Full Moon June 17th is in the upbeat, expansive, spontaneous sign of Sagittarius. Being closely aligned to Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius and square to Neptune, our intuition and motivation to pursue a new vision for our lives is heightened right now.

With the Sun and Venus in social, communicative Gemini, this is a great time to get together with some friends and “Blue Sky” some new ideas, which is essentially brainstorming with no limits. When we Blue Sky something we look at a problem or a project  with fresh eyes and open ourselves to creative big picture ideas which don’t need to be grounded in reality. Its based on the concept that ideas beget more ideas and that eventually, you might come up with something feasible and  innovative. 

The energy of the next few weeks encourages us to untether the wild parts of ourselves and run free a little. Loosen the reins of the tightly structured rational mind and allow your intuition to guide you.  Make some art – dance, sing, play music, throw paint at a canvas. Sit down with a bunch of magazines and create a spontaneous collage to ignite your intuition. Take yourself to an untamed place and connect with the awesome wildness of nature!

Jupiter energy is great  for spontaneous new adventures and big picture ideas, but the square with Neptune does tend to add a rose coloured hue to things. Enjoy the untamed energy of dreaming without limits, but avoid making huge life-changing decisions until Neptune moves away in a week or two and the mists of idealism clear a little.

This Full Moon  Sagittarius, the archer, is sending out his fiery arrows like truth-seeking missiles, encouraging us to question our beliefs and ideas and then stay open to the answers that might drop into our awareness.

“Don’t surrender all your joy for an idea you used to have about yourself that isn’t true anymore” Cheryl Strayed

 Sagittarius / Gemini is the communicative axis and over the next few weeks there’s likely to be a lot of busyness and chattering going on inside and outside of our heads. 

The mutable air / fire energy can be a bit impatient too, if not downright tactless, so it’s a good  idea to take a few breaths before you blurt out what you “know to be true”, remembering that your truth isn’t necessarily everybody’s.

On the days leading up to, and those directly following the 17th June,  when you have something that needs to be said out loud to yourself or others, breathe in…breathe out… then ask:

Is what I’m about to say absolutely true for me and for this person?

How do I know that it’s true?

Is it necessary?

Is it kind?

Is it helpful?


Saturn and Pluto are still moving towards each other, which will result in a big conjunction in January 2020. You can read more about this here This will play out in the area of your chart which houses 22/ 23 degrees Capricorn. If you would like more clarity on how Saturn and Pluto are working with you, consider booking a one hour session with me (provided you’ve had your chart done with me before).  Email me for details.


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 In life and light


Michelle McClunan