New Moon November

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 NEW MOON 23/24 NOVEMBER 2022 – Possibilities

We’re approaching another beautiful New Moon on 23/24 November, which is filled to the brim with potential and possibility.

There is a huge amount of mutable (changeable / restless) energy this New Moon, with 7 planets in mutable signs, so its important to find moments of stillness in all the busyness.

The 4 planets in Sagittarius set the scene for a lunar month where we are guided to see the bigger picture, integrate the learnings we’ve received over the last few months and open to bigger, braver new possibilities. Remember to set your intentions on 24th November, just after the New Moon.

In my video above, I explain the energies in more detail and provide some suggestions on how best to navigate the current alignments.


Below is a recording of our last Facebook live, where our theme was Embracing the Unknown – which is very aligned with this New Moon     


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