FULL MOON OCTOBER 5th is in Aries, activating the Libra / Aries axis.

With Libra ruled by Venus and Aries ruled by Mars, this puts the focus onto relationships – with our significant others and ourselves.  In addition to the full moon, we also have Mars and Venus at the same degree in Virgo, for the first time since November 2015, so this full moon could represent some kind of ending and/or new beginning, which is related to that time.

We’re being encouraged to explore the imbalances between the male and female energies within us and to actively start to bring them back into alignment. Wherever the discomfort lies is a gift , because it’s pointing to what needs to be transformed.

If you’re feeling stressed out, over-worked tired, anxious and dry, your inner male is probably running the show.  If you’re feeling hyper-emotional, heavy, lethargic, confused, stagnant or unable to move forward, your inner female is wearing the pants.  Male is not better than female and visa versa, but when we know who’s in charge, we can consciously start to bring them back into harmony.

Aries is a powerful cardinal Fire planet, which can make emotions run high,  so take a few deeeeeep breaths before reacting on the day of the full moon.

More in the video above!

This is a good time of the year to have a RELATIONSHIP Reading. This is done by comparing your chart with that of your significant others, be they your life partners, children, bosses, colleagues, siblings or friends.  Contact me for a Reading (Face to face in KZN South Africa, or on Skype if you’re anywhere else

On 21st October I will be running an Art & Soul Workshop in Durban, where we will be exploring this theme by creating a Mandorla, a sacred symbol which is used to bring balance to the opposites.

On 28/29 November I will be running a two day Art & Soul TAPESTRY OF LIFE workshop in Cape Town. On day one we will explore our lives, looking the Golden Threads that run through them. On day two we will create a Labyrinth Mandala helping us to connect with our highest potential.

Love Michelle


Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse – 28th September – This is a biggie!

blood moon trees

Well here we are, drawing closer and closer  to the Supermoon or blood moon on  27th / 28th September … “the” date that has got millions of people worldwide into a bit of a tizz. You only have to trawl around a bit on the internet, and you will find heaps of stuff  predicting all manner of things… to name a few…  he  end of the world as we know it (again); the Apocalypse; the date when Mother earth will finally let rip, after all the abuses we have hurled at her, the Polar Shift,  the World Economy crashing, the collapse of the energy grid, resulting in 3 days of darkness… and a lot more besides. Whew!  Makes you want to hide under the duvet!

On the brighter side, the news in spiritually based circles,  is that  this is the first wave of Ascension, the Second Coming, that our DNA is changing to crystalline and / or that roughly a third of the population is ascending into 5th dimension consciousness.

The truth is, nobody really knows.

What we do know though, is that this is one wing dinger of a full moon. Firstly, it’s a  supermoon, which is when the moon is so close to the earth that it appears about 14 times larger than a normal full moon. This isn’t all that rare on its own,  but  for the first time in 33 years,  this super moon it will coincide with a total lunar eclipse, which is a big deal.  A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the full moon and the sun. The Earth’s shadow covers the moon, giving it a reddish colour. We all know that Full Moons are always powerful, but obviously this one is more so. An eclipse’s effects can be felt from anywhere up to 2 years. This is a lovely short  little video showing this phenomenon.

Now, lets look at this  Full moon more closely. Being in  fiery, passionate, impulsive, impatient Aries, this is a time when we become more  “me” centred, when we want to leap in and shift the status quo, when we become impatient with the things that aren’t working and are fired up to change them. Now here’s the rub… The ruler of Aries is Mars and Mars right now is not a very happy chap. First of all, he has just moved into Virgo, which is quite cautious and pedantic, going against the very essence of Mars, who wants to get things moving… and now!  However, with this alignment, we are being cautioned  to look before we leap, wait, think, rationalise and do things properly. And then there’s Saturn the father of the zodiac, who is squaring Mars. This energy is a bit like a hand-brake. For many of us, it feels like we’re taking  one step forward and three back. Again, Mars wants to confront, sort things out for once and for all, but the older, wiser, more mature part of us is saying “Not yet!” .

Lastly, Mars is opposing Neptune, which can add a layer of lethargy, confusion, powerlessness, victim-hood to the already rather rocky landscape. Most South Africans will relate to the term NAAFI. … That’s what this energy is like. Just sitting down to write this newsletter has been like pulling teeth.

The area  you will feel that you want change to occur; where anger might be brewing, or where you sense something from your past resurfacing, will be the  house that contains 4 degrees Aries. It will be even more potent if it touches an important point in your chart, but we will all feel it.

As always though, these planetary events are not there to just give us a hard time. They are always opportunities to learn, grow, evolve, love and get even more real and authentic.

The Neptune component of this full moon can be viewed as the Spiritual Warrior. It can activate healing, help with the release of anger and elevate our spiritual connection, dream life, imagination and creativity… if we let it.  Mars in Virgo can help us to see what we need  to do to improve our health – on all levels, and where we can serve ourselves and others more effectively. Saturn can assist us in being more mature when faced with adversity and help us to avoid going off pop at the drop of a hat.

From my perspective, here are some ways to deal with this eclipse and this season  of change that we are experiencing:

  • Spend more time focussing on what’s going on inside you, than outside.
  • Connect with what’s coming up emotionally, especially anger and ask what its prompting  you to do
  • Pay careful attention to your thoughts and where you’re sending your energy
  • Ask what, in your life, really needs to change and set that as a clear intention.
  • Connect with what brings you joy and do it.
  • Ask what you really, really want for your life.
  • Find things every day that you are grateful for and focus energy there.
  • Help somebody else who is worse off than you (Mars in Virgo = service to self and others)
  • See somebody else’s point of view
  • Breathe, surrender

It is all exactly the way it’s supposed to be.




Lifelight Astrology October 2014 – by Michelle McClunan

mixedmedia heart


There’s a lot going on this month, with the Sun making his way through Libra,  Mercury turning retrograde in Scorpio   (3rd to 28th  October) and not one, but two eclipses (8th and 23rd).  The theme  for October, as I see it, is relationships peace, balance, reflection, change and transformation.

As I started typing this newsletter, the words from an old Cosby, Stills, Nash and Young song popped into my mind, which really describe the energy in October, for me.

People come and go
Living other lives
Running everywhere at such a speed
Never taking time
To open up their eyes
Never knowing where life leads

Take another breath
Take another chance
Take another look at who you are
And get ready for your life
‘Cause it’s such a crazy dance
So open up and you’ll go far

We’ve been running so far away
From where our lives belong
Will we ever get back to the rhythm of the heartbeat?
Do you ever feel sad
For those whose hearts have turned to stone?
You are not alone

It’s time to take it slow
Time to take a rest
Time to leave the fast lane far behind
Life is hard enough, I know
But you can only do your best
To get it in your hearts and minds

There in the heartland people everywhere
Try to share their hopes and dreams
In the heartland on any given day
You can find your way back home

Take a few moments to click here, close your eyes and listen  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FshJSYhHOEg

Many of you know by now, that when Mercury turns retrograde, communications, travel arrangements and electronic data can go seriously awry, so, you’ve got a couple of days – back em up!

However, it’s also an opportunity to…  “take a take another breath, take another chance, take another look at who we are”.  Mercury will be spending the first part of its retrograde cycle in Scorpio. This is  the “rota rooter” transit of the mind, designed to take us deeper than normal, and ferret out those ancient ways of thinking, communicating and reacting that no longer serve us… particularly in terms of our relationship to ourselves and others (Libran influence).

So this month, let’s get those gloves on and dig around a little,  find those smelly, musty, dank old corners in our psyches, sweep them  out and bring the debris up to the surface.

Some plumbing prompts :

Are the words you utter to yourself and others helpful or harmful; kind or unkind; loving or hateful?

Where do you find yourself trotting out the same old lines, silently or aloud over and over again? … this always happens to me …;  I’m a fool or a failure….; This is just the way I am and have always been…; I need to protect myself from getting hurt…; My relationships never work…; Communications between Humphry and I has  always been like this….; This will never change…; I’m so sick and tired of X,Y,Z,….;  I’m really trying to change this …:  Maybe I need to accept that I’ll always be, depressed, tired, unwell, poor (pick your poison)….;  I’d love to do this, but I can’t because…..:   and a common theme song for many of us… I just can’t seem to be able keep to the promises I make to myself,  get fit, give up what doesn’t serve me and do what does.

Over the next few weeks, we all have the opportunity to make honesty our mantra.  Why is it that we don’t stick to the promises we make ourselves, but do stick to those we make to others?  Why is it that we keep putting off what we know is good for us?  Why… really?

Is it perhaps because we don’t really believe we deserve to be healthy, hearty and whole?

What if… we fake it till we make it?  What if we said… Just for today, “I’m going to behave as if I really like and honour myself, as if I deserve to be happy, whole and healthy”.  How would our lives change?

Mars in Sagittarius is encouraging us to step out of the old hackneyed ways of doing things and change our paradigm completely.  I listened to something by Liz Gilbert the other day, where she  said our Fears are the most boring things about us and I think I agree. I know that I am mind-numbingly bored with mine.

She went on to say  ” We think our fears are precious and special, but they aren’t. We are precious and special, but our fears are not. Fear only ever tells you one thing: STOP. Whereas creativity, courage and inspiration only ever want you to GO.     GO = motion = change = fascination = possibility = growth = LIFE.     STOP = well, nothing.   And nothing is always more boring than something.    So…go do something.”

The Lunar eclipse on 8th October is all set to get us going, to  catapult us out of the old and into the new, if we allow it to. The Moon  in Aries (new) is  alongside Uranus (Change), both of which are fanned by the Airy Libran Sun (relationships and balance), square Pluto (change and transformation)and in a beautiful trine to Mars (action) and Jupiter (expansion) … so it’s a major opportunity for global and personal challenge, change and transformation.

Lots of people I know are experiencing this intensely, with physical, emotional and interpersonal issues literally coming to a head. All this is teaching us that there no such thing as certainty and all we can really do is be awake, aware and curious, and ready to embrace change.

As the song says “Its such a crazy dance, So open up and you’ll go far’

The way I see it, we need to keep dancing into the Heartland, even when the going gets tough… actually,  especially when the going gets tough. Whenever we are tempted to reject, repress, walk away, numb… we need to notice, open,  breathe, soften and stay with it.

Over the next few weeks, we will be balancing the polarities in our lives – the need for radical independence, personal freedom, the expression of our own unique identity (Aries) and the need to co-operate with the significant people in our lives in a balanced way (Libra)  The polarity is independence vs interdependence, self involvement vs compromise, my needs vs your needs, my perceptions vs your perceptions.

If tensions run high, which is a possibility this month, we’re being asked to step back and take a few breaths before launching into defence or attack, so we can see both sides of the story more clearly. If we do this before reacting, we can often see the truth about what’s really going on, speak our truth and look after our own needs, whilst simultaneously considering the other person. With Libra being the sign of the scales, the idea is to (constantly) be aware of and adjust the weight we give either side of the polarity, so as to get it into and maintain balance.

This is the THE time to transform patterns of viewing and relating to ourselves and others, which may have been around for most of our lives. Although we’re often really invested in changing how others should behave, it really is usually about us and not them… because as we know, the only person we can change is ourselves.

We really can, in the next few months, discover the kinds of songs we sing, dances we dance, what our movements are like and whether it would serve us to perhaps change the music, update the choreography, re-write the lyrics and find our way back home.

Please see my blog for details about my October workshops https://michellemcclunan.com/art-workshops/


In Life and light