Life Coaching


Process Life Coaching with Michelle McClunan

Imagine that you’re Christopher Columbus and you’re setting off on an epic sea voyage to unknown lands. Where would you start? First of all, you would need to know where you are and in what direction you’re headed. Then you’d make sure you had a sturdy ship, abundant supplies of food and drink, a good crew, excellent  navigational equipment and accurate  “up to date” maps…right?

You would certainly not set off into the wild blue yonder without any of those things and if you did, you would end up probably going around in circles and getting lost at sea.

Just like the world’s great adventurers, each of us is on a voyage of discovery – to ourselves. The good news is that we’re not alone and we have everything we need.  We’re equipped with a good vessel in the form of our bodies, which responds to regular and quality sustenance and rest. We arrive on the planet with a unique birth chart, which provides us with a map of where we come from and where we’re going and lastly we have a built-in  navigational system which helps us to keep on course.

Each and every one of us has an inner compass, which we can refer to as intuition, our inner voice, a knowing or a gut feeling. This personal life navigation system is automatically available but requires regular attention in order for it to function at its highest potential, just like a navigational system on a ship needs regular servicing.

When life is filled with challenges and we spiral into excessive busyness, it can get harder and harder to connect to our innate compass. When that happens, we start to drift off course, feeling lost at sea, often unable to see where we are or where we’re going. At times like that we start feeling desperate or may even start to get ill.

Imagine that sturdy vessel getting tossed around by huge waves… heaving this way and that. In our own lives, when we flail around like this, we tend to forget about our navigational equipment. We stop listening to our feelings and let the self appointed captains, (our rational minds) bark out orders and run the show. What do we do? How we do it? All the while wringing our hands, sweat building on our brows.

Compasses have a magnet in them which help to  orient us to  magnetic north, migratory birds have an onboard navigational system imbedded into their tiny brains, ensuring that they wind up in exactly the same place year after year. We too, have a built in guidance system, which is located not in our heads, but in our hearts. It’s hard wired to take us to the source of our being and to lead us to our true potential, but we have to tune into its unique frequency.  When we stop listening to our feelings, it’s as good as chucking our inner navigational equipment into the furnace.

My role as an astrologer and navigational  life coach is to stand by you as co-skipper of your ship and assist you in navigating your way forward. I am not at the steering wheel. You are.

If you select me as part of your crew, our voyage together might look like this.

Your adventure begins with a comprehensive reading of your birth chart – click here for more details

This may or may not be followed by a more in-depth session, where we dust off the  magnifying glass and find all sorts of places on the map that you might not have known were there before – places in your psyche that you may have been previously unaware of; belief patterns that are hidden in your subconscious which may be  blocking your way forward; exciting, talented aspects of yourself that you may have been disregarding up until now, your true heart’s desires. We would also cast an eye to the weather in front of us – the chart will tell us when to expect turbulence, change or still waters, so that we can prepare ourselves adequately.

After one or two chart reading sessions, you can decide whether you want to continue your voyage with me by your side as your navigator. Together we establish the places you would like to investigate and we set sail accordingly

Your voyage is custom designed for you, based on your unique map, personality profile, abilities and soul’s desires.

The voyage of self discovery can consist of any number of sessions with me from 1 to 12. At any point on the journey you are perfectly welcome to ask me to disembark.

Together, the journey would include some or all of the following, with the definite visit to some beautiful paradise islands, complete with buried treasure stashes.

  •  Learning how to slow down, get into an Alpha state and check in with yourself
  • Connecting with the sensations you feel in your body which leads you to connect with your emotions – your navigational equipment
  • Working with paint, clay and collage to express your emotions, clear energy blocks and find healing and transformation
  • Communicating with your subconscious mind through powerful visualisation, imagery and dialogue
  • Journalling and visual journalling
  • Working with dreams and investigating the treasure gifts they hold
  • Learning how to investigate everyday events so that they become teachers to you.
  • Re-framing and re-programming negative core beliefs and replaceing them with postivie ones through Neurolinguistic programming and energy work

Throughout our voyage you will be given a host of internal and external tools which you can use to sail your own ship. These will include book recommendations, podcasts, inspirational articles and videos. When working with me, you will be encouraged to check in with yourself frequently, journal, practice gratitude and record your dreams, if you remember them.

When you feel that you are sailing your ship and have either reached your goal or have a clear view from your bridge, you may choose to continue alone or invite me aboard for the odd visit.

My goal as a co-life navigator is to get you to a point where you don’t need me,  where you are fully conversant with your navigational equipment, when the inner compass you were born with is facing your true north and when you’re sailing your own ship.

When we are connected to our inner compass, the heart, we are automatically connected to source and are far more able to navigate our way through challenging physical, spiritual, emotional or mental experiences.  Using the tools you will have learnt, you will begin to look within, listen to your heart, find your inner truth and sail towards a life of  infinite possibilities.

 “Each of us is here to fulfill a unique purpose – our dharma – and it’s up to us to find out what that purpose is. Only then can we experience complete fulfillment and bliss.” ~ Deepak Chopra