Today’s tricky but powerful last quarter moon in Cancer could result in us feeling more sensitive, a tad more clingy and needy than normal. Conflicts, caused by old hurts and feelings we may have swept under the carpet could arise within us and play out in our relationships. When buttons are pushed, my advice would be to breathe, soften and see if you can let whatever feelings arise just be there for a few moments and then let them pass through you like a wave This is potentially a powerfully cathartic and healing day, particularly if we are receptive and not resistant… if we flow with the river, rather than try to stop it.

The most profound thing we can in the next few days is to gently tend and nurture the gardens of our own hearts – weeding out and letting go of whatever might be stopping the flow in our lives. This is in preparation for the next new moon on 5th October, when new seeds will want to be planted.

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