Finding the Balance

The Full moon in Aries (opposite the sun in Libra) in the early hours of Friday morning is a very potent Lunar eclipse, the effects of which will last 6 months or more. Over the next few days, we’re likely to feel an intense pull in opposite directions – give or receive; me or you; work or play; strive or rest; focus or escape.

Efforts to control our lives by organising everything into neatly ordered little boxes are highly likely to get turned on their heads, as unexpected surprises disrupt our plans. This is all encouraging us to go within for answers and assistance. Other people will teach us a lot, by triggering unresolved issues and emotions and bringing them out into the light.

We’re being asked to bring to light the imbalances between the male and female energies within us and to actively start to bring them back into balance by finding middle ground. Wherever the discomfort lies is a gift , because it’s pointing to what needs to be transformed.

If you’re feeling stressed out, over-worked tired, anxious and dry, your inner male is probably running the show.  If you’re feeling hyper-emotional, heavy, lethargic, confused, stagnant or unable to move forward, your inner female is wearing the pants.  Male is not better than female and visa versa, but when we know who’s in charge, we can consciously start to bring them back into harmony.

Lunar eclipses clearly indicate where transformation is happening and encourage us to take stock of the relevant areas in our lives.  As an astrologer this is one of the first places I check for imbalances or much needed changes. For example a friend of mine has this lunar eclipse falling across the houses that represent work and home. She is in the midst of moving back to her home town and starting a new job.

This is an excellent time to have an updated chart reading, as this eclipse ushers in a period of great transformation and its going to really help to know where we’re meant to focus.  To cope with the challenging planetary energies of the next few months, we  are going to need to be  the change we want to see in the world by finding balance within ourselves.

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