Hello fellow Soul Traveller

I hope 2023 has got off to positive start for you! Cosmically and personally, it looks like its going to be an interesting year, full of challenge, change and growth. New Moon January 2023 Pluto in Aquarius

In my video above, I explain the energies in more detail, provide some navigational suggestions of how best to align with the current alignments.

The New Moon on 21st January is the true start of, and gives us a taste of, the year to come. Being in the sign of Aquarius and closely aligned with Pluto, it precedes Pluto’s move into Aquarius in March, which is undoubtedly the major transit of the year.

Due to Pluto only visiting a sign once every 248 years, this signifies a major shift and is a powerful indicator of change for society as a whole. The planet of transformation last travelled through Aquarius between 1778 and 1798, which saw the American and the French Revolutions, as well as many other historical happenings.

At this Moon we get to investigate where we are focusing our energy, how we can access our true power and create our vision for the year ahead.  You might find our video useful, where we explored WHERE IS OUR POWER?

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