New Moon August 27th is in Virgo,  which brings potential for breakdowns, breakthroughs and rebirths!

The hustle and bustle in the skies isn’t slowing down any time soon. There are are big energies now and for the next few weeks, not all of which are easy to navigate.

Mars is in a tricky alignment with the New Moon, Venus is opposite Saturn and Uranus is retrograde.

The emphasis is on mastering our thoughts, breaking down in order to break through and healing (becoming whole) – continuing the them of the Full Moon 2 weeks ago.

We certainly are continuing to be shaken out of our comfort zones and are being provided with even more opportunities to see and clear old conditioning – Shaking us up to Wake us up and step into our true power!

In this video, I explain it all in more detail, along with suggestions on how to navigate the alignments.

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