New Moon and Mercury Retrograde – 20th/21st January 2015

Waking moonHi all – here’s a quick update – The 20th January presents us with the first New Moon of the year and it’s a Supermoon at that.  At 0 degrees Aquarius, this is the fifth new moon in a row that has fallen within 0 and 1 degree of a sign, suggesting that we are living in a time when powerful shifts and new beginnings are possible and probable! The new moon will be closely followed by Mercury starting its retrograde journey tomorrow and only turning direct again on the 13th February.
We all know about the difficult effects of Mercury Retrograde in the form of lost data, missed flights and electronics giving up the ghost… but many of us miss it’s gifts. As the Christmas / New Year hype settles, this is time to get down to business and review all the grand schemes and intentions we’ve put in place. How are they holding up?
Mercury governs our rational minds and when it turns retrograde, we get to reflect on where we are now, re-consider, reassess and re-envision. If our good intentions have already fallen by the wayside, we need to look at the thought patterns which may be running the show from behind the scenes. If our intention is to bring something new into our lives,  we need to be living from that place, vibrating on that level. Please see below for information on the Law of Attraction Mandala workshop I’m running on 20th February or email me for details on
Mercury is, as we speak, travelling along with the sun, the moon and Venus in visionary Aquarius. The contemporary ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, which is currently sitting at the same degree of Aries as the south node. The South Node represents past conditioning and karma and that’s what’s being radically brought to the surface right now – so  if ancient dramas are playing out, that’s why.
What this is telling us  as I see it, is that we are being presented with an opportunity to wake up, to step out of the box (Aquarius), find a higher vantage point and consider what is holding us back (South Node) . The next few weeks presents us with an opportunity to break free (Uranus) from old conditioning (South Node) and choose a brand new different pathway (Aries) … to really become the change we want to see in the world. If we don’t break free from past expectations and beliefs, it’s really not possible to move forward. As the adage goes “If you want something different, do something different”
So… whenever we find ourselves judging something outside of ourselves, we get to toddle off to our higher viewpoint and  ask where and how we can change that exact thing inside ourselves. We have a lot of really effective triggers in good old South Africa. Eg the Government should be more efficient and forward thinking -– can lead to us questioning where we can be more efficient and forward thinking.. Or XYZ should be considerate could be adjusted to “where can I be more considerate”
Robert of the Aquarius Papers puts it like this. “Consider the next 3 weeks as a bridge between an old way of seeing things and a new understanding of a bigger picture and how everything fits (or doesn’t) in that picture. This time will bring interesting insights through looking back or within about prior relationships, past goals and ambitions, and why certain things came down the way they did…” “This  allows us to take a look back at how we’re using Aquarius energy in our lives, see who our allies and friends truly are, open to a larger vision of cooperative synthesis, and say goodbye to old illusions”.
In light and life

Lifelight Astrology January 2015 – Comfort Zones be Gone!

Wings R B

Happy New year everyone – may this one be the one where we expand… move forward, upward and onward on our journeys, this seemingly being the theme for 2015.

First of all, although I’m not a numerologist, this is a power 8 year. When you turn an 8 on its side, it’s an infinity symbol, so we are being encouraged to let go of limitations and embrace the limitless opportunities that the Universe presents to us. The symbol 8 also represents the physical world and the spirit world and the weaving together of the two.

Astrologically, the big news is that Saturn, the planet that rules responsibility, maturity and practical goal setting, has moved out of the deep dark waters of Scorpio where it’s spent the last 2.5 years or so.  As it starts it’s journey through Sagittarius the optimistic far-seeing archer (yahoo!), it should start to feel more and more as if we’re coming out of the basement and re-adjusting our eyes to the light.

We’re being called upon to reassess and clarify the visions we have for our lives and take responsibility for bringing them into reality – no more cogitating or procrastinating.

The full moon on Sunday in Cancer (which activates the Uranus Pluto Square) sets the scene for the month and the whole year quite frankly, as one of challenging our comfort zones.  It’s so easy to stay where we feel “safe” and “secure” (Cancer) but really, what does that even mean? Every single second of every day, it’s all changing anyway and by endlessly holding onto what we think is safe, we stop growing and start stagnating.

I’ve just spent the last week or so, on a sailing boat with 4 other people, doing two 15 hour journeys at sea (the pic above was taken of us by someone in Ballito at about 5am). Let me tell you, I learnt a whole lot about comfort zones and what it’s like to be taken right out them, in one foul swoop. Every single one I had was challenged, as we rocked and rolled on the wild Indian Ocean. Sharing a living space with relative strangers was one (quite a  challenge for someone with an uber-private 12th house moon). Another was learning how to make coffee down “below” with one hand, while the other held on for dear life, lest I get thrown clear across the cabin (which kinda did happen, until I started getting the hang of it)

I quickly learnt not to walk anywhere or do anything, without holding onto something “solid”. As a result, I started to become very attuned to the present moment in time, being conscious of every movement I made (especially whilst “up above”) to prevent myself from slithering across the deck or being unceremoniously tossed into the sea.  One momentary lapse of attention and away you go…and there’s no other person watching out for you. They’re too busy seeing to their own survival and rightly so!  Confirmation of another life lesson… we and only we, are responsible for our lives!

My levels of observation quickly increased, as I watched for swinging booms, ropes that are really easy to trip over and stairs that you can fall down in a heartbeat. I also started becoming very conscious of where I put things, so that I could find them easily if I needed to, in the dark if necessary. I even had the experience of steering the boat a few times, something you can only do half properly if you’re awake, aware and tuned into the wind and the motion of the waves – much like navigating life.

Interestingly,  as someone who doesn’t generally sleep well, even to the sound of frogs croaking, somehow I was able to sleep solidly and deeply for stretches of time, despite the movement and the noise (of the wind in the sails, the sea and sometimes the motor).  When I chatted about this to my friend, the skipper, he told me that he thought it was because the boat was like a womb in the ocean, holding us. When there’s nothing else you can do, you have to surrender yourself completely to the boat, the skipper, the ocean and the Universe… an amazing lesson for me and another metaphor for life.   In the midst of chaos, we can find peace and “security” if we surrender.

And now on the other side of the journey, with a few bruises to prove my encounters with galley cabinets,  I am so glad  I didn’t listen to the voices in my head that were telling me I was stark staring crazy to go on such a trip.  There is nothing quite like being out there on the endless, living, breathing ocean, watching the sun rise at 4:30 in the morning and the twinkling lights of ships or the distant shoreline in the evening, emerging out of the inky blackness.

I feel expanded somehow, as a result of stretching myself  and somehow, I think, a little spark has been re-ignited inside me, restoring my belief in this wondrous life. Thank you to my travelling companions for making it possible.

And so, this month and this year, I encourage you to ask yourself what would really stretch you…what would re-ignite your flame? What would take you out of your comfort zone?  What would really challenge you?  What are the things you’ve wanted to do for ages, but have put off for one reason or another?  What if you pulled those ideas out of the closet and breathed some life into them?

That book you’ve always wanted to write; the trip you’ve always wanted to go on; an adventure you want to embark on; the creative project you’ve been shelving; the vege garden you’ve wanted to plant; the fitness level you’ve wanted to achieve; the business you’ve wanted to start?

What are you waiting for?  If you’re waiting until you have no doubt or no fear you’re going to wait forever.

This is the time to start bringing your visions into reality!.

There is still space on my Vision Board workshops on the 10th and 24th January. See below or email me for details.

In love, life and adventure