When marimba rhythms start to play
Dance with me, make me sway
Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore
Hold me close, sway me more

As we bid August farewell, full moon in Pisces on the 29th is our last dance, before we usher in September… and Spring!

Madame de la Luna is not only in boundless Pisces, but she is also dancing cheek to cheek with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces… and the sea, making her even more oceanic, more imaginative, more dreamy than usual.

And then… there’s our masculine force, the Sun –  in pragmatic, earthy, clever Virgo, accompanied by Jupiter, which serves to expand his Virgo-ness.

Imagine an old fashioned dance floor, where it was still customary for men to cross over to the other side and ask a woman to dance. Yes… it was in this century all you young ones!

Lets go on a little flight of fancy – Pisces loves that !

The first character in our story is the Sun in Virgo – masculine,  earthy, grounded, clever, witty and pragmatic. He cuts a dashing figure, freshly shaven, immaculately turned out in his custom designed suit and stylishly cut hair. With an eagle eye, and using his incredible powers of discernment, he starts to suss out the talent on the other side of the dance floor. “She might do… but …oh no.. her nose is a little large!” Or “… Well she’s pretty, but that laugh…. too loud!.” ” Hmmm…She looks quite interesting, but really, those colour choices?”  Mr Virgo carefully and critically weighs the options, before making his move, which will be strategically planned. He likes things to be timed properly, and to be clean and orderly. He really hates chaos and does everything in his power to avoid it. In fact, he prides himself on bringing order to chaos. He favours the pure, the healthy, the fit and the hygienic. No mystical, magical stuff for him!

And then…the lights change, the marimba rhythms start to play and suddenly out of the corner of his beady eye, appears a vision of loveliness. Seemingly manifesting from the ethers, she  floats into his line of sight, this other-worldly, ethereal looking feminine phenomenon. She’s all fragility, floaty fabric,  and flowers in her hair. Her eyes are half shut, as she sways seductively to the music, seemingly lost in another world.  Miss Pisces loves to connect to and sometimes lose herself in all that is. She hates too much order, dislikes any kind of boundaries and prefers to spend her time creating, imagining, dreaming, healing, and playing. Her pleasures may very well include slowly sipping an entire bottle of excellent wine and getting more than a little tiddly, demolishing all manner of delicious tit-bits and making long and lovely love. She is oceanic and vast and difficult to catch and pin down and control – a little like an angel fish.

Mr Virgo initially is appalled that he’s even vaguely drawn to this strange creature, so he returns to his strategy of assessing the rest of the feminine contingent. However, the music is intoxicating and as  Miss  Pisces starts to dance towards him, he feels himself being irresistibly  pulled towards her. Before he knows it, he’s standing in front of her in the middle of the dance floor. His strategy and planning goes the way of the dodo, and he feels himself merging with her. She gently touches his hand, encouraging him to sway with her, flow with her. As he imbibes her gentleness, he feelshis defenses dropping…. softening… gentling.  She on the other hand, is drawn to his strength, and finds his sense of order and direction reassuring, like a welcome rudder in a turbulent sea.

And this dear hearts,  is the way I see the energy playing out for the  next few months. The feminine …meeting and integrating with the masculine and visa versa. For better or worse, in sickness and in health.  The parts of us that wish to dream and love and imagine and merge, accepting and integrating  the parts that wish to plan and strategize and order… rather than keeping  them on separate sides of the room, or the world, or the universe for that matter. To add power to this energy, we have Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces, all the way until November, which effectively  continues this theme.  And… lastly, there’s Venus and Mars entering into a dance as well, for the same period, in heart-based romantic Leo.

For me, this means that we’re being given another chance to understand and integrate the sacred male and female that resides within each of us – which, if we all did, would probably end all strife, all war… all hatred!.

Most astrology clients who I see for the first time, are surprised when they realise that they are not just their sun sign (masculine), but that they have a feminine moon as well, which is often completely different to the sun. And they have a  Mars and  Venus too, which makes things even more interesting. It’s only when we understand these different parts of ourselves, that we can start to integrate them. When we can do that, we stop fighting who we are and start to love and accept ourselves, in all our complexity.

I will be running a series of workshops and retreats in September and early October, which will assist in doing just this. Please see below or contact me for details.

In the next few weeks and months,  with Mars and Venus joining together,  romantic relationships  may very well come under the spotlight. If you’re not involved,  a feeling of hopelessness may arise as to whether  you’ll ever meet the “right “ person. The potential is there for you to bring in exactly what you’re looking for, so have faith!.  If you are in a relationship, some cracks could start to show and criticism or disillusionment  could creep in, but there’s huge potential for healing whatever needs to be healed.  And, for those in happy, close relationships, this is potentially a potent time to deepen your love and have some fun as well!

And.. whatever our relationship status is with significant others, let’s not forget, the most important relationship we have is the one with ourselves. Ask yourself this full moon and this month – How can I open my heart more … to myself?  How can I be completely present with myself … despite my supposed imperfections? Can I still love me, when I’m lying on the couch, seemingly not achieving all I should be achieving, when I’m  not as thin or  as rich or as perfect as I’d like to be?

 Can I sway with myself… Hold myself close, like the lazy ocean hugs the shore?

Lyrics from “Sway with Me”  Watch this old fashioned version – it will have you swaying in seconds! 

In Life and Light