May kicks off with a rather intense full moon in Scorpio on Monday 4th, squaring  Jupiter – all three of which are in fixed signs. Jupiter amplifies the Taurus /Scorpio issues of money, power, passion, security and sex (to name a few). When balanced, fixed energy is consistent, loyal, reliable, stable, persistent and enduring. On the other hand, when out of whack, resistance becomes the order of the day and along with that, inflexibility, fanaticism, fear and control.

 Ever given any thought as to what “resistance” actually means?  The dictionary provides synonyms such as fighting, opposition. Some synonyms interestingly include battle, hiding, denying, blocking, combat, cover, fight, friction, impeding, and struggle.

No wonder so many of us on this little blue planet are in an almost constant state of struggle, at odds with ourselves and each other. I think it’s because we spend so much time resisting reality or “what is” in the present moment. Even if we resist a past or future moment, memory or projection, we can still only resist it now.  Resistance is like trying to hold a giant beach ball under the water. It takes a LOT of energy and eventually the thing is going to pop up onto the surface anyway.

When we stop resisting whatever it is we don’t want or like, we free up a huge amount of energy to become the co-creators of what we do want and like – simple as that.

This includes pain too – Having had a long journey with physical pain myself, I now know that the more I resist it, or fight it, the more my body contracts and the worse it gets. Like-wise with emotional pain and the aspects of ourselves that we don’t like.

Carl Jung wrote the phrase “what you resist persists”, when he found that the more patients resisted shadow aspects of themselves, the more those parts grew, eventually sometimes fracturing their psyches.

The penny’s finally beginning to drop for me that the first step to loving and celebrating ourselves completely and (I believe finding peace), is accepting everything (the “good” the “bad” and the “ugly”) and resisting nothing.

As you read that sentence, you might just  feel a touch of resistance rising up in you? Wadda you mean accept everything?  Does this mean that we have to sit back and become jellyfish, relinquish our desires and dreams or stay in situations that we have the power to change?  Definitely not! It simply means that we start living more in the now, instead of projecting all our energy into the past or the future. When we accept, open to and even celebrate this moment right now, whatever it is, we become more centred and are able to respond creatively and calmly  to whatever unfolds.

For those of you who have a little bit of astrological knowledge, the house that contains 13 degrees Scorpio is where you are being encouraged to surrender control, and find greater acceptance.

Can you think of anything “out there” that you spend your precious energy resisting or trying to control? No? What about the traffic, taxi drivers, the weather, the government, the cost of living, the state of the planet, the country  – name your poison. You may want to consider whether that resistance has helped or is helping you or anybody else?  I believe we can still be helpful, without being a state of resistance – celebrating and actively doing what we can do, without getting into the drama of the story.

Bring to mind something  closer to home that you resist or want to control – your financial situation, ageing (now there’s an interesting one), empty nest syndrome, problems at work,  your partner, or the lack thereof,  your kids, dogs, parents, loneliness, an illness or physical pain, regrets about your past or fears about the future.

Close your eyes for a few moments. Pick one situation, person or thought that you resist and visualise the last time you were fully in resistance mode. Allow yourself to really get into it. Let your mind take you into a few stories associated with it.  Make the story as vivid as you can and then scan your body and see how you feel. Notice the areas of tightness, constriction, heaviness or even physical pain or discomfort. Notice the emotion you feel. See if it has a colour, a texture, a shape.

Now, still keeping the resistance in the centre of your awareness, start to reign in your thoughts a little. Bring your attention to your breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. Just that. Now breathe into the area of your body that’s been feeling uncomfortable and as you breathe out, relax your muscles. Keep doing that for a couple of moments, relaxing your body more and more on each out breath.

With each in-breath whisper what you are grateful for right now in this moment and then breathe out resistance. Now re-scan your body. Still feeling the same heat… the same frustration? Probably not. The “situation” hasn’t changed, but your response to it has. It has therefore lost its power over you in this moment, freeing you up to use your energy in ways that serve yourself and others.

You can take it further if you like. The next time you’re feeling unhappy, frustrated,  resentful, depressed or anxious, try stopping for just a few moments and considering what you’re resisting about yourself. Where do you think you are supposed to be perfect? Where do you beat yourself up? What are you ashamed of, guilty of?  What part of yourself are you angry with or dislike intensely? What part of you are you hiding?  What if you just accepted that part of yourself, exactly as it is – in this moment?

I am in the privileged situation where I get to experience and witness this almost every week in my Art and Soul classes and workshops.  For a few hours, we give ourselves the luxury of just allowing  whatEVER needs to come up, to come up –  in meditation and/or through  making art.  With each breath or brush stroke,  pencil line or clay shape, I witness magic starting to happen, as angst, fear and sadness start  become transformed into peace, clarity and even joy in that moment. The transmutation happens especially quickly when there is no resistance.

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New moon this month is on 18th May in Taurus, – time to connect with and celebrate nature, creativity and the ones you love. Mercury starts turning retrograde the next day and stays that way until 13th June. Be sure to back up all your data before and check all your travel details and contracts.

 “When you surrender and stop resisting and stop trying to change that which you can’t change, but be in the moment, be fully open to the blessings you’ve already received and those that are yet to come & stand in that space of gratitude … and look at where you are and how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished …- when you can claim THAT and SEE that, the literal vibration of your life will change.” Oprah Winfrey


In life, light and celebration



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