year ahead and to prepare ourselves for our annual voyage. To provide us with some oomph and initiative, our Lunar Mother moves into Aries late on Monday evening and on Wednesday forms a square to the sun, a lunar phase often referred to as a “crisis of action”. This is when we realise that our dreams and intentions are only going to happen if we have some kind of plan and actually put it into action and stick to it.

The Universe applauds action, not thought.

The grand cross I wrote about last week is still in play, so the energy continues to be powerful, yet potentially challenging.  Venus (the planet of love and money) joins with Mercury (communication) to assist us in facing whatever we need to in our relationships and finances. This is a good time for serious discussions with the significant people in our lives, although we need to stay centred and calm, as there may be differences of opinion or even clashes of wills.  As we look at our relationships without blinkers, some may end or need to be re-structured and others will get even stronger and more enduring.

We’re the captains of our own ships and this week we’re readying ourselves for our 2014 voyage…. Making sure we have the right people on board; checking our life-saving equipment; offloading whatever is weighing us down; setting our GPS’s for the right destinations; ensuring that our holds are well stocked, leaks are plugged and equipment is running smoothly… all ready to sail into the wild blue yonder.

If you feel that you need some help in navigating the year ahead, I’m available for astrology consultations or private coaching sessions.

My Wednesday morning Art & Soul classes resume on the 15th January.

And if you haven’t yet done one, a vision board really helps to clarify your route and is a powerful goal seeking missile – see here for details on the workshops I’ll be facilitating in January and February.

Bon voyage