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26th December 2016

Every now and then, the Universe gifts us with a New Moon right at the end of a calendar year and that’s exactly what’s happening in a few days time! It’s a gift because New Moon’s are always opportunities to finish off and let go, so that we can plant beautiful new seeds.

On the 29th December, the Moon joins the Sun and Mercury (retrograde) in Capricorn. It’s almost as if we have our very own trio of  mountain goats, beckoning us to journey with them up the 2017 mountain. They’re at the ready to  equip us with  resourceful guidance, discipline, structure, responsibility and commitment.

…All sound a tad boring?  Well, never fear… Uranus is near, giving us a hearty whack of maverick energy to kick start the New Year!

The planet of change and liberation, turns direct on the same day as the new moon,  after a five month retrograde period.  When Uranus is retrograde, we feel the force of change internally, but often aren’t able to make it manifest, for one reason or another.

This new moon, should, by all accounts, be a positive catalyst for change! Yeah!

All those plans you’ve had – all the change you’ve  wanted to bring into your life?  This is the time!   If you feel excited and maybe a little nervous  about doing something different – something that will  expand you,  ignite you, excite you…that’s our revolutionary friend Uranus!

Connect with the energy of this mature, thoughtful, goal-driven Capricorn new moon to assess the changes you want to integrate into your life. Write them down. Make dates in your calendar. Commit to them.

And then… stir in a handful or two of sparkly  Uranus energy to take it up a few notches. Break out of the norm. Do something new… or… Do something old in a way you’ve never done before. Embrace the unique, the unusual, the invigorating!

Why not?

What do you have to lose?

Happy New Year to you all.  Its gonna be a cracker!


In life and light


Lifelight Astrology – Summer Solstice & New Moon – 21/22 December 2014

wish dandelion

As the Christmas and New Year festivities  approach, I thought I would give you a heads-up on what’s happening this week in the stars … and the planets. The big news is that in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the Summer Solstice on 21st December at 23:03, followed closely by a brand New Moon at  3:35am on the 22nd .

The Solstice is always significant and powerful and when accompanied by a new moon, even more so. This one happens at 0 degrees Capricorn, known in Astrology as the Cardinal point or the Alpha point, indicating strong beginnings. This is the time to  release the old and usher in the new – before we get carried away with New Year festivities.

Take some time on Sunday before 23:02 to reflect on the last 12 months.  Think back on what you can remember about each month and how this year has shaped you, grown you and expanded you. What have the challenges been and have they helped you in any way to reach another level of understanding or self acceptance?  What have you achieved and what have you not? Who has entered your life and who has left – and what have you learnt from that? Take time to recognise the wins,  losses,  challenges and  victories, acknowledging every single thing as being integral to your journey. See my last blog for more on this subject.

A lovely ritual you can do at the solstice, is to write down anything you want to release from the year and surrender it into a candle flame or a bonfire. Remember that fire transmutes and transforms, changes what was, into something else, so the process of burning is really  powerful.

On the  the next day ( 22nd preferably – after 3:35 am), allow yourself the freedom to dream.  Write your hopes and wishes for the next year onto another piece of paper. Light it and watch as the paper transforms to smoke, carrying your intentions out into the Universe.

I’ll be running two Vision board workshops in January to get those intentions working even more. Vision boards really work folks. See below for details or if you don’t receive my newsletter, email me on

This morning this video popped into my inbox and apart from bringing tears to my eyes, it really did make me feel astoundingly grateful for all I have. Our journey on this little spinning planet really is about gratitude and attitude.  How best can you use this one precious life, if you had to put your perceived limitations aside?. What do you yearn for? What is it that really blows your hair back and if you’re not doing it in some way, why not?  The chap in this video proves that ANYthing is possible if we set our minds to it and it all starts with loving and accepting ourselves – exactly as we are

May you all have a stunning Solstice, a blessed Christmas and Fantastic New Year !