by Michelle McClunan

Full Moon April 8th happens at 4:35 in South Africa and is a Super Moon, which means Madame Luna is closer to the earth than usual and therefore we feel her effects more strongly. She is in the sign of Libra which is social, light-hearted and concerned with bringing peace, harmony, beauty and balance into our relationships and our lives in general.  

She teaches us that we are always in relationship with everything in our lives and that everything is connected. She shows us what is out of balance in our lives and on our planet and guides us to restoring  harmony by finding and maintaining our own centre, especially when the world around us seems like its upside down. She also always encourages tolerance, kindness and acceptance of ourselves and others.

We’re hosting another live stream on Facebook live tomorrow at 7:30pm to explore HEALING IN RELATIONSHIPS (scroll down for details)


This Libra Full Moon is squaring the much talked about Pluto Jupiter conjunction  (Pluto – death, rebirth, regeneration, power.  Jupiter -amplification, expansion) and so is likely to be triggering and amplifying some very deep feelings and bringing them up and out into the open for many of us.

Being opposite fiery Aries, feelings of anger, frustration, indignation or even a sense of disempowerment might be arising for many.

Let’s face it, our physical reality has vastly changed in the past few weeks. The future is uncertain. For the time being, much of our personal freedom has been restricted. To a large degree, our normal capacity to plan or produce has been curtailed. Arrangements we had made have had to be cancelled. We might be feeling devoid of strength or power or resources. Without our normal distractions and busyness, being confined to our homes (for those of us fortunate enough to have them) we are forced to face ourselves, warts and all. Much of what we usually turn to in order to make us feel better has been removed, be that work, social connection, family visits, walking in nature, exercise … leaving us more or less alone with ourselves and/or with our families or significant others.


  • Firstly, particularly around the Full Moon,  feel any feelings as fully as you can, as they arise, with an enormous amount of compassion – focus on just feeling in your body – without going into the story. You will find that it passes quite quickly if you feel it fully. You can watch a video of our live stream MOVING THROUGH EMOTIONS for some tools and guided meditations to help you with this
  • Practicing this will prevent the pain body from arising and projecting outwards onto somebody else.
  • Bring yourself into the present as many times a day as you need to – Watch John’s MAP OF THE MATRIX for more on this
  • Create an affirmation or a mantra that helps you do this and repeat it hundred or two hundred times if necessary.
  • Become aware of where and when you lose power. Just notice this and choose to do less of it or eliminate it completely
  •  Become aware of what makes you feel more empowered, centered and balanced. Choose to do more of that.
  •  Ask yourself what, in your life, needs to die, in order for something new to be re-born
  •  Ask yourself what systems and structures in your life need new foundations.
  •  Consider how you can be a light in the darkness, as opposed to feeding it. This could be as simple as reaching out to somebody who might need some kindness.  You can watch our live stream video BRINGING IN THE LIGHT for some tools and guided meditations to help you with this
  • Before you post or share anything, ask if it’s helpful, necessary or kind.
  •  Limit whatever it is that reduces your light and your personal power. If the tv/ radio/ digital media is on all the time, turn it off for periods of time
  • If you are grappling to find solutions or answers or to understand this whole thing, and are possibly confused by all the information, perhaps limit the time you dedicate to this and focus rather on being present right now and doing what you can in this moment, with as much presence as you can.


We really are all in this together as we experience this unprecedented  global karmic event. The world is very probably not going to be the same as it was before and as scary as this is for many, it really does need to change if we are to survive as a species. The more we resist change and try to hang onto the old, the more we will suffer.

I see this like a collective dark night, which is urging us to go deeper than we ever have before, to draw on the tools we have been gathering for all these years, put them into practice and to be part of a collective re-birth.

 You can’t have the life you want without letting go of the life you have

I was sent this incredibly well written article on this, by the author David Cates, which is so poignant and helpful. Please take some time to read it.


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In life and Light



8 APRIL 7:30 TO 8:30PM FULL  MOON MEDITATION – Healing Relationships in Challenging times. Tomorrow  the Full Super Moon in Libra shines her very bright light on all of our relationships, not only with others, our bodies, our homes, our belongings, our sense of security and most importantly, with ourselves.

Join us on Facebook live on Wednesday night from 7:30 to 8:30pm, where we’ll discuss the current energies, provide some tools to help you navigate relationships and lead you through an opening & closing centering meditation.

just before 7:30pm, click on the following link and it will take you to the live call.

12 APRIL 7:30 TO 8:30PM EASTER SUNDAY Creating Sacred Space

On Easter Sunday, we get together again online to chat about the importance of Creating Sacred Space in our homes and our communities.

This is more true than ever right now  and John and I will be discussing different ways we can do this.  In the sacred space we will create on Sunday night, we’ll also lead you through some centering meditations.

Make yourselves comfy, light a candle and join us  just before 7:30pm. Click on the following link and it will take you to the live call.


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MOVING THROUGH EMOTIONS – a Youtube Video of our last Live Stream

BRINGING IN THE LIGHT – A Youtube Video of Sunday’s Live Stream

We’ve also posted my last video, as well as John’s MAP OF THE MATRIX and various other links that you might find interesting or could help you to navigate what we’re moving through