Full Moon February 2024

You might be feeling some heightened emotions or experiencing water or fluid related symptoms and situations, as we move  towards our last New Moon of the Astrological year. This is a Super Moon and therefore her effects are felt more strongly than normal. Just because we can’t see the new moon, doesn’t mean her energy isn’t really powerful.

The Sun and Moon come together in the oceanic sign of Pisces on 10th March. On  one side of the New Moon we have Neptune, the King of the ocean and the ruler of Pisces, which intensifies the Pisces energy.

On the other side, we have the teacher planet Saturn, who is helping us to see through the illusions of our minds and to connect with and trust in the unfolding process of the Universe. We are being encouraged to surrender more to the unknown, than trying to figure it all out in our heads.

Amidst potentially high sensitivity and big feelings, the higher octave of Neptune assists us in healing, by becoming more compassionate with ourselves and others.

This is a time where we can open ourselves to multidimensional guidance, practice deep forgiveness and and strengthen our relationship with the divine.

This weekend, take some time to BE, rather than to DO! and to plant new seeds of intention from the deeper part of your being.

I explore more in my video above.

If you’d like to to explore where these powerful alignments are playing out in your personal chart or if you need some help navigating them, you’re welcome to contact me and we can set up a session. 

I am an Astrologer/ Life Navigator/ Coach, Process Art Facilitator and I use a  multi-faceted approach to help people understand and accept themselves, navigate their lives and rediscover their true purpose and potential.

I consult one-on-one as an Astrologer/ Life Navigator, mainly on Zoom.  I also teach online and facilitate live workshops and retreats with my partner John Homewood. www.journeysofawakening.com



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