Judge break heart

Full Moon February 19th in Virgo, happens on the same day as the Sun moves into Pisces, preparing us to release the last year, in preparation for Sol moving into Aries next month. The moon is apparently going to be a Super Moon, which means that it will be bigger,  brighter  and more potent than any other this year.

Full moon is always a time when we look at the seeds we planted at New Moon and reassess how we’re getting along and what we need to release.  Our last New Moon was all about taking some chances, making changes and getting out of the boxes we may have built for ourselves.

This full moon provides us with a very welcome dose of earthy pragmatism, which will serve as a sturdy life raft to carry us through the Piscean waters of the next 4 weeks.  Pisces and Virgo are very different signs, with Pisces being mystical, spiritual and flowing and  and Virgo being discerning, detail orientated, practical,  perfectionistic and strategic. The commonality between them is that they are both mutable signs, meaning that they give us flexibility to flow with  and adapt more easily to what’s presenting itself.

Expanding the theme of flow even more, we have Mercury joining Neptune in Pisces around the Full moon, urging us to release what might be blocking us,  intuit our best way forward by connecting with and listening to the wise voice within and  to surrender our concerns to a higher power.  Virgo can then help us to discern practical next steps, be they to de-clutter, detox, simplify or to attend to issues with our physical bodies.

Mars is also very close to Uranus this Full Moon, preparing us for Uranus’s entry in Taurus on the 6th March, after spending 8 years in Aries.  This is lighting a fire within us to be the change we want to see in the world, to take better care of our bodies, Mother Earth and our personal safety, security, and money. More about Uranus’s move into Taurus next blog.

Venus, Saturn and Pluto are dancing in a close earthy dance in Capricorn, adding a giant dose of common sense, commitment endurance, which we may need in the next month.  Be aware that this trio can also bring old issues to a head and add intensity to our relationships.

On the day of the full moon, take some time to meditate (or just be quiet for a while) – Pisces/Virgo loves that! Check in with yourself and ask where you might be resisting or questioning the changes you decided to make 2 weeks ago.   Check in too with what your body might be telling you.  Then gently and compassionately re-commit to some sort of plan that will serve you over the next months, one day at a time.


Last, but definitely NOT least, I have to tell you about Chiron. The wounded healer has just moved into Aries (18th Feb), after 8 years in Pisces (notice the 8 year theme here), where he will remain until 2027. In my readings, I often refer to Chiron as the Key to the chart, as he symbolises not only our deepest wound, but also the seed of our spiritual transformation. Every single one of us come with a wound that we have come to heal, which is indicated by the sign and house that Chiron falls in your natal chart.

If you were born between 1968 and 1976, depending on the month of  your birth, you are likely to have Chiron in Aries in your natal chart. This means that you will experience your Chiron return between now and April 2027. Over this very long transit, you will be bringing understanding and healing to your self worth and developing the courage to stand firmly, but gently in your truth, despite the opinions and actions of others.

However, no matter where Chiron was when you were born, we will all feel the effects of his move into Aries. For the last  9 years, we have been called to go to deeper levels of our pyches than ever before, understand that what we see in our manifest reality is not the whole picture and that we need to connect to a deeper, more spiritual dimension.

Over this time, many of us have experienced, loss, confusion, illness and possible trauma, which would usually be connected with  where Pisces resides in your chart. As hard as this may have been, its helpful to remember that each experience has been a vital thread in revealing the tapestry of who you really are and what you are here to do on this planet. Please note that this is not simply about what you do for a living. It’s much deeper than that. It’s who you are at your core, without your  labels,  your roles, your possessions,  your achievements and your significant others.

Some of us might, during this transition, be experiencing the resurfacing of old physical, emotional or psychological  issues. If this is the case, reflect on whether there is a link between what’s going on and what was happening in 2010 or even further back to between 1968 and 1978.

This move encourages us to connect with our warrior selves, to stop talking about what we want to do and to courageously take action on what needs to be  changed, healed and resolved.

By the time Chiron finishes its journey in Aries in 2027, we are likely, collectively and individually,  to have moved to a new level of consciousness and be truly equipped to contribute our uniqueness to the planet.

Should you want to find our where and how this move may be influencing your life journey, please drop me a line and we can set up a reading.


In Life and Light