Rumi love flowers

As we all know from the huge amount of red hearts and roses around, tomorrow is Valentines Day. Although I’m not crazy about the commercial hype around these holidays, I  really am rather keen on the whole love thing. Love in the deepest sense really is the only thing that matters, whether it’s for ourselves, each other or the planet. In fact, the only thing that will save us is love.

On Valentine’s Day,  the love planets Venus and Mars  will be locked into a close, cheek-to-cheek embrace  in dreamy, gentle, fantasy-filled, flowing Pisces and the  Moon is in fiery, funny Sagittarius. This combination definitely sets the scene for some romance and humour on Love day.

Mercury started turning direct on the 11th Feb thankfully, so communications which seems to have gone sideways in the last few weeks should start to ease. Perhaps we’ll be able to start letting our innermost thoughts and feelings be known in a non-threatening way and open up our ears and our hearts to hear the truth behind the words.

This is clearly the exact opposite of what went down in the “House” last night, which has left most of us South Africans feeling fearful, anxious and rattled. There really isn’t a whole lot we can do about it, other than keep our own vibrations as high as possible and send that frequency into the political situation in this country.

Whether we’re in a romantic relationship or not, lets focus tomorrow on what’s good, what’s beautiful, what we’re grateful for… right now. Lets treat ourselves and those around us as if we  are the most precious beings on earth!

The most important time in your life, is now

The most important person in your life, is the one in front of you… now

The most important activity in your life, is what you are doing now

From “A Monk’s Journey”  Deepak Chopra

So … Turn up the love,  light some candles, pour some wine, listen to some beautiful music, sing, dance, laugh and love …and celebrate the “right now!”


In Love