Be gentle

Energies peak toady, with the last of the Super Moons this year –  in ultra-sensitive Pisces. This means that she is opposite the sun, who is in “no-nonsense, practical, get it done” Virgo. The polarity and possible conflict that is being highlighted is that of surrender and control.

Always at full moon, we have a  giant spotlight, shining down and within, exposing  everything as it is – which makes it hard to run and hide. This one has been  stirring up strong feelings for a few days now and will continue to do so for a few more, so don’t be surprised if the waterworks are close to the surface. If they are, it’s ok – let em flow!  A Pisces Full moon always increases our sensitivity to pain, (our own and others) and to the world as a whole. We basically feel more connected and therefore feel the suffering more.

This time, Chiron, the wounded healer has joined the party, uniting with the moon, opposing the sun and squaring the  teacher, Saturn. This means that old deep feelings of insecurity, separation, abandonment, not being good enough and soul loneliness may be coming up. We’re being encouraged to be very gentle with ourselves and others, whilst we stay in a vulnerable open hearted place, tempting as it may be to skedaddle away, put a lid on it, get busy or drown our sorrows.

This is the time to stay with whatever comes up and see if you can be the observer, ask “Who is it that is insecure, sad, lonely?”  …. And ….“Who is it that is noticing that I’m insecure, sad, lonely”  etc? And then stay there, breathe, soften and allow the wave move through you. “Be truthful, gentle and fearless” Gandhi

This is a powerful time to do whatever it is that reconnects you spiritually… that opens you up to  the mysterious flow of life.  Be aware of sudden intuitive flashes, dreams and symbols.  The next two weeks carries great potential to bring about yet another layer of healing and integration.


With gentleness