Reach for the stars

Image – The Irreverent and funny street Art by Mr X 

Friday’s New Moon in Sagittarius is the perfect opportunity to step back, take some quiet time and reflect on 2015.  This really is the one day of this year where, if we slow down and tune in, we will be able to see things in a different light – and very likely, connect with some wonderful new insights and ideas, compliments of favourable aspects from the Sun/moon to Mars and Uranus.  There are also a couple of sticky aspects to contend with, which might threaten to pull us down into the trenches a bit and tell us all sorts of lies… but never fear when the all-seeing Archer is near – lets shoot those  those arrows at the stars!

This new moon is a great time to get perspective on the past year. So before the Silly Season kicks in good and proper,  find a bit of time on Friday or Saturday and  run through your year month by month… or, if you can’t remember what you were doing in January, or February…or any other month… (like me), try reflecting on the different aspects of your life and  what you’ve learnt about yourself, your significant others,  your world and your Universe.

First focus on your relationships (all of them)  – friends, partners, colleagues, children, parents. Think of the good times and the challenging ones. What have they taught you about you? Have you learnt any new ways of relating to yourself and others?

And then do the same with your work, your home, your pets, your health and well-being, your creativity and your fun quota.

  • What worked this year, what didn’t and what would you like to do differently next year?
  • What challenges have you faced and how did you handle them?
  • What people came or went or stayed in your life?
  • What books, workshops, videos or experiences expanded your awareness?
  • What wonderful memories did you gather – from trips, holidays, time out with friends, time on your own?
  • What “aha” moments have you had?

One thing to be aware while you do this run-through, is the tendency for our strange species to focus intently on the things we’ve “apparently” messed up, not done enough of, or not done well enough. They tend to stand out like flashing neon lights, whereas the things  that we get right are often ignored or dismissed.

Have you ever noticed how you, or people you may know, when given a compliment, immediately shrug it off and respond with something to counter or nullify it.

“You look lovely today” … is often met with … “But look at my hair… and the rings around my eyes”  or  “You’re amazing, thank you for helping me and being there for me”, is often met with “Ag… its nothing”.  “That dress looks beautiful on you” is answered with “What…this old thing?”  When we do that, and almost all of us do it, we’re not only dissing ourselves but we’re also dismissing the person who has celebrated us. I’ve realised that I do this a lot, when it was  pointed out very clearly earlier on in the year by a  close friend of mine!  That was one of my big learnings for the year! The other learning has been that in every single moment, I have the power to choose whether to value myself or not… and that every time I do, everything shifts – for me and those around me.

So,  this year,  when we do our reviews, how about treating ourselves and others will radical kindness. How about looking for the stars, rather than the darkness,  focussing on when we (and others) have shone, as opposed to when we haven’t? Before you roll your eyes and say…”Oh no… not another ‘Think on the bright side speech’!”  Well yeah! Why not?  That’s what our fiery friend the Sagittarian archer does. He is the motivational speaker of the zodiac after all. There’s enough bad news out there to send us all into a panic stricken dither, so we can all do with a big fat dose of positivity and optimism.

SO, instead of thinking about all the stuff that’s gone wrong, why not reflect on the seemingly small things that have gone right, or when you’ve done good! … the times  when you reached out to someone in need; checked in with a friend who was battling; listened to somebody who needed to be heard; smiled at a stranger; let someone go before you in the traffic; gave somebody a compliment,  made somebody’s day lighter; helped to make someone’s face light up; got out of bed and got going, when you felt like just staying under the duvet; the times when you showed up for yourself or others in any way whatsoever!

We will never know just how important and potentially life changing random acts of kindness are and how far their effects spread!

And how about those moments when you felt glimpses of Grace or Joy! Sitting quietly in nature, or stroking a cat, or just waking up to a beautiful day. Or those occasions when the light sneaked in through the cracks and things seemed to come into focus for a while. The little things are every bit as (if not more) important than the great big achievements.

So I’m starting this process by thanking every single one of you who have read my ramblings this year…to every one of you who have supported, helped and loved me. To every one of you who have had readings with me or joined me on my workshops and retreats. Without you, I’m not sure where I would be and I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.

You shine and I celebrate all of you…. Please celebrate yourselves too.

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In life and light