Lifelight Astrology Update 9 February

Lunar Eclipse 11th February – It’s a biggie!


Hi everybody. Here’s a heads-up on the first eclipse of the year, which happens on the 11th February. This is a lunar eclipse, or a multi-coloured full moon on steroids! It will be followed by a Solar Eclipse (new moon) on the 26th February.

An eclipse represents a gateway, an opportunity, an opening… as well as a time when whatever has been going on beneath the surface, tends to rise up to the surface!  Being a full moon, the focus is likely to be on relationships – those with the people in our lives, as well as with our money, our bodies, our homes etc. The degree of the eclipse is at 22 degrees Leo and Aquarius, so look at the houses that it straddles to find out where it’s likely to play out in your chart.

The good news is that due to the way the planets are aligning around this eclipse, there is a real potential to clear and shift old patterns and obstacles!

The sun is in airy AQUARIUS  (which represents individuality, originality and quirkiness) The moon is in multi-coloured LEO, which represents creativity, joy, warmth and fun.  Together they form a mystic rectangle with Jupiter (the planet of expansion and opportunity) and Uranus (the planet of conscious collective change and liberation).

(Now you know why I posted the pic of the Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitten!)

And that’s not all! They form a  GRAND FIRE TRINE and not one, but  two kites – a stunning combination of air and fire energy that provides a gateway to inspiration, enthusiasm, opportunity and change.

Have a look at this chart and try to sense  the energy of the rectangle, the big blue  triangle and the 2 kites. The blue lines symbolise easy flowing energy, the red  lines represent polarities or tension.  How does it feel to you?


This eclipse has a big upside. It’s a beautiful invitation to connect with and express our TRUE COLOURS  in all their glory– our inner sun, our heart, our creative life source (Leo) and then allow our unique expression to shine out and ripple out into the world (Aquarius).

There’s a whole lot of good, positive energy around, but we also need to be aware that all the planets involved are ALL  in fire and air signs – that’s a lot of of masculine energy right there!  When I personally feel into the energy, it seems exciting, quickening, almost urgent! There’s lots of inspiration (fire), an abundance  of ideas (air) and plenty of busy-ness!

One small note of caution. We need to remember that air fans fire and that runaway fires can destroy everything in sight!


it would be  good…

to remember to…


in between different activities over the next few weeks. Stop, take a few breaths before we start the next activity or engage with the next idea!

Try it… It really does work!

If we’re able to find our still-point in the midst of all the movement, there’s an excellent chance that we can use the energy of this eclipse to shift, resolve and clear old redundant issues!

If there is a situation or issue that you don’t know how to resolve, try sitting quietly for a  few moments. Connect to your breath and then gently place the situation inside your heart. Send send light and love into it, breathe out and surrender it upwards and outwards.

Then be  on the lookout  for unexpected aha moments, ideas, downloads,  inspirations and  new answers to old problems. They WILL come in if we are open enough. We simply need to show up in our true  multi-coloured presence!

If you haven’t already booked, I still have space on my Rainbow Healing Workshop on 25th February. Its the perfect time to be shifting and clearing and healing!

TRUE COLOURS (Lovely version here) 

You with the sad eyes
Don’t be discouraged
Oh I realize
It’s hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small

But I see your true colours
Shining through
I see your true colours
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colours
True colours are beautiful
Like a rainbow

Show me a smile then
Don’t be unhappy, can’t remember
When I last saw you laughing
If this world makes you crazy
And you’ve taken all you can bear
You call me up
Because you know I’ll be there

And I’ll see your true colours
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow

In life and light, with a few rainbow butterfly unicorn chickens thrown in !





New Moon in Aquarius 8th February

magic happens

On Monday 8th February, we have a new moon in Aquarius, the sign of the maverick, the visionary, the freedom lover, the inventor. If there’s one sign that hates limitations of all kinds and has perfected the art of leaping out of, or getting rid of the box altogether, it’s Aquarius.  When the sun and moon are bopping along together in this sign, we’re all infused with some of this free spirit energy and are able to rise above our normal daily lives, get some perspective and re-envision them with new vigour and vitality.

However, there often seem to be a few issues with those wonderful new visions we have for our lives. Even though they look and sound really magnificent, they often seem to come to nought, as we sabotage them before they can start to manifest.   Have you ever wondered why we shoot ourselves in the feet like that?  Perhaps one reason is that in order to start the new, very often we have to end something that isn’t working, confront the unpleasant, or eject ourselves out of a comfort zone and enter into a place of uncertainty. Whenever we set new intentions, we’re inviting change of some kind and that in itself can be terrifying.

And so… as those (usually subconscious) fears hammer away underneath the surface, our visions for a better, fuller, more expanded life come grinding to a halt… and we keep doing the same old things in the same old way, almost by rote. The same old, same old song is our comfort zone and, even though its often anything but comfortable, its familiar… better the devil you know and all that.  Although there’s nothing wrong with comfort  per say, comfort zones can become prisons in their own right.  We stick with things we know, lest we upset the apple cart, but in the process, we stop growing and become stagnant.

When you think about it, us humans spend an awful lot of time, energy and money surrounding ourselves with things and situations that make our lives easier and more comfortable, which is fine!  But isn’t it interesting that we can’t wait to escape those very things and situations to go on our next holiday?

The vast majority of people I interact with, love to travel, or at least, that’s what I see every time I look at the vision boards we create, which are always plastered with pictures of far-away places. I had a  client the other day who said she was suffering from “far away” sickness, which I can relate to completely!

Let’s unpack that for a few moments.  Why do we so love to explore and adventure?

For me, it’s about that sense of newness and excitement I feel, when I wake up in a brand new  place. The familiar comforts are gone, so I need to stretch myself … to find breakfast, make my way across a city or a new landscape, speak to strangers who I normally wouldn’t engage with,  eat different foods, work out  strange currencies, maybe negotiate with people who don’t speak my language and then fall into strange  bed, exhausted, but happy… heart and mind expanded…  excited about the next day’s adventures. Sometimes these experiences aren’t comfortable at all, but they enliven me like nothing else! The interesting this is that melancholies, limitations, doubts, fears and even aches and pains often seem to magically disappear…only to return when I’m back to the same old/same old,

When we push the limits they move – and this new moon is suggesting  that we do just that. With it being in a tricky relationship with it’s ruler Uranus, as well as with  fiery, impatient Mars, things in our comfort zones are likely to get a wee bit prickly. If you’re feeling irritated, nervous, anxious, aggravated or even more angry than normal, it’s probably because in at least one area of your life, you’re feeling stuck or limited. In that one place ,you might realise that you’re repeating things ad-nauseum or slipping into the same old behaviours,  which are really starting to wear you down. As they say, insanity means doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  A word of caution, around the new moon, the intensity in our relationships will be turned up a few notches, so it can be very easy to project our issues onto significant others, …  let’s all take a few  deep breaths  before we lash out at our nearest and dearest.

How best to diffuse this energy?  By infusing some “new” into our daily lives, so we don’t feel like we’re existing from Friday to Friday.  How about pretending that you’ve just arrived in your city or home town for the first time. What if you were to see it through the eyes of somebody who had travelled half way across the world to experience it?  Where would you go? How about a new beach  river, restaurant, park or art exhibition that you’ve never been to?  What about eating some local food or engaging with people outside of your culture?  Most of us do exactly this when people visit us from other parts of the world, so why don’t we do it for ourselves?

Take some time this month to reflect on the area/s of your life where you might feel stuck, limited or just too damned comfortable. And then take some bold steps  to stride out of those comfort zones. You might want to start small –  take a different route to work, change your hairstyle, buy something to wear that sets you apart from the rest, try a new recipe, start a conversation with a stranger and then move on to bigger things. The good news is that each and every time we do something new, we literally start to form new neural pathways in our brains, which get stronger and stronger each time we practice. Eventually, if we work on stretching ourselves, we won’t be afraid of anything! Imagine that!

It reminds me of a young chap I met a few years ago who described how he had always been afraid of approaching girls, because they might reject him. When he realised that he was holding himself back, he decided to escape his comfort zone and go and talk to one. After the first time, it got easier and easier. And here’s the kicker – he told me that he realised that even if they rejected him, by confronting his fear, he had expanded, so it didn’t actually matter what the outcome was at the end of the day. Artists, sportspeople and business people of all kinds experience this all the time, as they need to constantly try new things and stretch their limits in order to stay in the game.

I’m running two workshops on Finding the Magic – Escaping your comfort zones – one in February and one in March. See below in the body of the newsletter or email me for details. In this one day workshop, we’ll  playfully explore this theme through group-work, visualisation, journalling and, of course, art. By doing some gentle yoga for the soul, we will streeetch ourselves from our Comfort Zones into our Magic Zones.

Let’s follow the Magic!





 In the early hours of Sunday morning, we have a glorious full moon in Leo and thank goodness for that. The reason I say that, is that things have been a little on the heavy side since the start to the new year and this full moon could help to lighten things up a bit…. If we allow her to.

When we have a full moon in fiery Leo, it means that the moon is opposite the sun, which has just moved into the airy sign of Aquarius. It’s shines the light on and brings into focus, whatever we started two weeks ago, when we had a new moon in Capricorn. That was all about kick starting our year, setting and committing to our goals, as we started the ascent up the mountain of 2016.

Now  I don’t know about you, but it’s been quite a whopper of a start for many people. Not much time for kicking back and chilling, as we’ve all had to face up to our adult responsibilities, get back to work/ life mode and deal with all that’s going on around us…. Trudge… trudge… trudge… !

There have been some planetary factors contributing to the intensity and possible heaviness of the year so far. Mercury has been in retrograde, sloooowwwwiing things down and creating some havoc with communication on all levels. One step forward, 3 steps back?  And….the quicksilver planet, which likes to move at the speed of light, has been yoked to  deep dark intense Pluto and squaring Uranus to boot.  This means that challenges from the outside world (Pluto/Uranus)  impact on our state of mind (Mercury). And then there’s Mars in Scorpio…so all around us, a strong theme of death, re-birth and regeneration, threatening our sense of security. There seems to have been quite a lot of actual death around too, starting off with the departure of  rock icon David Bowie, which felt like the end of an era. I personally know 3 people who have passed in the last month!.

We are all aware of how much  chaos there is in the world, on every level. The dire economical situation is having a huge effect on everybody and with it, old drama’s, fears  and issues regarding money and relationships  continue to  emerge, dredging stuff up from our collective and individual psyches. The best we can do is to observe how this affects us individually and make moment by moment choices, of how we’re going to respond, rather than react.

Now… back to the full moon.   The sun in bohemian, unconventional, sociable Aquarius, is much  airier and lighter than Capricorn. Aquarius has the ability to see things from a higher perspective and is the sign of vision, freedom, the higher mind,  liberation. The Leo moon sashays in to join the party, colourfully and dramatically dressed up to the nines, armed with balloons, musical instruments and maybe some hooch. Leo wants to party, have some fun, romance and creativity.  Much too much of this serious stuff!

So imagine that you’re on your 2016 mountain. Just for this weekend… put that heavy pack down. Turn off the cell phone and the computer. Allow the free spirit inside you to come out and play. Invite some people around, do something creative, get some fun  and laughter going. It will lighten the atmosphere and raise the energy for us all and help to penetrate the darkness. Light a fire (the Leo moon will love that) Put some music on… sing, dance… shake all that tension, worry and frustration out of your body. You are allowed to put the climb on hold until Monday. To put you in the mood, click here to Buble singing  Its a marvellous night for a moon dance.

Whilst chilling on the side of the mountain, allow yourself to go off on some flights of fancy. Imagine sprouting wings and flying up above your summit.  From this Aquarian perspective, you can see things more clearly, because you’re not in the thick of it. Where are you repeating the same behaviours as you always do? What obstacles are stopping you from moving forward? Reassess your route. Where might you be choosing the most difficult path when you don’t have to? Notice if you’ve added any more baggage since you started your journey and set the intention of releasing it, to lighten your load.

Above all, while everybody out there is freaking out ,be sure to reconnect, reconnect and reconnect with that which never ever changes. The spark of light within you. While the world  continues to go bezonkers, we each need to be securely positioned at the centre of our own  wheel, lest we spin right off it. And if you do hit a speed wobble,  breathe, soften and bring yourself back to yourself with relentless gentleness. Regroup. Raise your vibration and keep going.

I have one place left on the Mountain Vision board workshop on the 30th January and one on the 13th February. See below or email me for info on the “Escape your comfort Zones”  workshops on 27th February and 12th March.

Have a fun filled, fabulous weekend all.

Love Michelle



Lifelight Astrology February 2014 – New moon and Year of the Horse

Advice from a horse

The good news for the month ahead is that although there are still some challenges, things should  start lightening up a tad – what with the Sun in Aquarius, the second new moon of the month in Aquarius, Venus turning direct and the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Horse! Yeehaa!

The second new moon is on  30th January, which means that we have a second chance this month to start afresh, to plant new seeds as it were.

The first New Moon on the 1st January was about identifying our goals for the year and setting structured, serious intentions. By now, many of those resolutions may have all but fallen by the wayside, as old patterns emerge and take over.

This new moon  in Aquarius asks us to become the observer, to look at things from an entirely different perspective and to bring our intentions more into alignment with what’s really achievable and maybe more importantly, with what really feels right for us. This is a much less serious, more freedom-seeking, inventive energy. It’s about liberating our minds to seek original, innovative and unique solutions to old issues. New ways of looking at and doing things is the order of the day.

If you have a copy of your chart, the house in which 11 degrees of Aquarius falls is where you need to change your perceptions or try something new.  This link will give you more information on the houses –

If you don’t have a copy of your chart, then just sit quietly at or just after new moon and intuitively connect with the area in your life that you feel you need a different perspective on or where you need to think out of the box.  

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. “Albert Einstein

Be brave enough to question every single one of the perceptions you have this month. Become the observer of your own mind. When a thought or a belief comes up, immediately ask if it’s true. Remember the word “belief” has the word “lie” buried within it. Ask whether your beliefs or thoughts are expanding you or holding you back.  You can do this by simply thinking of a statement and feeling how it feels in your body. Our bodies never lie.

Ask too how you can see a particular issue, problem or challenge in your life as a creative opportunity for your growth, rather than as a troublesome drama to be chased away as soon as possible.

Say for example you have an issue with another person (which is highly likely, as  relationships are under  the spotlight right now). Your thought might be  ‘”Buggalugs should be more reliable and consider my feelings”            As soon as you become aware of the thought, run it through your body and see how it makes you feel – expanded or constricted.

Then shift to a higher, less emotional perspective and  ask yourself if it’s absolutely, fundamentally true….  without any doubt.

Lastly, play with that sentence and turn it around. Try a few different options

Eg Buggalugs should not be more reliable and consider my feelings (perhaps Buggalugs is behaving in exactly the right way to take you to your next level of consciousness or development)

or  –  “I should be more reliable with me and consider my feelings towards myself more

Or maybe even  “I should be more reliable towards Buggalugs and consider his/her feelings .”  … fancy that!

The more you do this, the more liberated you start to feel – guaranteed!

The energy of this new moon can really be like a breath of fresh air if you allow yourself to connect with it.  The next few days are a wonderful time to dream, set your spirit free to roam and imagine the biggest vision for yourself.

Ask yourself questions like :

  • Where am I different from other people and how can I embrace those  qualities?
  • What are my unique abilities, talents and gifts?
  • How can I share them every day?
  • How can I look at this situation in a different, innovative way?
  • How and where can I  jump out of the box and do things differently

I’ll be sending out details shortly  about an upcoming workshop I’ll be running in February and March on the theme of Thinking out of the Box and Changing our Perceptions – watch this space. 

I also have one place left on my Vision Board Workshop on the 8th February. 

Any kind of investigation into our thoughts and beliefs will become even easier as Mercury goes retrograde from 8th Feb until 1 March. As we know, communications and electronic data can go awry during this time, so be sure to back up everything. If we view Mercury Retrograde from a more positive perspective, this is a chance to review, re-evaluate, reflect on, re-envision our beliefs, our words, our perceptions, our actions… our lives and step our consciousness up a few notches.

Along with the amazing energy of this new moon, which will be carried forward for the next two weeks, Venus, the planet of love and money comes out of her Retrograde phase on  the 31st of January. This could start to ease things financially for some of us and allow for more clarity to enter our relationships.

There might still be some drama however, as Venus and Pluto continue their intense dance together. With the Sun in Aquarius and Venus in Capricorn, we are asked to embrace our mature feminine – feel the feelings we feel, but detach from the drama of the story. In any situation, imagine you are in the audience, watching it like you would a movie or a stage show. Observe what’s going on, listen to what’s being said, but don’t jump onto the stage.   In other words, watch, wait and then respond, rather than react.

All this coincides beautifully and powerfully with the start of the Chinese year of the Horse on the 31st January.  Although I don’t do Chinese astrology, I think it’s a wonderful theme to consider this month.  The Chinese chaps  say that this will be a year of rapid expansion, fast growth spurts, optimism, achievement of goals and the embracing of our wild, free instinctive natures.

Let’s allow the spirit of the Horse to lead us through the month and the year. These amazing animals are very powerful teachers to us and they show us exactly how we need to treat them, ourselves and others. Horses are incredibly powerful, yet sensitive and intuitive. They need community, safety and prefer to be approached with caution and gentleness. They do not enjoy being kicked or being yanked  this way and that by strange metal objects placed  in their mouths.  What they do enjoy is rolling in the hay, being stroked and running free in wide open spaces. We are not so different.

The first time I ever rode a horse in the wild was in Zululand at NIGHT and a moonless night at that. At one point I could see absolutely nothing and had no option but to completely put my faith in this incredibly intuitive being, who knew exactly what he needed to do and where he needed to put his feet down. I was told by my friend who was riding with me to give him a long rein so that he was able to smell and sense his way along. All I had to do was stay on the horse and keep my head down, to avoid the branches.

I think with all that’s going on right now, this is quite a powerful analogy. Sometimes we need to loosen the reins, rather than hanging on tighter, pulling, tugging and trying to force and control, which is our normal instinctive reaction when we’re fearful. Leaning back a little can be quite scary at first, but when we get the hang of it, we realise that our intuition comes to the fore and leads us to where we need to go…every time.

Horse blessings


Lifelight Astrology Update 21 January – Out the box

Aquarius New moon: Think out the box

This week, we start to feel the energy of the sun entering the freedom-seeking, communicative  sign of Aquarius. We started our journey this year clambering up our earthy little Capricorn mountains, filled with serious intentions and back-packs full  of responsibilities. Now, those packs are starting to feel a bit heavy.

Ooef….Another year…. another mountain…seems to be the general consensus.

It’s time to put the pack down, sit under a tree and consider the view of your year from a different perspective.  If you’re approaching the year in the same old way, it’s time for a change. How can you introduce some of the lightness and freedom you may have experienced during the festive season into your life more regularly? Those excursions to beautiful places … why not do more of them during your normal week and stop waiting for the holidays to give yourself the permission to have fun? The social gatherings you may have had – why not organise them more often?  Life is all about connection, after all, so if you’re slogging up your mountain all on your own, reach out.

Aquarius is all about community – friends, groups and gatherings and seeing things from a broader perspective. Connect with like-minded people and let your minds run free as you  brainstorm wild new ideas. Share your dreams and your dilemmas with others and let them help you come up with some new progressive ways of doing things.

We have the opportunity of being very inventive, original and innovative in the next month, so let’s make the most of it and march to our very own, very unique drums.  Do something different… that you ordinarily wouldn’t do … go somewhere new,  change your routine, wear something unusual, take the risk of standing out.

This is the time to think out of the box … to express yourself differently. And if that chastising parental voice tells you to get back inside it, tell it to get lost and roam free.

More on this next week. Watch this space for news on the exciting transformational workshops I’ll be running on this theme in February and March.

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Blessings to you all