Glad it’s the weekend? Been feeling a little wiped out, frustrated or irritable this week… as if you’ve been beating your head against a brick wall?  Well, the good news is that the planets have a lot to do with it and this too, shall pass.  Saturn (the planet of limitation) is sitting on top of Mars (energy and our goals). So… the more we try to desperately control things, the more we push against the current, the tougher things are going to be right now.

Probably the best thing we can do until the New Moon on Monday is to chill, catch up with ourselves, dream and just be.

What if,  for the next few days, you stopped striving and pushing and  allowed yourself to just love and accept exactly where you are in your life at this moment?  What if you just surrendered?  What if you nurtured yourself with what you need right now?  What if….?

If that’s not completely possible and you feel that you  must “do” something, as always on a waning moon, this is  a great time to time to clear out and let go of  beliefs, habits and extraneous stuff that no longer serve us. The Sun moves into Virgo (the discerner) on Saturday 23rd and provided we take time to listen, will help us to do just that.

There’s also thankfully some beautiful, romantic, heart expanding, creative energy around at the moment, so grab the one you love (maybe that needs to be you) or your significant others, family and friends  and spend some quality time together….