Today’s full moon in communicative Gemini opposite the expansive, truth seeking  Sun in Sagittarius, challenges us to look at how what we believe about ourselves and the world, our visions for the future and how they relate to what we are actually putting out there. We’re being provided with a truth seeking laser beam this week, which can cut through layers of illusion, as long as we’re prepared to use it.

I recently heard this line, by Iyanla Vanzant which really struck a chord in me. “Our eyes adjust to the level of deficiency present”. In other words, our lives will adjust to wherever or however we believe ourselves to be lacking.  Our beliefs and visions are what pull us forward, whether they are positive or negative, so it’s really important that we examine them if we want to grow and flourish. “I am”  is the creative force of the Universe, so anything following those words will naturally create our reality.

So… if we are repeatedly stating or thinking “ I am poor…I am lonely… I am single… I am not good enough… I am too old”.. then guess what our reality is going to adjust to?

Take some time over the next day or two to examine and if possible journal what the deficiencies are that you are holding about yourself and whether they’re true or false. Be aware too of whether your words are in alignment with what you really want, or if you are censoring them in order to gain the approval of others.  Are you living authentically or pretending to be something that you aren’t?  Where can you make adjustments so as to be  more true to yourself?

Ask the questions and then just become the observer and notice what comes up. With all the planetary action “up there” this can be a very powerful trigger for huge change “in here”.

In Life and Light