Lifelight Astrology 5th June – New Moon

moon girl hooked

 Anyone feeling a bit spun out?  Wondering what on earth is going on out there?

Well, I’m going to do my best to explain it from an astrological perspective, as I see it.

For a while now, we’ve had a number of planets in a square alignment called a Grand Cross.  It’s been around for about a week and will last until the 13th June.

New moon is on the 5th June, when the Sun and Moon are joined by Venus in Gemini,  focusing the spotlight on  communication, thoughts and information.

Opposing this bunch is Saturn and squaring them  are Jupiter, Neptune and the nodes. Here is the chart, for those of you who might be interested.

With a few other alignments and retrograde planets thrown into the mix, many people are struggling right now and the common theme seems to be, that the more we push and strive and fight, the less things seem to be moving forward!

Anybody keen on joining me on a desert island somewhere?

But for now… back to the square …Cast your mind  for a moment to a boxing ring. Ever wondered why it’s called a boxing ring and not a square?

Well I have, so I looked it up. Apparently, the ring refers to the small circle in the centre of the fight area, where the boxers meet at the start of each round.  This is then surrounded by the square.

Have fun with this. Imagine yourself as a boxer entering  the ring and walking to your corner,   all primed, pumped and full of good intentions, ready to slay your opponent and thrill the audience. You put your head down for a millisecond and the next thing you know, you’re unceremoniously lifted up and flung into the corner, compliments of an early attack by  your opponent. You have no choice other than to fight back, lest you be pummeled into the ground,  which seems to work. Then, just as you’re catching your breath,  you’re  dragged by your hair to the third corner by an unseen wildcard opponent, who has decided to join the fray.  The two of you scramble on the floor, throwing wild punches hither and thither. One lands and your opponent is briefly stilled. Then, just when you think you’re in the clear, you receive an almighty punch from behind, taking the wind out of your rather deflated sails and you find yourself being hauled  around the square by yet another unexpected opponent.  At this point, you’re bloody and confused,  perhaps even a bit dim-witted and your self-confidence is in the dustbin, as the crowd’s boo’s fill the arena.

And then it starts again.

I liken the opponents in this story to the incessant and sometimes brutal noise inside our heads and the constant barrage of busyness and information that bombards us day and night. The more we allow them to enter, unchecked, the further we move away from the circle, from the centre of who we are, from the soul… the heart… and the more we spin out.

We can so very easily can get taken out by our internal dialogue and by the stuff that we’re feeding ourselves on a daily basis.


We lift ourselves out of  and above the square or take ourselves to the centre of it– where we are able to get perspective on our thoughts and on the information we are consuming.

We all know the saying “Your thoughts create your reality” But how does it actually work? Well, this is what science says.  We generate an electro-magnetic field of attraction or repulsion with every single thought we have, through the release of hormones and chemicals known as peptides.

Our thoughts travel through positive/negative receptors in every cell of our body and fire sequences in the neuro-net passages of our brains. Our unconscious thoughts, which  operate below our conscious awareness, also hold great power over our lives, as they continually fire the peptide messengers that unconsciously drive our choices.

When we’re not achieving self mastery in our lives, there is a separation between our unconscious thoughts that are driving our choices, and the conscious thoughts of our desire.

So how do we bridge this divide? By slowing our brain waves down, through creative processes, mindfulness, meditation, quiet contemplation, or time spent in nature… or all of these. Each time we do this, we disconnect from our fearful limited thoughts and form new pathways!

All the more reason to find those quiet moments in the whirlpool of life.

Be sure in the next few weeks (and forever) to pause during the day and check in with your inner dialogue, with the  sensations in your body and with the emotions you are feeling. It only takes a few minutes.

Externally, assess what you’re consuming on a daily basis. Is your information diet rich in doom and gloom and are you engaging in situations  which bring your vibration up or  down and can you make a different choice?

Saturn in Sagittarius (the wise teacher) which is opposing this new moon, is challenging us to  step away and see the bigger picture. Jupiter in Virgo is asking that we bring routine into our lives, in order to help us do that.  Neptune in Pisces is there to suggest that the way we can stop the spinning is to bring ourselves into the centre and connect at a deeper level. The king of  the ocean also  reminds us to ask for help from other dimensions when we need it and stop trying to carry the load all on our own.

This new moon, see if you can have a day without consuming any outside information – no reading, no time on social media, no googling, no TV. Remember the days before cell phones, tablets and computers, when we used to be able to completely unplug for a full day or even a weekend? Aaaah…let’s go back there for a while!

What might your soul tell you if you dialed down the noise?

My two workshops this month on the 4th and 25th  are all about connecting with our inner dialogue. There’s still space if you’d like to join us – details below. If you’d like an astrology reading or a private  coaching  session with me, I can help you to investigate what your  inner dialogue is. Once you know, you’re far better equipped to re-write the story.

Please take a few moments NOW …before you do anything else to listen to some of the most profound  words ever written (in my opinion), regarding the power of our Thoughts and their impact on every day life…spoken so eloquently by Sir Lawrence Olivier in the musical “Time” Close your eyes and listen. 

In Life and Light




Lifelight Astrology Update – Full Moon 12th July

Full moon commitment

The full moon on Saturday 12th July is in no-nonsense, goal-driven, committed Capricorn, the sign of the trusty mountain goat. It feels as though the summit of our mountain is in sight, but there’s still a way to go.  Full moons are always intense and this one’s no exception as it activates the conflicted, agitated Grand Cross again, challenging us to grow, stretch and commit. However, the good news is that it also forms a graceful kite, assisting us with gentle healing, insight and flow.

After months of soul searching, there’s now a compelling need to finally stop ruminating and to actually make the changes we need to make, in order to become the authority in our lives. As we make our way up our own personal mountains, we need to check whether we’re actually on the right one and that we’ve selected the best path possible… or whether we need to consult with our internal GPS (our emotions) and reassess our route. Do we have the provisions we need to make it to our summit and if not, how can we go about procuring them?  Perhaps we need to dump some excess baggage so as to lighten our load or have a snooze under a tree, replenish our energy and gather our wits, before resuming our climb?

With the moon being opposite the sun in Cancer, the spotlight is on finding the balance between –  our private life and our work life;  being and doing; striving and nurturing; our home and our business; our feelings and our responsibilities; our child-like self and our adult self.

The time has come folks to seriously ask ourselves what our real bottom-line priorities are… and then commit to them absolutely.

I was speaking to a friend yesterday and we were saying how time is flying by, leaving us with the feeling that we haven’t actually achieved anything much by the end of each week. If you feel the same, then ask yourself what the most important thing is in your life… what is vital to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing?  And then strategically plan to make more time for it.

I think it’s about putting that priority before everything else. For example, if you really want to write, or paint, or meditate, or exercise, or eat well, or love more… maybe it’s about doing that before you do anything else, before you open up your laptop or turn on your phone – or schedule in a specific time in your day for it?  I read some very good advice the other day which suggested that we ask “ What’s the one part of your day that you’d like to change?” If we make a change in that one area, everything else starts to shift too.

Have a wonderful wintery weekend. Wrap up warm and nurture yourself

In light love and with commitment



Lifelight Astrology July 2014

Cracked sculpture

There’s a whole lot going on astrologically this month, especially right now and  for the next two weeks, when the Grand cross is being activated  once again.  Since the new moon in Cancer on the 27th June  and up until the  full moon on the 12th July, the energy may feel a little like a  pressure cooker that’s about to pop it’s lid, unless some steam is released

A myriad of emotions  may be  bubbling under that lid – tension, dissatisfaction, discordance, confusion  separation, grief, pain or even desperation

When the sun makes its annual sojourn through Cancer, deep feelings are always stirred up, but with Jupiter (the expander)  in the same sign this year, this is more prominent than ever.  We’re being asked to connect with the broader scope of our emotions, to dive deeper and be present for them all, the uncomfortable ones too.

Very often when I suggest  this to clients, they get a sort of a glazed look in their eyes, start fidgeting or have a sudden desperate need to go to the loo.  Even the word “uncomfortable”  or “discomfort” makes us feel ….well uncomfortable.  So what we clever little human “beings” do is become human “doings”, finding ways  to ease the discomfort or make it go away completely.

But what if, by escaping from or suppressing those feelings, we were missing the lessons too?  If I look back on my own life, each and every time my inner or outer landscape has become almost unbearable, it has catalysed me into making changes, which have often  opened the door to the  next step of my growth or the next opportunity.

The butterfly has to break out of the cocoon in order to survive. It’s a necessary struggle.

What if, out of discomfort, grief, sorrow, anger or loss, comes renewal?

What if Discomfort or Dis-ease serves  a crucial purpose and by disregarding it, we’re throwing our navvigational equipment into the furnace.

What if, the only way of truly  healing the heart is to feel everything? Oscar Wilde wrote “Hearts are meant to be broken”  and maybe he was  right!

What if, the next time we felt an uncomfortable niggly unwelcome feeling, we allowed ourselves to be completely present to it,  surrendered to it entirely? What if we invited it in, just as we do joy, love and peace. What then?

What if the uncomfortable feelings you’re having now are actually your faithful servants?

One way you can find this perspective is to reflect on the people and things you value in your life right now … your blessings.  Then look  back in the  rearview mirror, until you find a time when you experienced a challenging or uncomfortable life situation. When you’ve got one, find a thread linking it to your current blessings. IIf  it hadn’t been for the crisis,  the dirty rotten son of a gun,  the illness , you wouldn’t have met your best friend, lover or landed up living in the place you live in etc etc.  The discomfort with your situation may have pushed you to make  important changes, to take better care of yourself, to move out of a limiting job or relationship…all of which just may have served you… but you had to feel the discomfort first.

 Whilst  most of us (and I haven’t met many exceptions) embrace the light, the joy and the love in our lives, we very often  push the “bad” emotions or hard times away or really wish that they would end… and quickly too. When is there a light at the end of the tunnel? When am I going to feel better? When are things going to make sense?

When last did you hear anyone say “ I’ve really had enough of all this joy, love and peace?

We have somehow  managed to make ourselves  believe that feeling uncomfortable or sad or stuck or confused or even angry is a bad thing and should be banished at all costs.  But if that were true, how would we know when things needed to change?

What if we just stopped judging… everything?

What if we loved and accepted ourselves despite our cracks and imperfections or maybe even because of them?

What if we relieved the pressure by allowing ourselves to honour our precious feelings … all of them… giving them the chance to reveal our next steps.

Let yourself notice in the next few weeks the activities, people and situations that make you feel heavy or restricted.

Also notice when and where you feel light,  expanded and empowered.

Feel the feelings in your body, breathe and just take note – witihout judgement, as if you were the witness. Eg. Its interesting that when I walk into this space, this person’s presence, I feel……

Journalling or visual journalling are excellent ways  of checkin in with how we are feeling. I still have a couple of places on my Visual Journalling workshops on  the 5th and  19th July.  Contact me for details.

Jupiter the great motivator of the zodiac is spending his last few weeks in Cancer, helping us to connect to our feelings and reveal our next growth steps. When the giant planet moves into Leo on the 16th July, we will feel the need to implement changes that expand us – there may be a quickening, a lightening, as the focus shifts to creative expression, leisure, fun, entertainment and love.  Time to dust off those dancing shoes, get the paints out, re-string the guitar, plan that next exciting trip… Let the light in.

This is an amazing story written by Jack Kornfield in a Path to Love, which demonstrates the power of this work.

Naomi Remen, a physician who uses art, meditation, and other spiritual practices in the healing of cancer patients, told me a moving story that illustrates the process of healing the heart, which accompanies a healing of the body. She described a young man who was twenty-four years old when he came to her after one of his legs had been amputated at the hip in order to save his life from bone cancer. When she began her work with him, he had a great sense of injustice and a hatred for all “healthy” people. It seemed bitterly unfair to him that he had suffered this terrible loss so early in his life. His grief and rage were so great that it took several years of continous work for him to begin to come out of himself and to heal. He had to heal not simply the body, but also his broken heart and wounded spirit.

He worked hard and deeply, telling his story, painting it, meditating, bringing his entire life into awaraness. As he slowly healed, he developed a profound compassion for others in similar situations. He began to visit people in the hospital who had also suffered severe physical losses. On one occasion, he told his physician, he visited a young singer who was so depressed about the loss of her breasts that  she would not even look at him. The nurses has the radio playing, probably hoping to cheer her up. It was a hot day, and the young man had come in running shorts. Finally, desperate to get her attention, he unstrapped his artificial leg and began dancing around the room on his one leg, snapping his fingers to the music. She looked at him in amazement, and then she burst out laughing and said, “Man, if you can dance, I can sing”.

When this young man first began working with drawing, he made a crayon sketch of his own body in the form of a vase with a deep black crack running through it. He redrew the crack over and over and over, grinding his teeth with rage.  Several years later, to encourage him to complete his process, my friend showed him his early pictures again. He saw the vase and said, “Oh, this one isn’t finished.” When she suggested that he finish it then, he did. He ran his finger along the crack, saying, “You see here,  this is where the light comes through.” With a yellow crayon, he drew light streaming through the crack into the body of the vase and said, “Our hearts can grow strong at the broken places.”

This young man’s story profoundly illustrates the way in which sorrow or a wound can heal, allowing us to grow into our fullest, most compassionate identity, our greatness of heart. When we truly come to terms with sorrow, a great and unshakable joy is born in our heart.

Embracing the cracks


Lifelight Astrology May 2014

May 2014Congratulations –  if you’re reading this, you’ve just about made it through April, which ends with a Solar Eclipse in Taurus today, the 29th.  Every time we have a new moon, the Sun (masculine) and the Moon (feminine) come together at the same degree of the zodiac, birthing a new cycle.

At a Solar Eclipse, this union is so exact that the Moon’s shadow blocks the light of the Sun from our perspective, making it even more potent. With the moon being in Mother Earthy Taurus, I see this as a clear sign that this is a time to re-set our relationship to the Feminine, to our values, our priorities and to the material world… to get real basically.

The eclipse certainly sets the tone for the month of May and with the Grand Cross starting to back off a bit, hopefully the dust will start to settle a little and we’ll begin to ground more.

From my own experience and through speaking to lots of people, the way I would describe the energy of the past month or so has been like being adrift on a small boat in the middle of a rather turbulent sea. There we were,  sailing merrily going along on the surface, soaking in the sun, when suddenly out of the wild blue yonder, we got smacked by an unseen something, unceremoniously dumped off our little crafts and tumbled around as if in a washing machine. With zero visibility, our only option was to hang on and surrender, until it cleared enough for us to see which way was up. Eventually, coughing and spluttering, we emerged, shell-shocked and a tad bedraggled, accompanied by some of our deeply buried flotsam and jetsam, which had been shaken loose and joined us on the surface.

It feels to me as if we’re at  this point now, where we’re able to grab hold some of the debri (the old boat is history) and make our way to a small protected bay.  Once safe in her embrace, we give gratitude to our precious life giving Mother earth and rejoice in the  beautiful warm sand, fragrant smells, visual beauty, natural sounds and delisicous tastes. We connect to her endlessly abundant  life-giving power and start to consciously and maturely sort through the debris that’s been unearthed to find the lessons and the treasures that have shown themselves in our lives.

For most people I know, at least one thing has come to a head over the past month or so. Whatever had been lurking beneath the surface, unacknowledged, repressed or exiled, has popped up in one form or another –  either in relationship issues, misunderstandings,  loss of loved ones, health concerns or financial challenges. On the physical side alone, I can’t tell you how many people I know personally who have had mysterious illnesses or physical symptoms suddenly appearing, seemingly from out of nowhere. For many of us it’s been a hefty wake-up call as to where our lives have been out of balance, where we’re not being authentic, where we’re undervaluing or under-nurturing ourselves.

The way I see it, we can no longer hide – its time to get real.

Whatever learnings have emerged  for us are treasures, the diamonds in the rough, the knowledge that will lead us into a new cycle. This is the time to integrate the lessons and actively commit to moving forward in a positive, healthy way – emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

What has drifted up to the surface for you?  What core beliefs have you had about yourself and the  world that aren’t serving you? What can you let go of? How can you value yourself and your planet more? How can you be more real, more authentic?

I loved this passage from “Love it Forward” by Jeff Brown. “ I am not interested in enlightenment if it means detachment from the emotional body, the earth plane, the challenges of being human. I am interested in “enrealment”, because it means that my most spiritual moments are inclusive, arising right in the heart of all that is human: joy and sorrow, shopping list and unity consciousness, fresh mangos and stale bread. Enrealment is about living in all aspects of reality simultaneously rather than only those realms that feel the most comfortable. We are not just the light, or the mind, or the emptiness, or perpetual positivity. We are the everything. It’s ALL God, even the dust that falls off my awakening heart.

The beautiful water trine that has formed in the heavens is providing even more feminine energy and insight and should hopefully ease the hectic energy of the grand cross, allowing us to gain real insight into our hearts desires, provided we  connect, soften and forgive.

During my Sankulpa (Iinspired Intention) workshop this past weekend, an amazing group of souls showed up and did just that. Through “losing the rational mind” for a while, they were able to connect to the deeper part of themselves that knows the higher truth, that is their essence. Through meditation, art and dialogue, each person walked away with a tangible (Taurean) truth which will serve as a guiding light as they move forward – a seed of pure intention.

I’ve been asked to repeat the workshop on the 17th May and its filling up really quickly, so let me know as soon as possible if you’d like to join us. Contact me for details.

Taurus is all about commitment and value, so the theme of finding out what we really do value and committing to it in a very real way is the theme for this whole month. We can do this every day, by stopping and really feeling into the special, beautiful, often simple moments that endlessly present themselves to us.  Instead of moving quickly on by when you have a good moment,  pause, listen, see, hear, feel and taste it  with your whole being.  Every time we do this, we start to re-programme our brains, literally hardwiring ourselves for happiness.

In realment




Lifelight Astrology – Lunar Eclipse 15 April

Lifelight Astrology – Lunar Eclipse 15 April



As we enter this week of eclipses,  grand crosses and more, rather than seeing whatever’s happening right now as a crisis, let’s choose to see it as  a giant leap for all of us and an  opportunity to learn, transmute and expand more than ever before.

Essentially  the astrology of the past few months has been leading to this point, so whatever’s been bubbling in our  respective pots, is coming to a head this week. It begins with the powerful lunar eclipse tomorrow in Libra (opposite the Sun in Aries) which brings unconscious emotions out of hiding and to the surface, for examination and integration. Being in Libra, the focus is on seeking balance in our relationships.  For me, this is not only about relationships with other people, although these will certainly be held up to the magnifying glass over the next week. It’s also about our relationships with everything else – ourselves,  money,  possessions, expectations, thoughts, emotions, bodies, beliefs,  work,  home, our planet. We’re all connected, so we’re all  in relationship with everything all the time.

The way I see it this week is that we’re being given an amazing opportunity to put our big panties on and get real – to deeply contemplate and be totally honest with ourselves as to where we are out of balance or integrity. Do our  expectations for others match our own actions?  Are we living authentically, speaking our truth or behaving in ways that others expect us to?  Are we being our own authority or looking outside for advice, approval and affirmation?  Are we ready to take complete responsibility for every single aspect of our lives?

Tempers could run high this week, with aggression and confrontation reaching epic proportions,  if we  are unconscious, reactive and hang onto the  need to be right. If however, we’re able to stop and centre ourselves, give up the need to be right, respond rather than react, choose peace rather than war, the energy of this week has the potential to push us out of the darkness and into the light. I really do believe that this is a potentially life changing week on a very deep level, so be aware of everything that comes up for you. Look at it, meditate on it, write about it, talk about it and ask yourself what its teaching you.

The word Temperance came to mind whilst writing this – in the dictionary “Temperance” means  Moderation of passion; patience; calmness; sedateness.

In the Temperance tarot image above, the angel has one foot on a the land  and the other in the river. In this stance she represents the need to “test the waters” before jumping headlong into unknown circumstances. In so doing, she tempers the whimsical flight of the Fool who sometimes jumps without giving a second thought. In her hands are two cups which she uses to mix water. One cup can be thought of as holding hot water and the other cold water. With temperance, we can mix the opposites and finds a balance in life, by avoiding extremes.

 Another interpretation is that she ceaselessly pours water (feelings) back and forth from one cup to another, because feelings must constantly flow and renew themselves according to what’s happening in every moment.

Playing with the word “temperance” a little further led me to look  into the word Temper, a very Aries word. It doesn’t only mean to go red in the face, stomp our little feet and throw our toys. Steel is “tempered” when it is heated up and then quickly cooled and in so doing, its effectiveness, strength and robustness is increased. (That’s what you see when blacksmiths stop hammering the sword on the anvil and plunge the glowing hot blade into a barrel of water). We’re all being tempered by whats going on and we will emerge stronger.

If you go back  even further to the older roots of the word, to “temper” something meant to prepare it specially by carefully mixing in new ingredients to create balance and that is what this time of alchemy is all about.

So here we go –- in full acceptance, authenticity and temperance –  we’re all in this together















Lifelight Astrology April 2014 – A month of Big Change!

red moon


I’ve been seriously considering whether to write a newsletter this week, which is why it’s a little late, but have decided to give it a go anyway. This is a little more than an astrological write-up – the first part is more of a personal blog, straight from my heart, due to the place that I find myself in, with the astrology thrown in later. Please bear with me if this is a bit of a ramble, but I’m going to take you on a little journey to try and explain what’s going on “out there” and how it can play out in our lives, using mine as an example. If one or two of you resonate with it, then it’s served its purpose.

There’s a lot of deeply transformative stuff coming up for all of us astrologically in the next few months and the way I see it, the focus is on finding meaning in it all and in so doing, getting in touch with our authentic power.

So with that in mind here goes…  This really follows on from my last blog posted on 20th March (re-read if necessary – its under this one), where I wrote about us possibly feeling “emotionally cut off, isolated,  a tad depressed, negative, numb or even somewhat stuck…. Heavyish!”   Well!  Little did I know that a couple of days later, I would land up in hospital, where I would remain for a whole week, my physical body being prodded and plundered and my emotions roller-coastering like never before.

It’s a long story, which I’m not going to bore you with and I’m recovering back at home now, thankfully.  However, the whole experience literally brought me and my life to a complete standstill, taking me to a place where I was faced with  the possibility that this could be the beginning of the end of my physical life as I know it. Sitting alone in a sterile x-ray room, being told by a man in a white coat  that the fluid they found around your lung was likely to be due to you having  either cancer or heart failure, is pretty much guaranteed to give you a warm klap (for non South Africans, translate as a slap around the ears)   of giant proportions… or not I guess… if you’re enlightened, which I’m clearly not.  As he said the words, I could feel my egoic mind taking over, I could feel myself separating from my essence and sending my fertile imagination into some rather scary places.

This “diagnosis” led to all sorts of tests, which eventually, one by one,  ruled out both of those dire possibilities. The process of not knowing, however, took a whole week and at this point, the medical fraternity is still scratching their collective heads and  don’t have any answers as to what caused the problem that took me to hospital  in the first place and neither do I. What I do know, is that it goes way beyond the physical body. Perhaps being in the mystery is the answer for me at this point…that, as well as fully taking responsibility for my health and my life and connecting in an even deeper way.

Lying in that hospital bed at night, I had no option but to feel my feelings in techni-colour – no distractions – they ranged from bare-faced fear, to terror, sheer unadulterated panic, anxiety, unbelievable sadness, anger, aloneness, grief and even meaningless. My mind would try it’s best to rationalise it  and tell me that it would all be ok and that I could handle whatever it was and that people deal with much more momentous things than this  every second of every day.

My emotions, however, were having none of that.  It would often feel as if my heart was literally pounding in my throat, so loudly that I could hear it like an African drum had taken up centre stage inside my ears. Throughout all this, the only thing I could do was to surrender. The only thing that eased the pain, was to breathe as deeply as my lungs would allow and tell myself that I was supported by and connected to the Divine and that whatever happened, it was ok. A dear healer/teacher visited, (as did many) and did a very powerful healing on me the night before my little op and reminded me to repeat the Ho’oponopono – “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you and thank you”. This is one powerful mantra, which I did all the time and am still doing, until I drift off to sleep. If you don’t know this remarkable story. There are lots of links but here’s one if you want to read more.   

As I continue to spend some in reflection –  writing, healing and just “being” with the feelings that come up, I find myself looking for “meaning” in a far deeper way than ever before. I’ve realised that with all the books I’ve read, courses I’ve done etc (and that’s a lot), the real work can only be done deep inside …. alone. I’m still in that place …no where near through the tunnel yet, but doing my best to surrender. In fact, what I know now is that I don’t know very much about anything all. Perhaps that’s an important step towards awakening?

For those of you who are interested and who are still reading, I do believe that the  astrology of this time is really, really urging us to walk the talk, to do what needs to be done in order to let go, transmute, wake up and bring new energy in. From late March through to May, we have yet another opportunity to go deeper, to transform and to set real authentic intentions, which will lead us towards finding real meaning and healing.  Fortunately that doesn’t mean you need get your butt kicked into a hospital ward like I did, but it does mean that transformation is going to happen one way or another.

First of all, we start the month with the Sun moving into the same degree as Uranus (planet of radical change) in Aries (new beginnings, intention) – so one interpretation would be  “Radically changing our intentions”. This activates the Uranus Pluto Square, which will later  turn into another Grand Cross (the 5th of 7 in total), which I’ve written about in detail before. This Cross will become exact again from 20th to the 22nd (over Easter), but the activation has started already. Joining Uranus and Pluto in the tight square will be lofty Jupiter, which amplifies everything and assertive/ aggressive Mars.

The next bit of this blog will mean more to people who have copies of their charts. If you don’t you can  try and intuit where it may play out or you might want to have your chart done. Astrology really does help to understand what’s going on… and what’s going on is big, people. This world, she is a-changing, like it or not and we need to keep up.

So if you have a copy of your chart, here goes. You can look up the house meanings on  I’ll relate it back to my chart, to help you get the hang of it, seeing as though I’m baring all today.

  1. First Look at where  12 or 13 degrees Capricorn is in your chart. That’s where Pluto is sitting– this will be area in your life where there are old compulsions, obsessions or control issues  that you need to release. Pluto is transitting my first house, which represents the physical body, how I project myself into the world and controlling my immediate environment -Ha! So much for that!)
  1. Next,  look at the area which houses 12 / 13 degrees Aries. This is where Uranus is. This indicates the area/s in your life that needs to be radically changed.– this is where you can no longer do things the way you’ve been doing them.. any more…finito!  Mine is travelling across my 4th / 5th house cusp. This means changes in and around my actual physical home (which is happening), family relations (that too), my deepest  psychological complexes and connecting with my real spiritual home. Recent dreams of re-organising furniture and moving houses have clarified that even more for me) Watch your dreams by the way…they’ll be profound.  The 5th house is the house of creativity or procreation. Seeing as though I won’t be procreating at this point, it could mean a change in the way I express myself creatively – yay!
  1. Then  look at is where 13 degrees of Cancer resides. This is where lofty, expansive Jupiter is travelling. This is the area where you will find expansion and nurturing, where your inner child might need some care and compassion. Mine is in the house of one-on-one relationships and close friendships. Even though I’m not in a permanent partnership, I have received more nurturing this last week than I ever thought possible. Thanks to each of you –  not a single text, phone call or visit went by unnoticed or unappreciated and each one made me realise that I am not actually alone in this physical world.
  1. Lastly, wherever 13 degrees Libra is situated is where Mars, the warrior king  is hanging out. Being in Libra, this indicates that its related to how we handle our interactions with others, how we judge others and where the reflections are. This is the area where you need to find balance, harmony and authenticity. This is where you need to speak your truth with loving kindness, where you need to be a peaceful warrior. Mine is in the house which relates to groups, group work, humanitarian concerns,  friends,  as well as future goals.

So that’s the Grand Cross – hard to explain but really big and important. As if that isn’t enough, we also have not one, but two eclipses this month, representing great personal and global change. The first is on  15April (in the Southern Hemisphere). It’s a lunar eclipse which means it’s a full moon – in Libra – more relationship stuff)  This one is the first of a string of four  “blood moons” which will happen over the next year and a half.  I don’t know much about them, but books have been written about them and there’s lots to read on the internet.

Essentially what will happen is that light from the sun to the moon will be blocked by the Earth, lasting about 77 minutes (visible only in the northern hemisphere, so us down south won’t see this one L. Some speculate that the blood moons are not just the result of rare alignments and that they are part of  a biblical prophecy to be fulfilled in relevance to Israel. Guess we will just have to see.  As I say, I know nothing. J  The second (solar) eclipse is on the 29th April , which is a new moon in Taurus. More about that later in the month.

So-  if you see life as a stage, then the set is changing and a new one is being constructed, not only in  April, but for the rest of the year. As far as I can see its about  Awareness, Awakeness, Authenticity, Attention, Intention and Meaning and taking responsibility for our lives.  I found this passage recently in a book that was lent to me by another sister/friend – what would we do without em?

The goal in life is not happiness, but meaning” – based on the work of Carl Jung.

That’s a very good place for us to start. . Ask yourself …What gives my life meaning?  Am I living that, doing that, even in a small way every day?  What used to make my heart sing as a child? Do I still do any of that? How am I using the precious energy that I have? Where is my attention? Is it on thoughts of doom, gloom and anxiety, or on grand possibilities?  Am I congruent… am I walking my talk? Am I living an authentic life or behaving in certain ways, just to please others?.  Whilst we’re so busy striving, pleasing and working to achieve what we believe we need to achieve, we sometimes forget to just be ourselves. Am I able to stand in my truth and authentically say what I need to say with firm loving kindness?  Am I feeling my feelings or medicating them away with alcohol or other addictions?

When the chips are down, and you’re alone and unsure of anything, who are you  at the deepest level – Who is the “you” beyond the career, the children, the partner, house, money, responsibilities, concerns, achievements?. When all that is stripped away, what is left? What is your deepest Hearts Desire? Etymologically the word “desire” comes from the Latin de and sidus –and one interpretation is “ to have lost ones navigational star”. Have you lost sight of yours? Perhaps it’s a little dimmed? If so, now’s the time to start clearing the debris away and navigating your way back home.

Please see my newsletter or contact me for details of the  Inspired Intention workshops I’m running on this theme in April . By the way, I will not  be showing you what your heart’s desire is – you will do this yourself – I’m just the tour guide.

I leave you with this thought by a favourite astrologer of mine Tom Lescher for this week. “ If I am to be a co-creator, It’s my job to know what to water, when and how, to regulate the flow. Whatever we want to grow in our lives needs our full attention and deep intention and that’s precisely what the astrology of this month is all about.

Wheweee. That’s me, over and out for now. Thanks for reading

In life and light


Lifelight Astrology Update – 6th January – All Aboard for 2014!

Ahoy Matey

Well Matey’s, we’re almost a week into 2014, which promises to be a  powerful, exciting and challenging voyage! As the RaRa and hype from the festive season starts to settle down, many of us are starting to face the realities and practicalities of the year ahead. There’s a chance that some of the intentions we set whilst raising our glasses might not be all that realistic or may have already seemingly fallen by the wayside… or perhaps we’re just not feeling the same verve and vigour we did a week ago…?

It’s  ok … and it’s not too late. The moon is still waxing until 16th January, so we have ten days to reassess our intentions for the month and the year ahead and to prepare ourselves for our annual voyage. To provide us with some oomph and initiative, our Lunar Mother moves into Aries late on Monday evening and on Wednesday forms a square to the sun, a lunar phase often referred to as a “crisis of action”. This is when we realise that our dreams and intentions are only going to happen if we have some kind of plan and actually put it into action and stick to it.

The Universe applauds action, not thought.

The grand cross I wrote about last week is still in play, so the energy continues to be powerful, yet potentially challenging.  Venus (the planet of love and money) joins with Mercury (communication) to assist us in facing whatever we need to in our relationships and finances. This is a good time for serious discussions with the significant people in our lives, although we need to stay centred and calm, as there may be differences of opinion or even clashes of wills.  As we look at our relationships without blinkers, some may end or need to be re-structured and others will get even stronger and more enduring.

We’re the captains of our own ships and this week we’re readying ourselves for our 2014 voyage…. Making sure we have the right people on board; checking our life-saving equipment; offloading whatever is weighing us down; setting our GPS’s for the right destinations; ensuring that our holds are well stocked, leaks are plugged and equipment is running smoothly… all ready to sail into the wild blue yonder.

If you feel that you need some help in navigating the year ahead, I’m available for astrology consultations or private coaching sessions.

My Wednesday morning Art & Soul classes resume on the 15th January.

And if you haven’t yet done one, a vision board really helps to clarify your route and is a powerful goal seeking missile – see here for details on the workshops I’ll be facilitating in January and February.

Bon voyage