You come into this world with a unique birth chart, based on the exact time, date, and place of your birth. You could call it an energetic blueprint.  Your chart is essentially like a photograph of the heavens at the time you were born and serves as a celestial map or navigational device for your journey on earth.

Having an accurate reading, by a professional Astrologer goes way beyond Sun Sign Astrology, offering a completely unique and profound perspective of how the Divine intersects with your life from birth and throughout your journey.

The Birth Chart shows how the planets are uniquely arranged against the backdrop of the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 12 areas of human experience.

It is encoded with your strengths, weaknesses, quirks and habits, your loves and your loathings. Understanding your personal astrology chart is an amazing tool to understand the deeper layers of you.

An experienced astrologer is able to translate complex astrological symbols into plain English, offering a broader view of your life, your talents, your relationships, challenges and opportunities. Astrology is a tool that, correctly used, can help to illuminate the meaning and purpose of your life, as well as how to navigate your way to your highest potential.



Astrology is a science and divinatory art, which hails back to about 4000 years ago. There are many branches of astrology including personal, political, financial, vocational and many more. Some of the greatest minds in the worlds have used it as a tool in their lives and work. (See the quotes at the bottom of this article)


The sun sign is an important part of the astrological picture and often describes some dominant qualities or characteristics you might have.  However, it is absolutely impossible to interpret your unique and complex horoscope, based on only your sun sign It’s much too general and not nearly specific enough to be of any real use.

Most people in the West are aware of the their Sun sign, because the signs of the Zodiac have been widely publicised. However, as powerful as this luminary is, it does not exist on its own in the heavens. It’s accompanied by the Moon, as well as eight other planets, the Moon’s nodes, the Ascendant, the Midheaven and a host of other heavenly bodies and points.

There are also the relationships or interactions between these chart points, which we call aspects. I liken an astrological chart to a room full of people, with different characteristics,  having a conversation. Remove one person and place him or her elsewhere, add someone else and the entire dynamic changes.


We all understand and accept that the sun’s position affects the seasons and that the moon affects the tides. But many are unaware of, or don’t understand why the full moon often adversely affects the mentally unstable (hence the term “lunatic”) or why people bleed more at that time, which has been verified by doctors.

Astrology is based on the Law of Correspondences, which states:

Astrology works because it embraces the ultimate truth that “all is one.” This is now accepted scientifically as a quantum physics fact folks!

When a good astrologer charts out the current planetary movements relative to your natal chart, he or she is empowering you to work with the energies of the universe consciously. If you are in synch with these energies, you will have a better understanding of the challenges in your life and be more aware of things that need changing before a crisis is necessary to wake you up.

That doesn’t mean its all a piece of cake – life is still filled with challenges. But…when we have a deeper understanding, we are able to more easily grasp, process and integrate our difficulties, bringing meaning to our lives. This is what we all seek and is the real value of astrological guidance.


Your birth chart represents a blueprint of your potentials and the areas you need to integrate to become whole. It’s similar to the lines on your hand or your fingerprints, which are unique to you. While having certain predispositions, you are still absolutely free to choose the way you would like to utilise these patterns. No matter what astrology indicates, a person, by his or her own initiative and will power can wring a victory from difficult circumstances, just as by his own laziness, he can let an opportunity slip by. A natural leader may become the head of a business or country or the leader of a gang of crooks.


There are currently many different astrology computer programmes available, which can provide you with planetary positions and interpretations – some producing twenty to forty page  reports. As a result, there are now people who are simply using these programmes and consulting and charging as qualified astrologers. It is much like a layman purchasing a medical book and then practicing as a qualified doctor, diagnosing illnesses and recommending treatment. Scary stuff! A little knowledge can be dangerous!.

Although these programmes are very useful and save a lot of time for qualified astrologers in drawing up the charts, there is absolutely no way in which a computer programme can synthesise your unique planetary placements or understand the art of communicating the findings in a mature responsible way.

For example, a programme may tell you that your Sun is in Aries, your Moon in Aquarius and your Ascendant in Capricorn. However it cannot tell you how these planets and points interact with each other and the other 8 planetary bodies. This process is called “synthesis” and is the ART of astrology.

The serious study of astrology is a long, intensive and mentally challenging process, where  students are taught, in addition to a deep knowledge of this ancient art,  the many aspects of the human psyche, a strict code of conduct, as well as comprehensive counselling skills.

When selecting an astrologer, please ensure that he or she has the necessary qualifications and/or experience to guide you in a responsible way.


Once you have had your birth chart done, you can have an update once or twice a year, where the Astrologer will offer you insights on career development, relationship and family matters, life transitions or spiritual issues—whatever’s up for you. Astrology reveals the best way to use what you’ve got to get what you want, as well as the most appropriate timing to achieve your desired results.

Personally I do not predict the specific outcomes of situations—as I believe that, as the old saying goes, “The stars impel, they do not compel.” Rather, I view astrology as a tool which helps you understand the timing mechanisms operating in your life, so that you can make the most informed decisions possible, and utilize the possibilities of the time period to the utmost.

I analyze when things might shift, and in what way. We identify your challenges, and how best to face them; ascertain negative patterns that may be blocking your way, and discover how you might shift them; we pinpoint where opportunities are opening and how you can capitalize on them. I work mainly to help you understand the present and the full dimensionality of your situation. I can indeed tell you about issues and experiences that are likely to arise in future, but this isn’t the main issue. The main issue is now, your current options, and how you can navigate it all.

I evaluate planetary placements during this calendar year, last year, and next year in order to understand what you’ve been through, where you are now, and where you’re heading. The context is helpful in building a more complete understanding of why you are where you are now, so that you can make informed choices to move yourself forward.

By moving with the tides of life rather than against them, we make the most of every situation.


Your adventure starts with a 90 minute Birth Chart consultation, over  Skype or Whatsapp. The initial reading is designed to help you to understand and accept yourself at a deeper level. The first part of the session focuses on your character traits, talents, tendencies, challenges and opportunities.  In the second part of the session, we focus on the current trends and events in your life. You will receive insight on the timing, meaning and context of whatever comes up for you in terms of your career, relationship and family, life transitions, or spiritual issues. During your consultation, you may ask any questions and raise any issues you have.  I will record the session and send you a the recording, for you to refer to when necessary.

The first consultation can remain as a stand alone, with a follow up once or twice a year to check in with what the planets are doing.

Alternatively, important issues, challenges or intentions found in initial birth chart astrology session can be taken further into a deeper discussion, where we further explore where you want to go and the changes you can make in order to get to where you want to go.

Following the initial one or two sessions, you can then choose whether you would like to do further Navigational coaching with me.


Childrens’ charts

Astrology is an extremely useful tool when used to provide parents with knowledge of the different needs, character traits of their children, adding a level of understanding that  helps them to parent effectively.


Charts can also be drawn up for relationships with the important people in your life, from business partners, to romantic partners, friends and opponents to provide a deeper level of understanding and acceptance. These readings can be done with both parties present as a counseling session or with one person, having gotten permission from the other to do it.

Vocational guidance

An astrology chart is without doubt one of the most useful tools there is to highlight the specific abilities and talents you have come in with and such is extremely helpful in deciding upon a vocation or changing careers later in life. This is a special area of interest for me and was the subject of my thesis.

Important life transitions

Astrology is clearly able to describe the phases we are going through and can really help us understand them, bringing about acceptance and guidance.


Astrology is all about timing and a good astrologer will help you to make plans and take action so that you are in the flow of your chart and in so doing, optimize your potential, as well as select optimal dates for the weddings, the opening of businesses, medical procedures etc.