Waking moon

The new moon on 5th October (at 2:35am) is a whopper!  New moons are  always a time to start afresh, plant,  or set intentions for whatever we want to grow in our lives. This month the focus is on the relationships we have with ourselves and others, and finding a way of bringing them into balance, at a time when things may not be all that hunky dory.  In fact, the next week could be downright tricky, as we yearn for personal freedom and yet paradoxically need to reach out more  …  complex beings that we are.

Over the next few days, be on the lookout for where and how, other people are rattling your cage or pushing your buttons? You might find that they’re showing you exactly what you need to change within yourself.  The astrology of this New Moon is literally here to shake us up, wake us out of our slumber and give us a hefty push to do things differently – personally, professionally and globally. Now is the time to reflect on what’s not working in your life and then take active steps to change it.  If you want something different, do something different…it all starts with you.

We’re constantly needing  to re-invent and re-balance ourselves, so if the old way of doing things isn’t working for you, at this “Waking Moon”,  allow your mind to leap out of its box and run free to embrace new ideas, new strategies, new birth and a new relationship with yourself.  Watch this space for planned workshops in Johannesburg and Durban around this theme

With this being relationship month, If you’ve never had a relationship astrology chart done for you and your partners/ lovers/ children,  then this is a good time to do it.  I’m offering a special on relationship readings until the end of November. I consult  face-to-face in Durban and worldwide on Skype. Contact me for more details.