By Michelle McClunan

One of the things I love about writing these newsletters is that I get to ponder things more deeply and intensely than usual… deep and intense both being properties of Scorpio, along with transformation and change, our theme for November.

On the 11th November, we have a New Moon in Scorpio, joined by Mercury, which means that the focus is on giving careful consideration to and transforming our beliefs and the way we think and communicate.

As we hurtle at breakneck speed towards the end of the year, rest assured, you are not alone if you feel like the world is a difficult place to be in. The “shift” that many of are continuing to experience, I believe, is about how we deal with what’s going on “out there”… “in here”.

“The only way out… is in!”

The reality is that the world will continue to change… there have always been and possibly always will be wars, illness, natural disasters and violence. People will likely continue to let us down, cut in front of us in the traffic, get sick, die and leave us. Governments and politics will continue to be …well … government and politics. As long as the planet is turning and we’re on it, there will continue to be strife and struggle and darkness, but… for every strife, there is a joy… for every struggle, liberation and for every bit of darkness, there is light. Helen Keller said it like this “Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I’ve learned that whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.”

As hard as we try to escape the darkness in life, it’s just not possible. Our own shadows are eternally connected to us. In fact, if you think about it, the only way we can change the shape of our shadows is by shifting our position or our viewpoint. We can also choose whether to focus only on the shadow or on the light that is casting it. In every minute, of every day, we have the choice of how we’re going to handle each and every situation we are presented with. We choose whether we’re going to see something as a crisis or an opportunity, whether we’re going to stand in the sidelines shivering in fear or embrace it all with gusto – the bumps, roadblocks, joys and victories in equal measure.

The only way to really transform on a deep level is to change the way we view things, which requires a bit of investigation into the thought patterns and beliefs that run our lives. This month, the intense Scorpio energy helps us to access that information and start to transmute it. Scorpio is the plumber of the zodiac, so there’s a  good chance that “stuff” from the past will come up to the surface in the next few days– old emotional hurts,  issues, resentments and regrets.  Other things that are likely to come up, are concerns about money, power and sex.  You may also experience  “water” issues in your home, body or vehicles. I personally have just discovered a problem with my car’s water pump, which I choose to see as symbolic. Some emotional engine overhauling and clearing out is on the agenda for me.

The bible says “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”

 There’s a lovely story about two Buddhist monks who came upon a woman needing to cross a stream. The older monk carried her across on his back, but when he set her down she ran off without so much as a thank you. After walking for several more hours the two monks arrived at the monastery whereupon the younger monk simply could not stand it anymore. “You shouldn’t have carried that woman across the stream. She did not deserve your kindness, she did not even bother to thank you.”

The older monk replied, “I put her down hours ago, why are you still carrying her?

What are you still carrying around?

This new moon is the best one this year to do some internal plumbing, bring to the surface and release disempowering beliefs, thoughts and behaviours… fears, deeply ingrained knee-jerk reactions, resentments and sadnesses.

Sit quietly. Allow whatever needs to arise, to arise. Breathe, allow, release.  And then plant some healthy vibrant new seeds in the form of empowering beliefs.

I have some space left on my Metamorphosis workshops on the 14th or 28th November. I will also be hosting two workshops in December to give you the chance to take stock of 2015 before year end and to tie it up into a neat package before entering 2016.  See below for more details or email me for more info if you are reading this on my blog

In life, light and shadows