Joy of Joys… The Sun has entered Leo and we have a beautiful, brightly packaged, brand spanking New Moon in the early hours of Sunday 27th July.  This is the New Moon astrologers everywhere have been waiting for, because the Sun and Moon are both in a vibrant cheek-to-cheek dance with expansive, positive, abundant Jupiter. With this being the Chinese year of the Horse, hopefully our regal steeds, who have been champing at their bits for months now, will finally get to leap out of the starting gates.

We can all use this as a powerful opportunity to send out intentions that will help launch new creative projects and bring more love, joy, peace, abundance, meaning and passion into our lives.

But first of all, we need to check the inner gardens of our souls for any weeds that might be choking the tiny sprouts that are trying to bust their way to the surface.

Just before new moon (Saturday night) is the ideal time to put the hoe to work on the undergrowth –  the resentments; ancient family hurts: the things that you’ve tried to resolve with others but haven’t succeeded in doing;  people you need to forgive, accept or  let go of;  expectations; and those gnarly stubborn weeds of doubt that tell you that you’re flawed and faulty and will never amount to anything.

Once you’ve  unearthed them, write them down on bits of paper and then with a great deal of love and compassion, feed them into a fire and watch ’em burn.  In my own experience this really does work – try it. Each time we do it, we let another layer go…

And then… have some fun… connect to that childlike sense of wonder and magic … let yourself dream about 5 things ore qualities that you  really, really, really want to bring into your life.

Then hand the reigns  to your inner child, who is eternally creative and playful and let him or her come up with a way of sending them into the Universe.

You might want to  write them on stones and throw them into the river or  the sea. Or really get into  party mode,  put some upbeat, inspiring music on  and dance your wishes into your body… and then just after midnight… the magic hour… blow them into bubbles or balloons … one…by… one and watch as you set them free.

Enjoy… Believe in the Magic!

In life and laughter