Full moon Scorpio

Tomorrow the 14th May we have a full moon in Scorpio – which means that she’s opposite the sun in Taurus – Taurus is all about hanging onto security and the status quo and Scorpio is about transforming and changing – bit of a tug of war, what! In addition to this, we still have a loose grand cross, the moon is in very close proximity to stodgy, serious, Saturn… and Mars, the planet which rules forward motion is approaching a complete stand-still before he finally turns direct on the 19th . Eish!

So…  To put it simply, this really isn’t  a full moon where we’re likely to feel like we’re forging ahead and taking the world by storm. In fact, many of us feel as if trying  to move anything forward right now is a bit like pushing a giant boulder up a very steep and slippery hill.

So what’s is all about? I wish I had the answers, but  the theme for me I think is “To resist or not to resist – that is the question”.  As the theme of transformation continues, unabated, our  limitations,  deepest fears and old conditioned thought patterns are up for investigation…yes again or still, depending on where you are.   We’re being urged to invite them in, to feel them, to stop resisting them and in so doing, to hopefully usher in a deeper sense acceptance and therefore freedom.  Carl Jung wrote the phrase “What you resist not only persists, but will grow in size”, when he found that the more patients resisted shadow aspects of themselves, the more those parts grew, eventually sometimes fracturing their psyches.

Interestingly, some synonyms for the word “resistance” are fighting, opposition, battle, hiding, denying, blocking, combat, struggle.

I think the reason so many of us feel that we’re in a state of struggle is that we spend so much of our time resisting reality,  or the present moment. Even if we resist a past or future moment, memory or projection, we can still only resist it now. Resistance is like trying to hold a giant beach ball under the water. It takes a LOT of energy and eventually the thing is going to pop up onto the surface anyway.

When we stop resisting whatever it is we don’t want or like, be it emotional discomfort, fear or aspects of ourselves that we dislike, we free up a huge amount of energy to do what we do want.

The penny’s finally beginning to drop for me that the first step to loving ourselves completely and I believe finding peace, is accepting everything (the “good”, the “bad” and the “ugly” ) and resisting nothing. I’m realising that the more I resist or try to control anything, the more tired, frustrated, angry and resentful I become and the more of a struggle life is. When I resist something, I’m judging it, saying its not right and separating myself from it. At that point there is duality and struggle begins. However, when I make a conscious choice to stop, breathe and accept whatever it is, I feel peaceful… in that moment.

The irony of life is that the one sure thing is that everything is going to change, yet we spend so much of our vital energy trying to ensure that it doesn’t. Dropping resistance is choosing acceptance and change. It doesn’t mean that we have to become whimps and relinquish our desires and dreams or stay in situations that we have the power to change. It simply means that if we accept the here and now, and stop being completely attached to controlling the outcome, we are able respond creatively and calmly to whatever unfolds.

The work I do is largely focused around assisting clients to connect with where they are right now, to feel into it, question the stories that their minds are telling them and then to find a more truthful and positive way forward.  The first step is usually a comprehensive astrology reading, which is often followed by one or more  personal creative coaching sessions and/or  a group workshop. If you’re stuck in any area of your life, this is a very potent time astrologically to get to the bottom of whatever’s holding you back.  Drop me a line and we can discuss the options michellemcclunan@gmail.com

With the Sun moving into Gemini in a week’s time, the focus will be shifting to our thoughts, our core beliefs, what we are thinking and communicating.  I will be running two Art & Soul workshops (7th and 21st June) to help  get to grips with our
core beliefs  and changing the stories we tell ourselves.  Click  here for details

Happy excavating and roll on Mars going direct on the 19th May

In life and light