The upcoming Full Moon happens on 23rd May at 3 degrees of Sagittarius, opposite the Sun, which has just entered Gemini. (Click the link in my Bio for the Video)

This is possibly the most positively aligned full moon of 2024, which is helping us change our perspectives and unlock abundance.

Open to the bounty of blessings the Universe has to offer this Full Moon!

The Moon is also in a favourable sextile to Pluto and a beautiful trine to Neptune.
Jupiter, the ruler of the Full Moon is closely aligned with Venus, in the final degree of Taurus. This, on its own is a highly beneficial alignment and marks the end of Jupiter’s year-long journey through Taurus.

I explore more in my video above.

If you’d like to to explore where these powerful alignments are playing out in your personal chart or if you need some help navigating them, you’re welcome to contact me and we can set up a session. 

I am an Astrologer/ Life Navigator/ Coach, Process Art Facilitator and I use a  multi-faceted approach to help people understand and accept themselves, navigate their lives and rediscover their true purpose and potential.

I consult one-on-one as an Astrologer/ Life Navigator, mainly on Zoom.  I also teach online and facilitate live workshops and retreats with my partner John Homewood.

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