By Michelle McClunan

Late on Tuesday night (2nd August) we have a beautifully creative, lighthearted New Moon in Leo, which, when compared to what we’ve been experiencing of late, has a buoyancy and an optimism to it.…  dare I say, perhaps even a dash of fun!

This is the perfect new moon to plant new seeds, set new intentions and start new creative endeavours. Saturn, (which I wrote about in my last blog) is in a positive flowing aspect to this moon, adding a dollop of maturity, commitment and endurance into the playful mix, ensuring that those seeds get planted properly, so that they can take root and grow.

The sign of Leo is of course symbolised by the Lion and rules the heart, courage, fun, play, romance, expression and creativity.


Interestingly, the root of the word courage is cor – the Latin word for heart.

For me this Lunar  month,  we’re being asked to courageously  follow our uniquely creative hearts.

  • In what ways are you completely unique?
  • If you weren’t afraid and could do anything with your life force, what would it be?
  • What’s the one thing you want to do before the end of your life?
  • What’s the one thing you want to do before the end of the year?
  • Where in your life, can you take another courageous step towards expressing your heart’s desire and your uniqueness?



I can’t tell you how many people tell me they’re not creative  I’m still shocked every single time it happens.

It’s impossible to be human and not to be creative.

It seems that a lot of people get creativity and artistic ability confused. Somebody tells us  early on that we can’t draw as well as somebody else … and boom…. What we hear is “I’m not creative”, when basically, someone has just given you their opinion on your technical artistic ability… NOT your creativity!

Have you ever heard a small child utter the words “I’m not creative” ?

I certainly haven’t! They KNOW they are!

If you think about it, our lives are a continual process of creativity… from selecting ingredients for a meal,  hunting down that perfect shirt or dress, to raising our children, choosing a hairstyle, negotiating our relationships, planning our holidays, nurturing others, picking out furniture, and arranging our home and work places…. And everything else too!

For me, creativity is our relationship with and connection to, the Supreme Source of Life and how we shine our unique light into the world.


Right now, you might be creatively imagining or visualising what you’re going to have for dinner, or  the things you need to do when you finish reading this. Maybe you’re wondering how you might or might not be able to pay your bills at the end of the month, or what’s going to happen during or after the elections.

We constantly have stories swirling around in our heads. In fact, they probably have the potential to be Pulitzer prize winners if we wrote them all down.  Our imaginations are rich and  infinite and can work for us or against us.

At the end of the day, the stories we tell ourselves today are creating tomorrow’s reality – whether they’re negative or positive.


Here’s something for you to try.  Just for today, make a courageous commitment to yourself not to judge anybody, including yourself… or to complain about anything at all. If you do find yourself about to judge or complain, take a deep breath, collect your energy and affirm something more useful. If you feel better as a result,  do it for another day and another.

This is a really quick way to become more conscious of what kind of reality we are creating in this moment.


Mars the planet of action and activity, finally leaves the  deep waters of Scorpio later today, where it’s been on and off since January. During its journey there, a lot has surfaced, been transmuted and released  globally and personally.  The floods last week  in South Africa may have been part of a massive clearing.

Now that its finally moving into the sign of Sagittarius, the far-seeing archer, we should be able to start viewing things from a higher perspective and  shoot those arrows in the direction of our hearts desires.


In Life and Light





Lifelight Astrology 13th August – New Moon, Jupiter into Virgo

Moon bag

Image by Eric Puybaret

The big news this week is that Jupiter, the giant planet of expansion, higher learning and opportunity, has completed his  year long journey through fabulous, fiery Leo.  During his time there, many of us have become really excited about new, creative ideas, which we have or haven’t given birth to yet, started (and perhaps not completed) a myriad of projects,  fallen in (and maybe out of love, made (and spent) some money and sent plenty of big-hearted intentions out into the universe.

And now as this huge planet shifts into Virgo, we add a more pragmatic, practical, routined, health-oriented lense to the aspect of growth in our lives.  As you can imagine, big expansive Jupiter, who is associated with the Greek God Zeus, isn’t too crazy about having his wings clipped in the puritanical sign of the Virgin, but if we understand and integrate the energy, the shift can be very helpful indeed.

Think back to September 2003 to September 2004, which was the last time Jupiter journeyed through Virgo. There’s likely to be a thread to, or a similar theme happening in your life now. If you have a copy of your chart, and you know a bit about Astrology, find the house where 1 degree Virgo resides. This will be the area in your life where you need to show real commitment, in order to grow into your next level of your evolution.

This shift has happened while the sun is still in Leo, where he is joined by the moon and Venus on Friday (New moon). With all the retrograde planets around, we’re being given another invitation to reassess our heart-felt ideas and intentions and to re-ignite our flames. At the end of June, (see my blog below for a refresher) Jupiter and Venus danced together in Leo and we connected with our wildest imaginings. Now, many of us have felt that  flame start to flicker, as daily life has once again got in the way of our heartiest intentions.

This new moon, we are being asked to add pragmatism and commitment to the mix, as we start to separate the wheat from the chaff, clear the clutter and make order out of some of the chaos in our lives. (It’s a really good new moon for a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual purge or detox)

Ask yourself again … What do I really, really want in my life? If  I had to do one thing before I died, what would it be? If I had a year left to live, what would I be doing  more of? What is my unique heart song? How can I embrace it and share it?  Am I taking the time necessary to tend my unique flame?

…And if are finding that there isn’t enough time to stoke the fire in your heart, then ask what you can cut and trim from your life, to make more space. Maybe it’s time for some of your old dreams and wishes to be re-visited, in order to establish whether they’re still relevant and worthy of your energy, or for those some extraneous tasks or commitments to be cleared away, to make room for the new.

If you’ve had a creative idea bubbling inside you for a while, this is the week to write it down and schedule time to commit to it on a regular basis – daily if possible. If your intention is to get fit or to lose weight, or get more supple, then this is the week to start and commit to that new eating or exercise plan. If you feel that you’re a bit stale creatively, or are in dire need of fun, then get serious about having some fun – this week actually schedule fun into your calendar.

This quote was very timeously sent to me by my friend and amazing Life Coach,  Liz Witherspoon the other day – thanks Liz.  It says it all.

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth; the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

 Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” William Goethe

In Life and LIght


Lifelight Astrology 30th July – Once in a Blue Moon

moon child

Big news in the next couple of days and weeks folks.  First of all there’s the full moon on the 31st July, which is the second one this month, commonly known as a Blue Moon. Having two full moons in one month only happens about once every 2.7 years, hence the saying “Once in a Blue moon” .  This one certainly is even more potent than usual, with 6 planetary bodies now in retrograde motion.

It feels as though the planets are conspiring to sloooooow us right down, so that we can re-flect, re-assess and re-strategise our lives.

Two important planets turned retrograde this week, encouraging us to ask:

Uranus – What needs to change? Where are we stuck? Where are we afraid to be different?

Venus (retrograding back into Leo) – What do we really love and value? … and are we treating it with love and value? When Venus connected with Jupiter earlier in July, different ways of being, new ideas and creative urges surfaced. Now a few weeks down the line, we reassess, re-look – do they still have value and if so, have we acted on them or left them by the roadside?

Here’s a quick question… without over thinking it… in your head, list 5 people or (furry/ feathered beings) who you love and cherish with all your heart… those you would hate to lose the most. Ok – once you have them, bank them for later….

Back to the planets. The full moon is in Aquarius, ruled by the Planet Uranus, bringer of thunderbolts and lightning and  designed to get us to remove our heads from our  butts… stop… look around and see the bigger picture. This is the ideal moon to boot us clean out of any comfort zones we may have become ensconced in. The thing about comfort zones, is that they usually aren’t all that comfortable!!. They’re just familiar and tend to keep us exactly where we are, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – the definition of insanity, according to Mr Einstein.

So, the energy this week is likely to range from rather exciting, to a bit prickly, or edgy, to downright uncomfortable, bringing old emotional and physical aches and pains to the surface. This moon will shine her  light on anything in our lives which makes us feel small,  constricted or boxed in, bringing the rebel, the revolutionary, the quirky one out of the closet. She will also bring with her,  brilliant out-the-box, intuitive ideas, for those of us who take some time to listen.  It’s  a stimulating moon, encouraging us to  look deeper, shining a bright blue laser truth serum into those dark rutty corners and ferreting out all the lies we’ve been telling ourselves, for oh… so long. Also paraded in the line-up will be the parts of ourselves and areas of our lives where we keep breaking promises to ourselves.

You know… those things that we consistently tell ourselves we’re going to change…. And then do absolutely nothing about ?  Well, they are being  ousted – exposed in the bare light of this full moon, with nowhere to hide.

And there – right there, just as soon as they are exposed, we need to take ourselves  gently by the hand and ask why – why when we know something is good for us, we don’t do it?

I honestly believe it boils down to a lack of self worth, which seems to be a global epidemic. The truth is, if we really, truly believed we were valuable, wouldn’t we treat ourselves as such?

Back to the list you made earlier. Did you appear on it amongst your nearest and dearest?  Well done if you were and if you weren’t … well …there you have it…!

I was speaking to a friend on the weekend about self- worth and I remembered a story I heard once. I’ve forgotten the exact details, so I’ll re-write it, just for fun. Hey Venus in Leo brings out the playful me.

Let’s call it Matilda and the Monk.  One day, a Monk came upon Matilda, weeping and wringing her little hands in despair. She had made some sort of boo-boo and was busy beating herself black and blue. In between sobs, she told the Monk what a terrible person she was and how little value she thought she  had. “I’m just no use to anyone” said little Matilda.

The Monk sat down and took her by the hand. When the tears subsided a little, he asked her how much she would be prepared to sell one of her eyes for. Matilda was horrified – “One of my Eyes ….?  Never…. How would I see?”, she said. “How about an ear?”, he asked. Again, the answer was a resounding “No”. The Monk continued to ask her how much she would ask for a hand, a foot, her heart,  which kept her blood flowing, her lungs that helped her to breathe or the skin that protected her.

Needless to say, by the end of the exercise, Matilda’s eyes were regaining a sparkle, and she had started to sit up a lot straighter, as she realised that she was, in fact, priceless… that there was no amount of money that could replace the amazing miracle that was Matilda.

And so it is with each of us. We are precious and priceless and we deserve to be treated as such. So…. this month, how about treating yourself as you would the most precious person in the world? How about thanking yourself for all that you do on any given day?  How about congratulating yourself on the small wins, rather than beating yourself up, when you feel you don’t succeed?

According to Matt Kahn, every time we do this, we fill up our self-worth tanks. The fuller they are, the more we will treat ourselves as valuable and the more love we will have to spill out into the world. And that my dears is the theme of big, lion-hearted Leo. Leo loves LOVE, creativity, expression, fun and beautiful things.

With Venus doing the lion dance again, maybe its time to ditch all the stuff that you no longer wear and try a different look, more suited to who you are NOW, or change your hairstyle, vamp up your décor or just have some fun!

As I see it, when Leo is around in all his playful glory, it is THE time of the year to start loving our inner child.  To celebrate come and play for the day in August – see below for details about my Doodling workshops.

I am also offering a special on Readings for children for the next two months – see below for details.

And lastly, I’m thrilled to bits to be planning my next (Summer) Retreat and my next workshops in Johannesburg– below.

All this excitement!  Must be the Full moon drawing near!

In Love and Leo Light


Lifelight Astrology 2014

heart filigree

The Open Heart

Last month, as the Sun moved through the moon-ruled sign of Cancer, we connected to our feelings and embraced our cracks and imperfections.  In August, with the Sun blazing in Bright Royal Leo, the soil is soft and ready for us to open our hearts, take responsibility for ourselves as individuals and connect with our unique creative expression.

Leo rules the Heart centre, which is the place where our core energy resides, focuses, distributes and flows … or doesn’t. It’s the control centre from where we choose to allow or shut off the energy that flows into us, in each moment of each day.

The full moon on 10th August is in Aquarius (ruler of energy and the detached observer), so the theme of this month, as I see it, is that we’re being encouraged to make a conscious choice of becoming the observers of our hearts… to notice when they are opening or closing, expanding or restricting. When we close our hearts in an effort to protect ourselves, we create blocks which have far reaching effects.  It is  simply not an option any more.

I’m reading the most beautiful book called “The Untethered Soul”, by Michael Singer (thank you Diana and Wendy), which I highly recommend. In the book, Michael explains the heart and the journey of the soul in a way that I’m really starting to “get”  at a deeper level.

Although I can’t possibly explain or convey all his wisdom here, I’m going to share my understanding so far, as it relates to the astrology of this month This is how I see it.  There you are merrily moving through your day, taking in gazillions of stimuli, with all your senses and allowing them to pass through you, attaching to nothing. Basically you’re allowing energy to flow into and through you, unrestricted. You’re enjoying the sights, sounds,  smells,  tastes and feelings. You’re in the flow of life, living in the present moment, open and aware.

Then all of a sudden, you see, hear, smell something and bam!… before you can blink, there’s an unsolicited physical sensation or emotional reaction. Depending on the stimulus, you might feel a wave of love or fear or anxiety or panic or sadness (the list goes on) Or you might feel as if you’ve been kicked in the solar plexus, or your heart might start pounding, or your palms might start to get clammy. Or it might be that you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy and loving towards somebody,  until they say something and suddenly… there it is … a contraction and like a tap, you shut down and switch off the flow. You no longer feel love for the person, or for anything else for that matter. We all experience this, but most often we don’t notice, because we’ve programmed ourselves to repress that irksome sensation or feeling and continue on like good little soldiers, not giving it a second thought.

Every time this happens, Life is providing us with an opportunity to grow and learn and expand. Whenever we ignore or repress the trigger, we are actually creating a block in our energy pipeline or re-inforcing one that’s been there since the year dot.

Michael describes it as “encrusting the valve of the spiritual heart, until eventually there is very little energy actually flowing and what is, is circling around the same old thing”  This is how he explains it “ Just like energy waves, the energy that comes into you must keep moving. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be blocked within you There is a way that the energy can both keep moving and stay in one place and that is to circle around itself. We see this in atoms and planetary orbits. Everything is energy and energy will just expand outward if it’s not contained. For there to be manifest creation, energy must get in the dynamic of cycling around itself to create a stable unit. The process of cycling energy is exactly what happens with “Samskara”, or a block, which is a cycle of stored past energy patterns. It is your resistance to experiencing these patterns that causes the energy to keep cycling around itself and is stored in your heart centre. All the blocks you have collected over your life are stored there”

In my experience and in the work I do with Process Art and the energy healing I’m currently studying, I see and feel this happening all the time. We connect with an image or a sensation, we breathe into it, we soften, we allow it to move through us, without attaching to it or going into the melodrama of it and the pipe clears. This is the step-by-step process that Singer suggests – try it… it works!

  1.  NOTICE  the change in your energy and the feeling that you’re getting drawn into a story.
  2.  BREATHE AND RELAX – The moment you feel the change, breathe deeply, drop  your shoulders and soften the area around your heart – this automatically opens the heart centre.
  3.  STAY WITH IT – Commit to staying open. Say to yourself  “I choose to remain open anyway” or “I consciously open to this feeling/discomfort/reaction”  Play with letting go of and falling behind the sense of being bothered – are you willing to release it in order to liberate yourself?
  4.  RELEASE – Let go – just let it go – Decide that no matter what your mind says, you’re choosing not to get involved, hang on to it or make it into a mental story
  5. REPEAT THIS AS MANY TIMES AS NECESSARY until you feel like it’s cleared.

The first few times you do this, you might feel pain in the heart area, because there is likely to be a whole lot of old stuff that needs to be released. The more you do it, the easier it gets. If you’re battling on your own, come and join us for a Wednesday morning Art & Soul class or book a one-on-one session with me and I’ll lead you through it.

My understanding is that consciousness is essentially about keeping our hearts open to everything, resisting and judging nothing… just noticing, becoming the gentle observer to it all. Doing this stops us from going around and around in ever increasing circles and starts to liberate our real power as co-creators and healers of our own lives.

As life continues to present us with some rather hefty challenges this month, and as local and global volatility seems to escalate, this is probably the most important work we can do for ourselves and for our planet.

In life and light



New Moon 27th July 2014



Joy of Joys… The Sun has entered Leo and we have a beautiful, brightly packaged, brand spanking New Moon in the early hours of Sunday 27th July.  This is the New Moon astrologers everywhere have been waiting for, because the Sun and Moon are both in a vibrant cheek-to-cheek dance with expansive, positive, abundant Jupiter. With this being the Chinese year of the Horse, hopefully our regal steeds, who have been champing at their bits for months now, will finally get to leap out of the starting gates.

We can all use this as a powerful opportunity to send out intentions that will help launch new creative projects and bring more love, joy, peace, abundance, meaning and passion into our lives.

But first of all, we need to check the inner gardens of our souls for any weeds that might be choking the tiny sprouts that are trying to bust their way to the surface.

Just before new moon (Saturday night) is the ideal time to put the hoe to work on the undergrowth –  the resentments; ancient family hurts: the things that you’ve tried to resolve with others but haven’t succeeded in doing;  people you need to forgive, accept or  let go of;  expectations; and those gnarly stubborn weeds of doubt that tell you that you’re flawed and faulty and will never amount to anything.

Once you’ve  unearthed them, write them down on bits of paper and then with a great deal of love and compassion, feed them into a fire and watch ’em burn.  In my own experience this really does work – try it. Each time we do it, we let another layer go…

And then… have some fun… connect to that childlike sense of wonder and magic … let yourself dream about 5 things ore qualities that you  really, really, really want to bring into your life.

Then hand the reigns  to your inner child, who is eternally creative and playful and let him or her come up with a way of sending them into the Universe.

You might want to  write them on stones and throw them into the river or  the sea. Or really get into  party mode,  put some upbeat, inspiring music on  and dance your wishes into your body… and then just after midnight… the magic hour… blow them into bubbles or balloons … one…by… one and watch as you set them free.

Enjoy… Believe in the Magic!

In life and laughter