May 2014Congratulations –  if you’re reading this, you’ve just about made it through April, which ends with a Solar Eclipse in Taurus today, the 29th.  Every time we have a new moon, the Sun (masculine) and the Moon (feminine) come together at the same degree of the zodiac, birthing a new cycle.

At a Solar Eclipse, this union is so exact that the Moon’s shadow blocks the light of the Sun from our perspective, making it even more potent. With the moon being in Mother Earthy Taurus, I see this as a clear sign that this is a time to re-set our relationship to the Feminine, to our values, our priorities and to the material world… to get real basically.

The eclipse certainly sets the tone for the month of May and with the Grand Cross starting to back off a bit, hopefully the dust will start to settle a little and we’ll begin to ground more.

From my own experience and through speaking to lots of people, the way I would describe the energy of the past month or so has been like being adrift on a small boat in the middle of a rather turbulent sea. There we were,  sailing merrily going along on the surface, soaking in the sun, when suddenly out of the wild blue yonder, we got smacked by an unseen something, unceremoniously dumped off our little crafts and tumbled around as if in a washing machine. With zero visibility, our only option was to hang on and surrender, until it cleared enough for us to see which way was up. Eventually, coughing and spluttering, we emerged, shell-shocked and a tad bedraggled, accompanied by some of our deeply buried flotsam and jetsam, which had been shaken loose and joined us on the surface.

It feels to me as if we’re at  this point now, where we’re able to grab hold some of the debri (the old boat is history) and make our way to a small protected bay.  Once safe in her embrace, we give gratitude to our precious life giving Mother earth and rejoice in the  beautiful warm sand, fragrant smells, visual beauty, natural sounds and delisicous tastes. We connect to her endlessly abundant  life-giving power and start to consciously and maturely sort through the debris that’s been unearthed to find the lessons and the treasures that have shown themselves in our lives.

For most people I know, at least one thing has come to a head over the past month or so. Whatever had been lurking beneath the surface, unacknowledged, repressed or exiled, has popped up in one form or another –  either in relationship issues, misunderstandings,  loss of loved ones, health concerns or financial challenges. On the physical side alone, I can’t tell you how many people I know personally who have had mysterious illnesses or physical symptoms suddenly appearing, seemingly from out of nowhere. For many of us it’s been a hefty wake-up call as to where our lives have been out of balance, where we’re not being authentic, where we’re undervaluing or under-nurturing ourselves.

The way I see it, we can no longer hide – its time to get real.

Whatever learnings have emerged  for us are treasures, the diamonds in the rough, the knowledge that will lead us into a new cycle. This is the time to integrate the lessons and actively commit to moving forward in a positive, healthy way – emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

What has drifted up to the surface for you?  What core beliefs have you had about yourself and the  world that aren’t serving you? What can you let go of? How can you value yourself and your planet more? How can you be more real, more authentic?

I loved this passage from “Love it Forward” by Jeff Brown. “ I am not interested in enlightenment if it means detachment from the emotional body, the earth plane, the challenges of being human. I am interested in “enrealment”, because it means that my most spiritual moments are inclusive, arising right in the heart of all that is human: joy and sorrow, shopping list and unity consciousness, fresh mangos and stale bread. Enrealment is about living in all aspects of reality simultaneously rather than only those realms that feel the most comfortable. We are not just the light, or the mind, or the emptiness, or perpetual positivity. We are the everything. It’s ALL God, even the dust that falls off my awakening heart.

The beautiful water trine that has formed in the heavens is providing even more feminine energy and insight and should hopefully ease the hectic energy of the grand cross, allowing us to gain real insight into our hearts desires, provided we  connect, soften and forgive.

During my Sankulpa (Iinspired Intention) workshop this past weekend, an amazing group of souls showed up and did just that. Through “losing the rational mind” for a while, they were able to connect to the deeper part of themselves that knows the higher truth, that is their essence. Through meditation, art and dialogue, each person walked away with a tangible (Taurean) truth which will serve as a guiding light as they move forward – a seed of pure intention.

I’ve been asked to repeat the workshop on the 17th May and its filling up really quickly, so let me know as soon as possible if you’d like to join us. Contact me for details.

Taurus is all about commitment and value, so the theme of finding out what we really do value and committing to it in a very real way is the theme for this whole month. We can do this every day, by stopping and really feeling into the special, beautiful, often simple moments that endlessly present themselves to us.  Instead of moving quickly on by when you have a good moment,  pause, listen, see, hear, feel and taste it  with your whole being.  Every time we do this, we start to re-programme our brains, literally hardwiring ourselves for happiness.

In realment