On the 24th  September,  we have a new moon in Libra (the sign of the scales) which makes this the time of year when we need to be planting seeds of peace, balance, beauty and harmony in our lives. The beginning of this new moon cycle also happens to coincide with Heritage day, which was set up to celebrate our cultural differences and bring about national unity.

I’d like to suggest that each of us embraces this holiday and this idea in our own lives. Can we celebrate the differences that exist between us and in so doing bring about unity in our own homes, because that’s where it starts.

With Libra ruling Venus, the planet of love, the focus is firmly on our relationships with others and identifying any imbalances that exist there. This new moon is different from most, as there are no aspects forming to other planets, making it a little oasis . . .  time out . . . a breathing space as it were.

During this pause, let’s ask what parts of our lives are out of balance, whether we’re standing at the centre point of our scales or allowing ourselves to be jostled  about by others. Are we giving too much or too little to the significant people in our lives;  co-operating in a spirit of unity or just being push-overs?

Where are we judging others and can we see it as the mirror it is?   When that thought comes barrelling it’s way in that  “X should be  more loving, caring, generous towards me”, what if, before we went down that old roller coaster,  we simply paused and turned it around (preferably prior to reacting or projecting?)  Eg “I should be more loving caring, generous towards me or towards x?)  Can we watch our words and before we utter them, ask whether they’re going to be helpful or harmful?  Can we accept ourselves and others  as we are, with kindness, fairness and compassion?

This is the time to negotiate what you need in your relationships, so take advantage of the pause, grab your partner by the hand, go somewhere beautiful  and have a good heart-to-heart. There’s magic in the air. You never know what might happen….

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In Life and light