by Michelle McClunan


Full Moon March 9th (a Supermoon) is at 19 degrees of Virgo, closely opposed by the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. With the Sun and the Moon forming favourable aspects to Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, this could represent a profound paradigm shift, resulting in positive transformation and even a turning of the tide, for some.

The Full Moon is ruled by Mercury, the planet associated with communication and the mind. On the day of the full moon, he completes his retrograde period by stationing (standing still) before  resuming his onward journey.  When any planet stations it has a stronger effect energetically and always marks a turning point of some kind. Being Mercury, the turning point is related to the mind, our thoughts and the way we communicate.   


We have eight points in earth signs this full moon – the moon in Virgo, as well as the four planets and node in Capricorn and Venus and Uranus in Taurus. All this seems to be telling us to get our ducks into  nice neat little rows.

“Do this, followed by that and you will receive what you want and then you will be happy,” they say.

However, with the watery Piscean energy, those little ducks  seem to be running amok!

 What neciWATER  SUN

The Sun and Neptune together in Pisces bring a very different energy, one that has very little to do with structure, substance or order. Pisces is the King of the Ocean and is all about Unity, being One and flowing with, rather than controlling anything. Much like when we look at the sun through water –  its light is diffused, softer, not as strong or clear, more mysterious.


The Virgo/ Pisces axis specifically, always brings up themes like order versus chaos; discernment versus unity; rigid planning versus going with the flow;  mind versus spirit.

For those of us who spend a lot of time in our heads and generally seek to be in control of every aspect of our lives, the Pisces season can be a little challenging, especially with Mercury in the mix. This can bring confusion and misunderstandings in communication with others and can also highlight feelings of being victims of circumstance. Why is this happening to Me?, is a common lament which often surfaces.


The function of the mind is to judge, a task which it excels at and which is a crucial component when planning something specific, sorting out information and discerning what logically/ practically needs to be done. It tells us to question everything and to find the answers.

As useful and essential as it is however, for many of us, the mind has become a tyrannical master – much like a troublesome room-mate who has taken up residence in our head. He/she’s the one who will constantly tell us that things should be better, we should be wealthier, healthier, look younger, be thinner, more organized, live in a picture perfect home,  eat only (ever) foods that are healthy for us, exercise  regularly and generally be fully paid up, picture perfect members of the human race.

This  rather troublesome roommate is the one who tends to wake us up at 2am with a whole lot of horror stories about the future or regrets about the past. I mean really…  if you had a real-life person like that living with you, would you not unceremoniously chuck him/her out?


On the other side of this, there is Unity. The truly connected, unified part of us tells us that there is nothing to be concerned about. All our needs are always met (in Universal time, not necessarily in ours).  We can rely on the flow of the Universe. There is perfect order, even in the chaos.

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order” C.G. Jung

This seems rather hard to believe, when life really does feel out of control or even chaotic, when nothing we plan in our heads seems to be working.


But what if – even if this is the case, life is presenting us with exactly what we need for our soul’s evolution as opposed to our human wants and desires?  What if the very fear that is arising in this moment is exactly what needs to be felt and cleared.  What if that fear is your path to wholeness? What if the challenge you might be experiencing right now was selected by your soul before you even incarnated?. What if we are alone or unwell or things in our business are quiet because we need to listen to our inner voice and not the roommate in our head? What if, when things aren’t moving the way we want them to, we are learning patience and endurance?

What if….even this…. even the Corona Virus or the economic crisis or the illness or the relationship challenge, is precisely what is meant to be happening… on the level of the Soul – not the ego?

What if, with that knowledge, we were able to accept and surrender to it and then do what needs to be done, one step at a time, until the tide turns, which it will –  It has to.

This, right now, will pass – it’s the law of the Universe.

What if, we stopped asking why whatever is happening to us is happening to US and instead, ask what we can do with it, what we’re learning from it?

And… if nothing particularly challenging happening to us specifically, what if we asked how we can be of service to others (which is also a Virgo theme).  Just having a cup of tea or a chat with someone who is struggling can help them out of a hole. What if that is our purpose in that moment?

What if we were able to be present for whatever is arising, feel the feelings that arise and let them flow through us?  Feeling uncomfortable feelings is generally not easy, but it IS necessary to be present for them, if we want to transmute them.


As I have been saying for months now, the energy of this year is deeply transformational, transitional and challenging. The current planetary energy is fully supporting us to shift our awareness. As John always says, “What you go through is not as important as how you go through it”.  We always have a choice, as to how we are going to respond to our current circumstances.  We either see this as a random universe or as a divinely and perfectly orchestrated symphony – whatever our view point, that will be the way we respond to what happens in each moment.

To investigate where and how these changes are playing out for you personally, it might be helpful to have an update consult with me. This is a follow-on to a birth chart reading and is much like a weather report for whats happening now and for the year ahead. We look at transits and progressions to your natal chart, as well as your solar return for the year. Email me if you’d like to set it up 

 I don’t believe that anything will be the same by the end of this year. What we are experiencing individually and collectively is calling upon us to increase our awareness,  release the reins of control a little,  accept, surrender and trust  more … and do what we need to do, in this moment….  breath by breath.


As I started writing this, this old Zen phrase kept on drifting into my  awareness and it certainly does seem to describe the energy of this Full moon

Before Enlightenment, Chop wood, Carry water, After Enlightenment, Chop wood, Carry water

What it means to me is that when we chop wood or carry water, we aren’t trying to fulfil any grand purpose. We are simply doing what needs to be done in this moment, with as much presence and acceptance as we can muster. Even though it might feel pointless or mundane on the outside, when we show up in this way without resistance, our presence, perceptions and mindset starts to shift and we begin to change on the inside, becoming more and more  aligned with the truth of who we really are. 

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