Lifelight Astrology Update – 21 February – Sun in Pisces – Smoke and mirrors


Its all smoke and mirrors this week folks!  What’s happening “out there” is being seriously  mirrored “in here”. However, its a little hazy, so we need to go deeper to get a clearer picture of whats up.

Let me explain. The Sun has entered Pisces and is in a week-long dance with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces and King of the Ocean. This basically means that the normal Piscean energy felt at this time of the year is intensified.  Pisces is the healer, the mystic, the artist. The fish represents the unconscious, the mystery, that which lies beneath the surface and the Sun’s watery passage through its depths indicates at its highest level,  connection, merging and  oneness.  However, it can also be a time when we feel lost at sea, confused, foggy; when we can self destruct or experience addiction, illusion, delusion or deception.  For the past few days and for the next week, you might feel that you have less energy than normal or you might even be unwell, with old, sometimes mysterious physical symptoms appearing. These are likely to be connected with issues stashed away in your unconscious.  If this is the case  then your soul is probably requesting some time out for you to connect at a deeper level and your body is obliging.  Go with it. Dedicate some time to letting yourself be still – read, rest, meditate, visualise,  listen to music, look at your dreams or make art.

The more we tune into our innate wisdom this week, the deeper we can go and the more mysteries we can unravel.  We had a very powerful Art & Soul class on Wednesday, during which, profound  imagery,  messages, and aha’s simply drifted to the surface. I just love connecting to the mystery in this way!  This is a potent time to do  any deep healing, soul work or to let you creativity run free.

The second very important thing that’s happening right now is that the North Node (our life purpose)  has just  moved into Libra, after spending 18 months in Scorpio.  Things are lightening up a bit  and finding balance on our planet, in our lives and our relationships will be the theme for the next 18 months.  If you’re in an important relationship, this will be the time to talk about things you haven’t talked about before, to  discuss where you’re going, what you’re doing,  whether you’re on the same page,  where the imbalances are and make the necessary adjustments.  If you’re  on your own right now, you  might very well start looking for a partner to dance with in the next 18 months. For those who aren’t too keen on that, its important to connect regularly with the people in your life who are  honest and authentic – those who can stand in as mirrors to you and be witnesses to your life.

What comes to mind as our quote for this week is “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”  – Zulu phrase meaning – a person is a person through other people.





arrowsMonday’s last quarter moon ushers in a week of finishing off what we began 3 weeks ago and reflecting on our next steps for a new month… a new vision.  Its not necessarily the best time to start new projects (that’s for next week at new moon). Rather, with the Sun having just entered Sagittarius, it’s a good opportunity to step back and get some perspective about the past few weeks. What have we learnt about ourselves, our significant others, our lives, the world? What’s working and what’s not? How can we do things differently?

Things should feel a bit lighter, as we slowly start to emerge from the subterranean depths of Scorpio,  but there’s unlikely to be a whole lot of clarity just yet. Actually, we might not feel very energetic, perhaps less focussed, a little foggy, jaded or just plain lazy.  There might be a rather loud and persistent voice in your head urging you to lighten up, laugh more, let your hair down or hit the road and head off into the sunset. If you can heed the voice and are able to get some time out, great! If, however, like most of us, your head is down and you’re still hard at it, be sure to set some time aside to pause… reconnect with yourself often…. Dream about the future and have some fun!

Next week’s Sagittarius new moon is all about expanding ourselves and our visions for the future. So for now, dust off your little  quiver of arrows,  straighten them out, sharpen them up and get ready to shoot  them off next week in the direction of your dreams.


Mature feminineSunday’s first Quarter moon has set the scene for an interesting week. First of all, most of you will be pleased to know that Mercury will turn direct on Tuesday, so computer and communication glitches should start easing up. However there’s still some dreaminess and possible confusion around  for most of the week, so be careful when making decisions or signing contracts. Use the creative energy to make or appreciate art, music, dance,  or to spend time in nature, connecting with the beauty around you, even for 5 minutes a day.  

The focus this week  is firmly on the Feminine, with Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money having just entered Capricorn, where she will stay until March next year. She brings with her a level of maturity in the way we handle our relationships, our finances and whatever is valuable to us. If you have a creative outlet which you enjoy, you may feel called upon to spend more time with it and take it more seriously. This earthy Venus also encourages us to find and feel gratitude in our everyday lives, to roll up our sleeves and commit to attending to the present moment, with as much grace as possible.

In my December Art & Soul workshop – we’ll be looking back on the past year and creating a beautiful Gratitude Collage. Click here for more details

As Venus joins Pluto on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, she invites us to  consciously excavate whatever’s been left unattended to in our relationships, financial affairs, or our creativity, without being drawn into the drama of the story, which will be very tempting. Make a commitment to yourself to bring anything you’ve been ignoring or putting off, out into the open.

Those financial worries and woes? – sit down and face them.

Whatever you’ve been procrastinating about – just do it.

The relationship issue that’s been niggling you? Have a heart-to-heart discussion with the person. This is a powerful opportunity to heal our relationships on a deeper level than before.

Any gremlins left unattended and ignored are likely to come bubbling, full of fire and brimstone, to the surface anyway, so we might as well lift the lid gently before that happens.

All in all, this is a great week to embrace the mature, grounded feminine side of yourself, to  show up, feel what you feel and deal with what needs to be dealt with, one step at a time… mountain goat style.

Mercury Retrograde – 22 October 2013


Mercury in Scorpio goes retrograde tomorrow and will only turn direct again on 12th November. As this usually coincides with disturbances or breakdowns in all forms of communication and conveyance, be sure to  back up your ALL your data, allow for extra travel time, check documents before you sign them and take ten deep breaths before you react verbally.

Apart from the irritating stuff, at a deeper level, we are all being given an opportunity to carefully consider and transform (Scorpio) the way we think and communicate.

During the next few weeks, unplug from the continual influx of information whenever you can and re-flect on the quality of your thoughts. Ask whether the story you’re telling about yourself and your world is true. If not, set the intention to ditch some of the old mental garbage and start re-designing and re-framing your thoughts.

What are the thoughts that dominate your waking moments?

How can you look at the same life scenario from a different perspective?

What we focus on expands – positive or negative. So, instead of lamenting about what we don’t have, how about  expressing gratitude daily for our blessings.  Also, the more we visualise the kind of life we’d like to live, the higher our frequency rises and the more chance we have of actually attracting it.

Lets all help keep the good vibes going. Visit my community page on Facebook and join The 26 day Gratitude Challenge starting tomorrow.