Full moon commitment

The full moon on Saturday 12th July is in no-nonsense, goal-driven, committed Capricorn, the sign of the trusty mountain goat. It feels as though the summit of our mountain is in sight, but there’s still a way to go.  Full moons are always intense and this one’s no exception as it activates the conflicted, agitated Grand Cross again, challenging us to grow, stretch and commit. However, the good news is that it also forms a graceful kite, assisting us with gentle healing, insight and flow.

After months of soul searching, there’s now a compelling need to finally stop ruminating and to actually make the changes we need to make, in order to become the authority in our lives. As we make our way up our own personal mountains, we need to check whether we’re actually on the right one and that we’ve selected the best path possible… or whether we need to consult with our internal GPS (our emotions) and reassess our route. Do we have the provisions we need to make it to our summit and if not, how can we go about procuring them?  Perhaps we need to dump some excess baggage so as to lighten our load or have a snooze under a tree, replenish our energy and gather our wits, before resuming our climb?

With the moon being opposite the sun in Cancer, the spotlight is on finding the balance between –  our private life and our work life;  being and doing; striving and nurturing; our home and our business; our feelings and our responsibilities; our child-like self and our adult self.

The time has come folks to seriously ask ourselves what our real bottom-line priorities are… and then commit to them absolutely.

I was speaking to a friend yesterday and we were saying how time is flying by, leaving us with the feeling that we haven’t actually achieved anything much by the end of each week. If you feel the same, then ask yourself what the most important thing is in your life… what is vital to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing?  And then strategically plan to make more time for it.

I think it’s about putting that priority before everything else. For example, if you really want to write, or paint, or meditate, or exercise, or eat well, or love more… maybe it’s about doing that before you do anything else, before you open up your laptop or turn on your phone – or schedule in a specific time in your day for it?  I read some very good advice the other day which suggested that we ask “ What’s the one part of your day that you’d like to change?” If we make a change in that one area, everything else starts to shift too.

Have a wonderful wintery weekend. Wrap up warm and nurture yourself

In light love and with commitment