Lifelight Astrology Update 10th March


Full Moon 12th March in Virgo!

Hi folks

On Sunday, we have the last full moon of the astrological year. This means that we’ll end the year on a waning moon cycle, which gives us a final opportunity to clear out, detox, release and surrender.

The moon is in earthy, pragmatic, organised Virgo, opposing a school of planets is Pisces (the fish), comprising the Sun, Chiron, the wounded healer and Mercury (communication, thought) and Neptune (connection with the Divine/ Universal energy)

Astrology is basically the study of energy and all energy is made up of the elements –  fire, earth, water, air and ether.  They are the building blocks of everything, including ourselves.  An astrology chart, whether it’s for a person, a country or a business, basically tells us where and how these energies are distributed, as well as where our balances or imbalances are likely to be.  The fact that we understand this instinctively, is demonstrated daily to me, when discussing the elemental make-up of my clients’ birth charts.

What I do know, is that when we understand the elements, we are able to work with them more consciously and to bring them and ourselves, into balance and harmony.

So – what’s happening right now elementally?

Let’s look at water first, with all the Pisces energy around.

In astrology, water is the element which absorbs, purifies, softens, nourishes and clears. It’s associated with our feelings, emotional needs, connection with all that is, as well as with nourishing, replenishing and softening.  When our water is balanced, there is empathy, compassion, flow and nurturance. When there’s too much, we feel overwhelmed, deluded, confused, victimised or over -emotional. When there’s too little, we might feel parched, dry, rigid, pressed. You get the drift ? (excuse the pun…J)

How’s your water feeling right now, this minute?  Take a moment to check in with where you are. Is your water flowing. Are you feeling dry or water-logged?

Let’s look a bit further and investigate Pisces in particular.  When there’s a lot of Pisces energy around, it often coincides with actual water issues in our environments – like leaking pipes, floods, cars overheating or heavy rains.   In our physical bodies, we often find excess fluid or lack of flow. Flu,  pleurisy or other mucous conditions might present themselves. Physical, emotional or mental issues that have settled into the unconscious will often come up to the surface at this time. Emotionally we might feel confused, overwhelmed by grief, loss, – or pain.  Unconscious mental conditioning can surface as well. There may be a huge urge to escape into anything that is less harsh than the situation we find ourselves in. There can be a lethargy, a lack of clarity and sometimes a fogginess as well.

On the upside, there can be more creativity, better intuition and easier connection to higher states of consciousness. Pisces helps us to bring things up from the unconscious and to release them, by washing them away. It helps us to relinquish the controlling ego mind and allow something bigger to emerge, to connect with the big Self, rather than the small self.  It encourages us to get into alignment with the Universe, rather than resisting it; to flow with the river of life, rather the try to push it – and we are so good at pushing rivers in our culture.

Now let’s have a quick look at the element of Earth – practical, grounded, steady. When Earth is in balance, we are deeply connected with and able to properly listen to and nurture our bodies. We feel that we have a steady base, from which to launch ourselves into the world. When there’s too much earth, we might feel heavy, lethargic, sluggish, depressed, rigid, controlled,  controlling or stuck. When there’s too little, we might feel spaced out, ungrounded, insecure, scattered.

This full moon this weekend is in pragmatic, organised Virgo. She helps us to discern what’s healthy and what’s not, assisting us in separating the wheat from the chaff in our lives.

What this full moon is asking us to do is to slow down, ground ourselves and connect with the wisdom of  the earth and our bodies (Virgo). We can do this by checking in with all our senses, to find out how we’re feeling on all levels. When we do this, we provide ourselves with a container, which helps our water to flow, without overwhelming us.  This can be achieved by spending time in nature,  quietly just sitting with our feelings and allowing them to ebb and flow, or by engaging with them through playing, painting, singing them out – these would all be containers.

Squaring the sun and the moon is Saturn in Sagittarius, the wise old teacher. He encourages us to notice what’s going on, but not to get caught up in the drama. By moving into the position of the seer or the observer, we are able to find the learning in what is arising for us. However, we need to be aware that Saturn can be stern  task master and is perfectly capable of dishing out some pretty heavy lessons, especially when we’re not listening, or not  being true to ourselves. He can be the dispenser of some Karmic klaps, to wake us up.

To end off, I’ll give you a quick example of how this has and still is, playing out for me personally this week, which might help you decipher what’s happening in your own chart and life.

Last week, my friend and business partner Theresa and I pushed really hard to get a new WEBSITE and vision up and running. We used to be in the production industry together, which was all about working around the clock to get the job done…no matter what! When I have a deadline (self-imposed or not) I  still find myself stepping straight into “production mode”. I tend to  become super-focussed and, if I’m not careful,  ignore the needs of my body and almost everything else too, in order to get the job done! This can be very helpful on one level, because I… well… get things done!  However… and I know this for sure…. When I do this, without listening to my deeper needs, I step out of the universal flow and my body starts to freak out. She sends signals to me, to tell me she’s not happy, but because I am so captured, I occasionally ignore her and then, she stages a revolt.  This generally comes (for me) in the form of really bad cluster headaches, as I seem to process most of my stuff through my head.. go figure! . Symbolically – there is  too much going on “up there”. Too much pressure!  Over the years, thanks to the work I’ve done and with a lot of help from my A team of healers, these headaches have largely disappeared… except when I stop listening to the signs.

This is where it gets interesting.   By the time the weekend came around, I realised that I needed to lean back and rest, which I did!  And then on Monday night I got home to water pouring into my lounge through a light fitting.  You guessed it – burst geyser. These days, I view things very symbolically, so I absolutely have not missed the “co-incidence”  – too much pressure (up there), too much activity (fire), emotion ( (energy in motion)  – boiling water, with no outlet. Due to it being the middle of the night, there was nobody to ask, so I turned to our trusty advice provider, Mr Google. I laughed out loud when the advice was to “ Turn the geyser off.  Run the hot water to release the pressure”   Great advice indeed. When I was able to stop the train the next day, feel what I was feeling and throw some paint at a canvas, the headaches started to ease.

So, this is how we can work with the elements and with what life is presenting us with at any given moment.  Theresa and I have planned to run a series of retreats this year, where we will be doing a deep dive into each element.  Starting with EARTH, we’ll be spending 4 nights and 5 days in the Drakensberg at the most exquisite venue, Mkomazana. The mountains, rivers and trees will provide us with the perfect container to help us to get ourselves back into rhythm with our planet and with our bodies. Over the five days, we’ll spend a lot of time  connecting with the earth, walking in nature, seeping her into our bodies and souls. We will make art both indoors and outdoors, with paint, clay and gifts from our natural surroundings .We will star-gaze, flower-gaze, lie on the grass, drum, stretch, and dance to get into alignment with Mother Earth.

Theresa will help you to understand the Earth Element in terms of mythology and archetypes.  I will help you to investigate your astrology charts through the lense of Earth, to find out what your blueprint is and how you can bring it back into balance. This is the first step to understanding Astrology and will be the precursor to the Astrology retreats and on-line courses we are putting together.

Please have a look at our new website: I will continue to post here as well for the time being, so if you already follow this blog, there is no need to change anything.

Have a beautiful, soulful Full moon weekend everyone.


In life and light




Full Moon in Virgo 22nd February

tree order

On Monday 22nd February, we have a beautiful full moon in Virgo, the discerner of the Zodiac. This is the time of the year when we  separate the wheat from the chaff and pay careful consideration to what’s working in our lives and what’s not. The Full moon in Virgo urges us to introduce a bit of order and routine into our lives, so we can  harness the creative, imaginative energy of Pisces. Essentially,  Virgo being an earth sign, creates a container  or a channel for watery Pisces.

One of the most useful parts of astrology is when we begin to understand how the elements work. Just as our earth is comprised of water, air, fire and earth, so are we.  In the zodiac, we have 3 water signs, 3 earth signs, 3 fire signs and 3 air signs. Our birth charts reveal exactly what our individual elemental make-up is and how we can bring it into balance.

As we approach this full moon, let your body guide you as to what needs to be re-aligned or re-ordered. If you need some help with this, let Nature be your guide.

Try this… Once or twice a day sit quietly and check in with your body. Notice any aches,  pains or discomforts. Nine times out of ten when I do this with clients, their souls present them with images which shed light on what’s actually going on and often point to what element/s are out of balance. Often they will say things like – “It feels like a big grey mass of grey goo…. or a burning red circle…. or hard sandpaper… or a rock!”.

Here are some guidelines to follow when working with the elements (when in excess) , but obviously there are many more, so use your imagination.

If you’re feeling scattered, unsettled or hyper-active, with a gazillion thoughts dashing around in your head, its highly likely that your air is blowing a gale. Perhaps, in order to bring it back into alignment, you could  switch off all outside noise (including cell phones)  for a while every day. Go outside,  listen to the sounds of nature and give your soul a chance to speak to you. If you are having very disturbed dreams, it can often be a sign that you need to stop the exterior noise and tune into the inner one.

Or maybe you’re feeling exhausted, perhaps even a little burnt out. That would suggest that your fire is raging and before it destroys everything in it’s path,  you may need to calm it down a tad. Think of how you would control a fire in the “real” world. You might put some water or sand on it or you may stop it from expanding with a fire grate. Likewise for you. Your  best medicine might  be to sit or lie on the ground or walk along a river bank or on the beach, or introduce some kind of routine to control the blaze. Or you could have a long soaking bath,  cook a delicious meal and then check in with yourself again and see how your inner fire feels.

If you’ve  been feeling overwhelmed emotionally…maybe sad or depressed, your internal water level might be a little too high and you may need to reduce it or channel it in some way, so that it doesn’t drown everything and everyone in sight.  Get into the sunshine if you can, to burn some of it off. Or  put your hands in some soil or paint or clay and channel the emotion into something creative. Having a chat to a trusted friend and getting a different perspective would also help, as it would  inject some air into the water and get it moving a bit.

Be as creative as you like with all this. Any images you get, are gifts and guidance from your soul and this kind of work really strengthens your intuition.

And lastly, you may be feeling heavy or stuck, as if you just can’t move forward, as much as you’d like to. You guessed it… your earth has probably dried out. You’ve possibly been focussed on achieving your goals and seeing to all the things you have to see to on a daily basis, with little time left to replenish yourself.  Exactly what occurs in nature when we have a drought, happens to us too and when it does, we experience a desert inside, where very little can grow.  So again, the antidote is to give yourself some nurturing (water) or go for a walk to get your earth un-stuck.  It also helps to inject air by way of social communication of some kind.

Should you be interested in dialoguing with your soul in this way, I do offer one-on-one sessions and classes. You are the expert on you and your inner world. My role is simply to guide, empower, intuit, illuminate, question and mirror what you discover yourself, through verbal and creative dialogu,e so you can see yourself in a clearer way.

We will be exploring the ELEMENTS  in my Wednesday classes over the next couple of months. Let me know if you’d like to join us.

I’ll be running two Living in the Heart Workshops in March – see my newsletter for details.

And lastly, I’m thrilled to announce the AUTUMN ART & SOUL RETREAT in the  Natal midlands on the weekend of 13th to 15th May. Let me know as soon as possible if you’re keen to join us, as space is limited.

In Life and light