In the early hours of Sunday morning, we have a glorious full moon in Leo and thank goodness for that. The reason I say that, is that things have been a little on the heavy side since the start to the new year and this full moon could help to lighten things up a bit…. If we allow her to.

When we have a full moon in fiery Leo, it means that the moon is opposite the sun, which has just moved into the airy sign of Aquarius. It’s shines the light on and brings into focus, whatever we started two weeks ago, when we had a new moon in Capricorn. That was all about kick starting our year, setting and committing to our goals, as we started the ascent up the mountain of 2016.

Now  I don’t know about you, but it’s been quite a whopper of a start for many people. Not much time for kicking back and chilling, as we’ve all had to face up to our adult responsibilities, get back to work/ life mode and deal with all that’s going on around us…. Trudge… trudge… trudge… !

There have been some planetary factors contributing to the intensity and possible heaviness of the year so far. Mercury has been in retrograde, sloooowwwwiing things down and creating some havoc with communication on all levels. One step forward, 3 steps back?  And….the quicksilver planet, which likes to move at the speed of light, has been yoked to  deep dark intense Pluto and squaring Uranus to boot.  This means that challenges from the outside world (Pluto/Uranus)  impact on our state of mind (Mercury). And then there’s Mars in Scorpio…so all around us, a strong theme of death, re-birth and regeneration, threatening our sense of security. There seems to have been quite a lot of actual death around too, starting off with the departure of  rock icon David Bowie, which felt like the end of an era. I personally know 3 people who have passed in the last month!.

We are all aware of how much  chaos there is in the world, on every level. The dire economical situation is having a huge effect on everybody and with it, old drama’s, fears  and issues regarding money and relationships  continue to  emerge, dredging stuff up from our collective and individual psyches. The best we can do is to observe how this affects us individually and make moment by moment choices, of how we’re going to respond, rather than react.

Now… back to the full moon.   The sun in bohemian, unconventional, sociable Aquarius, is much  airier and lighter than Capricorn. Aquarius has the ability to see things from a higher perspective and is the sign of vision, freedom, the higher mind,  liberation. The Leo moon sashays in to join the party, colourfully and dramatically dressed up to the nines, armed with balloons, musical instruments and maybe some hooch. Leo wants to party, have some fun, romance and creativity.  Much too much of this serious stuff!

So imagine that you’re on your 2016 mountain. Just for this weekend… put that heavy pack down. Turn off the cell phone and the computer. Allow the free spirit inside you to come out and play. Invite some people around, do something creative, get some fun  and laughter going. It will lighten the atmosphere and raise the energy for us all and help to penetrate the darkness. Light a fire (the Leo moon will love that) Put some music on… sing, dance… shake all that tension, worry and frustration out of your body. You are allowed to put the climb on hold until Monday. To put you in the mood, click here to Buble singing  Its a marvellous night for a moon dance.

Whilst chilling on the side of the mountain, allow yourself to go off on some flights of fancy. Imagine sprouting wings and flying up above your summit.  From this Aquarian perspective, you can see things more clearly, because you’re not in the thick of it. Where are you repeating the same behaviours as you always do? What obstacles are stopping you from moving forward? Reassess your route. Where might you be choosing the most difficult path when you don’t have to? Notice if you’ve added any more baggage since you started your journey and set the intention of releasing it, to lighten your load.

Above all, while everybody out there is freaking out ,be sure to reconnect, reconnect and reconnect with that which never ever changes. The spark of light within you. While the world  continues to go bezonkers, we each need to be securely positioned at the centre of our own  wheel, lest we spin right off it. And if you do hit a speed wobble,  breathe, soften and bring yourself back to yourself with relentless gentleness. Regroup. Raise your vibration and keep going.

I have one place left on the Mountain Vision board workshop on the 30th January and one on the 13th February. See below or email me for info on the “Escape your comfort Zones”  workshops on 27th February and 12th March.

Have a fun filled, fabulous weekend all.

Love Michelle