Life continually teaches us lessons, if we pay attention. Yesterday I woke up feeling more than a little rattled, for no particular reason… and as the morning wore on, it didn’t get any better. Rather than carrying on relentlessly, as I normally would,     I listened to the voice inside me and  took myself to a yoga class. The theme was Peace and I can honestly say that I walked out in a completely different place to the way I walked in. I felt more collected, more centred, much more peacful… and I noticed that I was more kindly disposed towards myself and everybody else, even taxi drivers.!

Just another reminder that it if we want the world to be a more peaceful place, it has to start within us.

This coming Sunday 21st September is World Peace day, where people around the world will take part in various activities and events centred around the theme “Peace”. Events vary from private gatherings, to public forums involving large audiences. Many thousands of people around the world will observe a minute of silence at noon (their time) to help to bring peace to our planet.

Peace Day paves the way beautifully for the Sun’s upcoming entrance on Tuesday 24th September into Libra, the sign of peace, balance and beauty.

In addition to this, Mars, the masculine planet of  war and strife,  has just moved (thankfully) from Scorpio into high minded Sagittarius, where he will remain until the end of October. This  brings with it a desire for all of us to lighten up a little,   to expand our minds and our experiences, to break free of confines and to embrace more adventure in our lives.

The most important time in your life is now

The most important person in your life is the one you’re looking at right now

The most important thing you can do in your life is what you are doing right now

The best way to prepare for the future is to be totally present now

Now is the moment that never ends. Deepak Chopra

 Each one of us has a sphere of influence, where we can lead by example and raise the vibration of those around us. It might be with our family and friends, in our work, our sport or our hobby. It could be by being inspiring others in some way in our daily moment-by-moment interactions with the people who cross our paths. How would you treat the car guard who shows up each day and helps you carry your packages if he were the most important person in you life in that moment?  How would you treat yourself if you were? How would the world change if we really started living like this?

How can you make a difference… today and every day? As Mandela told us before he left.  “Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great – you can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.”  We are that generation and this is the time.

I’m proposing that we dedicate the whole month to Peace, rather than just one day – that we spend the next 30 days being Warriors of Peace…What can you do that will help you to find patches of Peace in your busy days or to help somebody else find them?

Who’s going to join me…?    To honour Peace month, I will be posting regular inspirations and reminders on my community Facebook page

I’ll also be facilitating a Peace Mandala Workshop on 18th October, as well as two Art & Soul workshops in Johannesburg on 25th and 26th October. Email me for details