lightning moon

We are now fully entering eclipse season, with a lunar eclipse or FULL moon on  7th August in Aquarius. This will be followed by a solar eclipse on the 21st August, which I’ll write more about next time.

Let’s look at this one first. As we all know, full moon energy is always powerful, but eclipses are  even more so, as they happen in sets and have longer lasting effects.

This eclipse season relates back to August 1998, so reflect back on what was happening for you then. Chances are, there will be common themes at play!.

The ruler of this eclipse is Uranus, bringer of thunderbolts and lightening,  designed to get us to remove our heads from our  butts… stop… look around and see the bigger picture.


With Mars right next to the sun, we are provided with some extra vooma, to clean out any cobwebs and boot us out of any comfort zones we may have become ensconced in. The thing about comfort zones, is that they usually aren’t all that comfortable!! They’re just familiar and tend to keep us exactly where we are, doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results – the definition of insanity, according to Mr Einstein.

SO, If you want something different in your life, what are you prepared to change?

This moon full moon will shine her light on anything in our lives which makes us feel small,  constricted or boxed in, bringing the rebel, the revolutionary, the quirky one out of the closet. She will also bring with her, brilliant out-the-box, intuitive ideas, for those of us who take some time to listen.  It’s a stimulating moon, encouraging us to look deeper, shining a bright blue laser truth serum into those dark rutty corners and ferreting out all the lies we’ve been telling ourselves, for… oh… so long. Also paraded in the line-up will be the parts of ourselves and areas of our lives where we keep breaking promises to ourselves.

You know… those things that we consistently moan about, tell ourselves we’re going to change…. And then do absolutely nothing about?  Well, they are being ousted – exposed in the bare light of this full moon, with nowhere to hide.

And there – right there, just as soon as they are exposed, we need to take ourselves gently by the hand and ask why – why when we know something isn’t good for us, do we do it?  Or, when we know something is good for us, why don’t we do it?

Saturn is forming positive flowing aspects to this full moon, helping us to see exactly how we sabotage ourselves and how often we are our own worst enemies.

The truth is, if we really, truly believed we were valuable, wouldn’t we treat ourselves as such?

It all starts there really!

This full moon, ask yourself what ONE THING you can do to bring about change in your life.

On the day of the eclipse, sit quietly and write a list of whatever  you really, really, really want to let of for once and for all, the sabotaging patterns you want to send hurtling into the ethers, the habits that no longer serve you.  And then put the date on the page and sign it.

Go outside if you can and start to burn the paper. As you do so, make a statement something like this  “I release this……. Now”.  Once it has turned to ash, blow the ashes away into the light of the moon.

Mercury will be turning retrograde on 13th August, so back all your data, check travel arrangements and contracts before you sign them.

See you in  a few weeks for the great big SOLAR ECLIPSE


In life and light





Lifelight Astrology update – Full moon 10th August


This Sunday 10th August, we have an extra big Supermoon, due to her travelling very close to the earth – apparently the closest this year. She is in Aquarius, sign of the visionary, inventor , individualist and highlights the level of commitment we have to our dreams and to standing in our truth .

This is a continuation of the theme that began two weeks ago, when some of us stayed awake until midnight sending out our brave intentions for new projects, more love, joy, peace, abundance, meaning and passion.

Despite her largess, Madame Luna finds herself in a rather tricky alignment with   responsibility-ridden, dutiful, fearful Saturn and so a hefty dose of sobriety is added to the mix this weekend. This is the point where our lofty visions may be tested by niggly seeds of doubt and fear…those voices I wrote about last week that tell us we we’re not good enough, not loveable, can’t do it or  don’t have enough money, talent, time….fill in the blank… might be broadcasting louder and clearer than normal in the next few days.

Full moons always make things bigger and this one could very well  put a a laser focus onto where we feel like we don’t belong, where we’re afraid to stand in our own truth in case we’re not accepted.  The good news is that if we apply some of the principles I wrote about in my last blog (see below), we have a really powerful opportunity to clear our energy and  bring about yet another level of healing.  This stuff is just waiting to be excavated, revealed and released and Saturn in Scorpio, is perfectly aligned with Chiron the wounded healer, to help us do just that.

Read about the exciting healing workshops I have lined up for September in my newsletter.

On the upside, discomfort always paves the way to growth and Saturn can also offer a healthy dose of pragmatism and goal orientated practicality, challenging us to put structures in place to support our intentions and to keep climbing the mountain. We can plant all the seeds we like, but unless they have healthy soil and receive regular watering, they aren’t going to grow into anything.

What, in your life, are you  finally prepared to commit to 100%, even if the going gets tough?  Is it work, your relationship, your health, your spiritual growth? This is the time.

If you have a copy of your chart and have a little bit of astrological knowledge, the house in which 18 degrees Aquarius resides is the area where you’re being encouraged to commit through practical action and dedication, in order to walk into the blinding light of your own uniqueness.

“Let today be the day you stop having conflict between your actions and your goals and finally align your greatest intent with your purposeful actions, creating a universal symphony serenading your success!” ~steve maraboli

Have a great weekend