FULL MOON MARCH – The End of a Cycle

full moon virgo

Hi everybody

I almost didn’t write a newsletter this week, due to what feels a bit like a tidal wave moving through my life. Without going into the details, on deep reflection, I’ve realised that this often happens at this time of the year for me and when I look at my personal astrology chart, I can clearly see the cycles and areas that need to shift.. so watch this space!

On my retreat in Cape town this coming weekend and in my March Art & Soul  workshops,  we’ll be working with the theme Ebb and Flow, and exploring the cycles of our lives, how to understand them and move through them with grace (not always so easy for us human doings – and I speak for myself here!).

I used to be married to a surfer, who spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours on and in the ocean.  One of the most valuable things he ever shared with me, was his take on the sea’s rhythms, which are echoed in some way throughout the natural world, which includes us!

At any point a surfer is:

  • Hanging out, waiting for a wave (in the trough) – surfers spend a lot of time doing this!
  • Paddling like crazy to catch the wave (climbing) – a test of strength, courage and determination
  • Riding the wave (enjoying) – a time of exhilaration, when all the waiting, effort and hard-earned skill finally pays off.
  • And I’m going to add a fourth one… being dumped by a wave and feeling as if you’re in a washing machine, not knowing which way is up.

He also said that if you feel yourself being washed out to sea, the best thing you can do is to stay afloat and surrender to the current, because eventually it will bring you back to the shore again, probably in a different place, but back to solid ground nevertheless.

And of course his final pearl of wisdom was that “This too shall pass”. Whether you’re waiting, struggling, being tumbled or blissfully riding the wave, it will  change. “Good”  or “bad”, the cycle you’re in has to end and a new one has to begin! It’s a natural law!

Even though we know this innately, we often tend to forget this important fact and spend a lot of our time and energy attempting to ride the crest of the wave all the time, doing our utmost to avoid the waiting, efforting or heaven forbid, the tumbling.

We favour the light above the dark, prefer the highs to the lows and avoid anything resembling a void, at all costs.

And then, if we do go through a time of struggle, we tend to think that we’ve done something wrong, that we’re being punished, that  it shouldn’t be happening. This is where the resistance starts and due to what we resist persisting, the struggle cycle continues… and around we go again.

Even when we know in our heart of hearts that something needs to be changed or released, we  often tend to hang on to it for dear life and then wonder why we’re depressed, stuck, sick, angry or resentful.

Imagine if a tree were to hang onto its leaves in autumn, or if a bear refused to hibernate, or a snake raged against shedding its skin, or a worm tried to prevent itself from dissolving in the cocoon and eventually becoming a butterfly!

 Sounds crazy right?  But we humans are masters at trying to fight natural cycles. We even fight aging, trying desperately to hang on to our youth. Is a red/orange/yellow, mottled leaf uglier than a green one?  Could it be, dare I say, more interesting…. ?

Are age spots and wrinkles REALLY so ugly that we have to erase them or smooth them out?

Much of our society has no value for the elderly whatsoever, actually looking down on them with disdain. How very sad this  is. This  clearly shows our abhorrence of life’s cycles.

When the sun moves through Pisces every year, it’s a cyclical message from the Universe to clear the fields of our souls, so as to prepare for the planting of new seeds when our Solar Power enters Aries and a brand new astrological year begins. Full Moon March Virgo

The tail end of our annual cycle can be accompanied by lethargy, exhaustion, hopelessness, feelings of overwhelm, extreme sensitivity or confusion. It is also a time when we are more open, more intuitive, more fertile and more ready to receive insights and signs from unexpected places!

Right now, we have FIVE planetary bodies in Pisces–( that’s a whole lot of oceanic energy right there), so we’re really being encouraged to release and surrender in no uncertain terms.


To help us to do this, in the early hours of Friday 2nd March, we have a Full Moon in Virgo, providing us with a very welcome dose of earthy pragmatism. The role of Virgo is to discern what’s working and what’s not, to separate the wheat from the chaff, to bring pragmatism, practicality and some strategic thinking to our lives.

It might help to think of this full moon as a sturdy, well-crafted  life raft, which we can hop onto and see what’s going on, before adjusting our course for the year ahead.

On the day of the full moon, use her Virgo energy to discern what needs to be released, and set active steps to set this in motion over the next two weeks.

Here are some prompts to assist you with this:

  • Where, who or what are you holding on to that is robbing you of your life force, restricting you, preventing your light from shining?
  • Where might you be resisting change, to the detriment of your heath and well-being?
  • What areas of your life feel chaotic, messy and confusing and what might this be telling you?
  • Where in your life are you ebbing, waiting, flowing or being tumbled and what is this telling you?

After the moon has reached her fullness, she will enter her waning cycle until the New Moon on 17th March, giving us  two weeks to release what needs to be released, before the new annual cycle begins.

See this process over the next two weeks as weeding the fields,  so that you can start planting seeds for  a new crop, starting on the new moon.

Clear the fields well, plant new seeds on the 17th March and they will start sprouting at the Autumn Solstice on 20th  March when the sun enters Aries (more about that in my next blog)


You might like to consider joining us on Saturday 17th  March for the Ebb and Flow Workshop (or on each Wednesday morning in March) . This is an  opportunity to bring understanding to the cycles you are experiencing, to release what needs to be released and to dream in the new! Email me for details. 


If you’d like to explore what needs to be released and where new seeds need to be planted, book an update session with me and we’ll look at where this energy plays out in your personal chart.


In light and life cycles



I’ll be sharing some insights on this theme on FACEBOOK over the next month. Please join in the conversation

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Solar Eclipse 8th / 9th March – A Pause

Let your Soul be your Pilot

Take a few moments out of your busy day, pour yourself a cup of something lovely and really look at this image. How does it speak to you? Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting somewhere outside on a  bright sunny day,  and observing the moon passing between the earth and the sun,  blocking out most of his light… all except the bright corona or halo.

How  does it FEEL to you….  intuitively?

solar eclipse 2

Does it feel like a pause?  ….Or maybe a curtain closing?  ….Or a moment of darkness?  Or the still point in a storm?….. Or the ending of something and the beginning of something else?  Or maybe you feel it in a completely different way?

On the  8th or  9th March (in South Africa) , we have a Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces, a very very powerful portal, where we are being called upon to PAUSE…. reconnect…. listen to our feelings and our intuition. If we take the time to do this, there is a possibility for huge release, healing and clarity, regarding our soul purpose.

As we approach the end of our astrological year, this is  probably the most potent opportunity we have to let go of  what is no longer working in our lives and connect with a new way forward.

This Solar Eclipse is very close to the South Node, which connects us with the our past, as well as to Chiron, which represents our old wounds, anxieties, blockages and inadequacies. This means that unconscious lunar emotions which arise right now, are clues as to what’s going on deep in our psyches, and what needs to be redefined in our lives.

The way to harness the energy of this Solar eclipse is to connect with the innate wisdom that resides within us, by disconnecting from our logical brains for a while. This is often a challenge, because when we shut out the noise,  we can feel as though we are momentarily plunged into the darkness or the chaos of our emotions, which is a tad unsettling for us human doings… but therein lies the magic as well.

This weekend, I did a workshop where the instructions issued by the facilitator were a little vague. I felt my well-defined critical left brain wanting clarification,  demanding a logical step-by-step process. But,  when I realised that this wasn’t going to happen, I opted to surrender into the “not knowing” and let what needed to… arise.  After a while, my left brain kind of went walkies and when that happened, the most amazing images and answers came through, unfiltered and uncensored by my inner critic…. And this happened for every single person on the workshop.

For me, that’s what this Eclipse is all about. If you’re feeling a bit confused, weary, sad, overwhelmed or jaded, take a little bit of me-time. Pause… draw the curtains on the noise for a few moments and do whatever you do, to disconnect from your logical linear brain. Ask a question and then allow the answer to drift to the surface, rather than trying to force it. You might accomplish this by immersing yourself in water, or music, or art or nature – whatever it is that connects you with the deeper part of yourself… do that!

Dreams, imagination and creativity are what open this portal to discovering healing and insights… not the logical mind. Actually, the more you try and demand answers from the left brain  part of yourself, the more jaded, the more weary and the more confused, you might become.

Let your soul be your pilot  now.  Sting’s lyrics really do say it all!

The door is open over the next couple of days  to understand yourself at a deeper level and release whatever it is that is limiting you. A clue as to what area of your life this would be related to, can be found in the house which contains  18 degrees of Pisces, if you have copy of your chart.

As this eclipse suggests, over  the next few days and weeks… or for the rest of your time on earth, try introducing the concept of the…


..into your life. Between each action or activity, take a few moments to just stop and breathe. When you get into your car to go somewhere, pause and breathe before you turn on the ignition. When you arrive at your destination, pause and breathe before you get out of the car (it only takes an extra couple of seconds!) . This is one of the most valuable processes I  have in my tool-kit. When I remember to do it, it stops me from dragging the energy of one thing into the other and brings me into a quieter state of being.  Try it… you’ll see! Let me know how it works for you.

Another useful thing to do on the solar eclipse is to write down whatever you want to release from this past year…. Then burn it and blow away the ashes. Or write it on a stone and throw it into the sea or a river, or write it on a leaf and blow it away. Be creative! It’s the intention that counts

The solar eclipse is visible in Indonesia and the South Pacific, but felt by all of us.

In life, light and darkness




Lifelight Astrology April 2015 – Blood Moon

Judge break heart

April kicks off with (yet another) Eclipse on the 4th, this following the total solar eclipse two weeks ago.  This one is a Lunar Eclipse (full moon) which is activating the final Uranus Pluto Square. It is also the last in a string of four  “blood moons”, a phenomenon that has been written about a lot on the internet for the past few years.

Some people are seeing this as the shift of all shifts, some as the end of the world as we know it. Others are viewing it as the end of the age of Pisces and the real beginning of the Age of  Aquarius. Whatever it is and whatever is going to happen or not happen, nobody really knows, quite frankly. However, a lot of people are filled with the fear of the unknown and focussing on the “what ifs”.  There certainly seems to be a kind of a quickening – a growing unease with the status quo and an “it’s now or never” sense of urgency.   I have very little doubt that we are at a radical turning point in our history and can only hope that this is going to shift us into a dimension of higher consciousness.   Whatever is going to happen, we need to be very very present indeed.

In March, as the sun journeyed through Pisces, a whole lot of stuff was dredged up from the depths of our beings, either through  conscious investigation and growing awareness, or by  people and life situations, which pushed our buttons relentlessly (which may still be happening for many of you.  Whatever the trigger, we’ve been more or less forced to look deeper and ask the really big questions, from  “Am I in the right job, relationship, house, country” …to  “What is my purpose?  What is my value system… now… really? What do I stand for?  Am I living authentically? What’s really important now… at this stage of my life?”

Having asked these questions, some answers are starting to appear and now, as the sun makes his way through Aries,  it’s about integrating what we’ve found and starting to plant brand new seeds of  inspired, heart-based intention and activity.  (see below or email me for info on Inspired Intention Workshops, Law of Attraction and Tree Workshops  in April – Johannesburg and Durban)

The lunar Eclipse on the 4th April is in Libra, along with the north node of the moon, which gives us an indication of  how we can best navigate these turbulent waters and  where we are supposed to be heading as a human race.  What  we need to be focussing our attention on, is real peace, love, balance, harmony, co-operation and integration . We’re being called upon to be peaceful warriors, to take our visions and turn them into something worthwhile, whilst working with and co-operating with others.

Being in Libra, the focus is very much on relationships, but for me, this isn’t only about love relationships or the connections we have with other people. Its also about our relationship with money,  possessions, our bodies, expectations, thoughts, addictions, emotions, beliefs,  work,  home and  our planet.  Everything is connected, so we’re all in relationship with everything all the time, whether we like it or not.

And then… there’s the  most important relationship of all – the one we have with ourselves.  As the Dali Lama said, “We can never make peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves”

I read something last night that really resonated with me – right in the middle of my being:

“Every time you  judge yourself, you break your own heart” Swami Kripalu

Wow! We are past- masters at breaking our own hearts. I’m sometimes horrified at how I find myself talking to myself and how other people  talk to themselves.

Think about how often you judge yourself, beat yourself up for  making an error,  not being perfect,  saying too much or too little; for being  too emotional or too hard;  too reactive, too depressive, too loud, too thin, too fat. .. and the list goes on. Have you noticed what happens when you give someone a compliment?  How many people are able to just gracefully receive it and say “thank you?  Most of the time, we rush to demolish the kind words someone has said to us.  Why? Do we think that’s being humble?  Actually it’s  rude and disrespectful to  them and us, when you really think about it.

What if each of us started treating ourselves as we would  a precious and valued friend, child, parent or lover? How would our lives change?   What if we became the peaceful warriors that the world so desperately needs, by  starting to co-operate with ourselves?. What if we started being patient and gentle with ourselves, irrespective of our apparent “flaws”? What if, when we messed up, we focussed on nurturing ourselves, rather than beating ourselves half to death?

Here’s what I’ve been doing for some time and it’s really helped me.  When I find myself messing up… let’s say I break a plate or something. As soon as I notice the tightness in my body and the judgemental mind leaping in to tell me how clumsy I am, that I should have been more careful blah blah blah… I STOP.  At that very moment, I take myself by the hand and start gently speaking to myself as I would speak to my child.  Yes, I know… it would seem rather batty if someone was eavesdropping, but whatever!  My conversation goes along the lines of “ Its ok Sweetie. It’s just a plate. Let’s go outside and stand in the sun for a while or have a cup of tea. We can clean this up later.”  Straight away, the tightness starts to diminish and the story I would normally have told myself, ends right there, instead of ruining my day.

Every time we are able to  show up and simply love ourselves,  regardless of what’s going on,  we are actively re-programming negative core beliefs. As always, love is the answer to everything.

I read a fascinating article a few  months back, where research was done on drug- addicted rats. The rats were moved out of horrible little cages, to a wonderful Rat Park (filled with swings, rat wheels and climbing things – rat heaven I guess). Plain water was put in one container in Rat Park and water containing heroin was put in another.  Due to the happier environment, the rats started choosing the plain water, rather than the drug infused water, even though they had the choice.  Love and nurturing were the only drugs they needed.

So what I am seeing in these times, this month, is a Universal call for peace  and that peace starts within our own hearts.  Please let’s stop breaking them and start healing them –then and only then can our planet heal.

“Every time you judge yourself, you break your own heart. You stop feeding on the love that is the wellspring of your vitality.  The time has come. Your time. To live, to celebrate, and to see the goodness that you are. You, my child, are divine. You are pure. You are sublimely free. You are God in disguise, and you are always perfectly safe. Do not fight the dark, just turn on the light, and breathe into the goodness that you are.” Swami Kripalu



17th March – The Grand Finale


The stage is set, the drum rolls and the curtain is raised for the final scene –  the protaganists – Uranus and Pluto – the old and the new – armoured up and ready to engage in their last battle. It’s been a long relentless one, lasting almost three years. There have been gains, there have been losses and there have been lessons. And now it’s crunch time. Are we going to choose the old or the new; the dark or the light, limitation or freedom?

It’s the final showdown – and its time to see who will survive!

This is the grand finale of all grand finales – a potent, potentially paradigm-shifting whopper of a week –  The  final  Uranus Pluto square is exact on the 17th March and on the 20th , the Sun leaves Pisces accompanied by a total Solar eclipse (new moon).

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and when the Sun makes its way through the sign of the fish, it always signals the end of our Astrological year.  The difference this year, is that the moon cycle ends on the same day as the sun’s cycle– in the  very last degree of Pisces. This week, as the moon wanes towards her final degree, we are given a one-time-only chance to really clear the slate, in readiness for the Sun’s entry into Aries the next day on the 21st, which is also the Autumn Equinox.

I’m seeing this as an incredibly potent opportunity to make a grand entrance onto the centre of the stage of our lives and face our perceived demons for once and for all.  No victimhood. No blame. Full disclosure.  Complete honesty and responsibility. We have a chance to really face our issues this week and see what we can still glean from them. (They’re likely to be emblazoned into our psyches and across the skies in techni-colour anyway, so they’ll be hard to ignore).

If you don’t know what your issues are,  look at the people who are pushing your buttons and  the situations that are upsetting you. When you hear yourself uttering a sentence starting with “ XYZ should or shouldn’t…”  you’re probably on the right track. Ask yourself where you should or shouldn’t do the same for yourself or others.

Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling and breathe. Invite that feeling, as if it were  a person, to join you on your stage and engage with it. It might be righteous indignation, niggly irritation or deep rage, paralysis, an inexplicable uneasiness, anxiety, depression, sadness or sheer unadulterated fear.  Ask what is beneath that feeling and what it has to teach you.

With all the Pisces energy around, this is the week to spend time in a reflective or creative space, to assimilate all you’ve experienced and learnt over the past 3 years.  Where were you then and where are you now? How were you then and how are you now? What has shifted in your life and what would you still like to shift more?

If you need help with  any of this, you are welcome to book a coaching session or an astrology reading.

Do some kind of ritual before or on the solar eclipse to release anything you don’t want to hold onto. Writing it down on a piece of paper and feeding it into a fire is really effective. And then – the next day, set some good, strong, clear Arian intentions and send them out into the ether.  This is the time to actively be the change we want to see.  Whether you’re wanting to give up sugar, exercise more often or change a destructive way of behaving – this is the time to put your money where you mouth is and actually commit to making the change.

We’ll be celebrating the eclipse and equinox on Saturday 21st March at my Yin Yang workshop (there are a couple of places left)

I’m also thrilled to be planning two workshops in Johannesburg on 18th and 19th April and an Inspired intention workshop in Durban on the 25th April. See below for details.





Lifelight Astrology February 2015

off hook fish

Welcome to February everybody.  During the first few weeks of the month, we have  the Sun and Mercury (Retrograde) moving through Aquarius. Full moon is in Leo on the 4th  (which puts the focus on self love) and  New moon is in Aquarius (for the second time in a row) on the 19th, (which is about detachment, higher perspectives and freedom). Last, but certainly not least,  we have a whole school of planets swimming through Pisces, adding compassion, connection and flow to the mix, as well as the chance to unveil unconscious patterns of self destruction and victim-hood.

So if we put all this together, we are being presented with another opportunity to compassionately love ourselves and others, by detaching from our stories and seeing things from a higher, broader perspective.

With this being Valentine’s Month,  what if, in addition to lavishing love, attention and gratitude on others,  we gave ourselves roses, took ourselves on a date, assured ourselves of love and acceptance, exactly as we are?  What if we treated ourselves in the way that we’d like our lovers or perfect parents to treat us?

I deeply resonated with  a beautiful talk by Matt Kahn, called Emotional Oneness,  where he says that our dark side appears from the shadows, when we  ignore our inner child. He urges us to engage with the innocence of our hearts, saying “The real spiritual journey is the transforming of inferiority into the autonomy of the Infinite one that  you are. From inferior to infinite, one “I love you” at a time”.

Listening to Matt and looking at the planetary activity of the month, I was presented with the  image of a fish (Pisces) being unhooked (Aquarius) and freed to be the full expression of itself (Leo).

So how do we let ourselves off the hook and get that love flowing?

The first and probably   most important and practical  way that I have found to do this  is moment-by -moment re-parenting. This means being compassionate with ourselves when we “mess up”?  We all know what it’s like to spiral down into a place of judgement and self sabotage, but this month, we have the opportunity of practicing the art of unhooking ourselves   before we slither down the slippery slope.   And we do this by loving ourselves through it.

Here’s a real life personal example of how I am practicing doing this.  It’s your normal garden variety Monday morning. I’m going about my day, feeling full of the joys of spring, when… I fumble, drop and shatter a porcelain cup (substitute this with any situation where you feel that you let yourself down” or mess up)

Option One

A dialogue ensues  that goes something like this. “Well there you go again… If you were more careful, more conscious, more perfect, this wouldn’t  have happened… Look at the mess you’ve made…. Now you’re going to have to spend a whole lot of time and energy cleaning it up…  By this time, I’ve already started to make my descent down the slope, at which point its quite tricky to get off. Gathering momentum, the dialogue  quickly starts to get more and more personal. The cup is forgotten, as I enter into a full blown diatribe with myself. I may start calling myself some names that I wouldn’t  dream of calling anybody else and  very easily end up concluding that I’m just a big old failure, that nobody will ever love me and that I should go into the garden and eat worms…. all because of a damn cup.

Whats happened here is that I’ve been well and truly caught by my old unconscious conditioning. My inner child is in agony, my shadow self is running the show and my pain body has taken me down – hook, line and sinker.

Option Two

Same cup… smashed on the floor. I  immediately change my perspective to that of a gentle parent and say to myself “It’s ok sweetie. It’s only a cup. What can we do to make you feel better before we clean it up… how about we go outside for a breather or have a cup of  tea?”

In that moment, I’m letting myself off the hook, loving myself and accepting that it’s ok and I’m ok. Moments later, the cup is forgotten, I feel fine about myself and I can get on with the day.

The cup still got broken, but my  “story” about it has changed. In other words, when I’m able to compassionately detach in the moment, I shift into a higher state, unhook myself and I’m free.

For me, I need to be ever vigilant of the slippery slope and my gentle inner parent has to be standing very close by, to love me unconditionally.  But, the more I do it, the  easier it gets and these days I can often catch myself before I start the downward slide.

I do believe that only  when we’re able to love ourselves  unconditionally, can we extend the same to  other people in our lives.

 I think one of the biggest hooks that take us down is  our expectations.  As soon as we  expect something to be the way we think it should be, or  expect somebody to behave in a way we think they should behave, there’s a good chance we’re going to be disappointed,which then  leads to suffering. Take the expectation away and we take the suffering away.

Carolyn Myss advises “Have no judgements about your life, no expectations and give up the need to know what happens tomorrow. Be fully present and appreciate all that is in your life right now”  … and that includes the seemingly “bad things” in our lives. We really have no idea, in the broader scheme of things, what is good or bad.

I know this seems impossible sometimes, but I believe we can achieve this kind of liberation if we practice, with infinite patience, one step at a time.

One of the greatest liberations in my life came about when I was able to accept that a member of my  family could not, for their own reasons, give me the love I thought I deserved.  I remember the moment that I finally decided to let the person off the hook and stop expecting their love, like it was yesterday. The energetic and emotional release was palpable and really did feel as if a hook was being removed from me.  By letting this person off the hook I was setting myself free as well.

What really helps me from getting hooked into the should haves and shouldn’t haves of victim-hood, is to see life as an ongoing stage show, with every person and every situation being perfectly choreographed to present me with the opportunity to learn and love. I often forget this and get the mutters, but it quickly comes back into focus when I do an Astrology session for somebody. Every time I do a chart, I’m shown that there is an exquisitely perfect, beautiful order in the Universe. There are  no accidents and  everything is unfolding exactly as its meant to unfold, as part of a big and intricately designed plan. We are exactly where we are meant to be… no mistakes.

So with all this in mind, what if we stopped worrying so much,  accepted our lives as they are and cut ourselves and others a little slack?

Maybe we’d be free?