by Michelle McClunan

Welcome to the 20’s! This week in astrology sets the scene for the year and promises to be one for the history books, as we kick off with a very potent Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) on the 10th January. This ushers in the Pluto Saturn conjunction that I’ve been writing about for a while and activates a huge group of planets in Capricorn, something we haven’t witnessed for a very long time.


Eclipses happen in sets and have much longer lasting effects than normal new and full moons. The last time we had one eclipse at this degree was 13 July 2018, so you might find that whatever is arising now, is related in some way, to that time.

It also connects back to and is a culmination of what was happening on the Solar Eclipse two weeks ago. Some of us might experience it as a release of sorts, as if we’ve broken through the darkness in some way or gone to a deeper level of our evolutionary journey. Other might experience it as a hugely intense and challenging time, with all sorts of things that we thought we had sorted into neat little boxes, rearing their heads… again. Its all ok!

Either way, this eclipse and this year is a biggie, personally and globally.


The Full Moon sits alone, with only the North node for company, in the Cardinal water sign of Cancer, shining her silvery light on emotions and amplifying themes concerning nurturing, mothering, home, security, safety and self-care.

Opposing her we have a giant stellium (group) of planets in the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn! Pluto, Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and the South Node are all in the sign of the trusty mountain goat.

Capricorn is all about practical commitments, money, common sense, endurance, sustainability, responsibilities, ambition… climbing the mountain as it were.

See if you can tune into the energy of the chart alongside – you might feel the pull of the strong Capricorn weighting on the right. There is a huge emphasis on what needs to be done, fixed and attended to, pulling the attention away from the Cancer Moon. However, she is at her strongest in the sign of the crab, so she will undoubtedly command attention.

Remember, although Cancer is sensitive, she is a cardinal sign, which makes her strong. She shows us that there is strength in softness, and vulnerability. She also reminds us to connect with the feminine energy of “being”.

Whilst DOING is fine, it has to be balanced with BEING or the wheel spins out of kilter. We are human beings after all, not human doings.


The moon is in a beautiful flowing aspect to Neptune, King of the Ocean, encouraging us (once more) to be accepting of, surrender to and flow with the feelings (Cancer) that might arise. By doing so, we re-parent ourselves, raise our level of maturity (Saturn), potentially transform the old (Pluto) and evolve to a higher level of consciousness. Neptune also connects us with the Divine (or whatever you choose to call the sacred essence) and is the anchoring saving Grace of this Full Moon


On the same day as the Lunar Eclipse, Uranus stations direct (which strengthens its effect) as a revolutionary planet often accompanied by unrest, protests and uprising. This can be seen all across the world, as people protest against systems that simply don’t work and against power being meted out by those in positions of authority, with no seeming regard to the people or the planet. There’s likely to be a lot more of that this whole year, as Pluto and Saturn partner each other closely, bringing the same themes and power imbalances to the surface again and again.

The alignment between Saturn and Pluto represents a giant shift for each of us and for the planet as a whole. Old security systems, structures and ways of being are in the process of being completely transformed. That which we have always depended on to provide us with a sense of security is changing, whether we like it or not. You can read more here if you’ve missed my writings over the past months.

The areas that this will be most true for you personally will be the house in your chart where 20 to 23 degrees of Capricorn is situated and where Pluto and Saturn reside. You’re welcome to contact me to schedule and appointment to see how it’s playing out for you.

While it’s not always possible to control what happens “out there” we can most certainly change the way we deal with it.


Many of us are asking…What will become of us? What if we can’t earn the money we need to earn to support ourselves and our families? What if we can’t keep ourselves safe? Or, for the very rich – what if we lose the wealth we’ve built? I don’t think there’s anyone who isn’t feeling this on some level, as the world around us seems to be spiralling more and more into chaos.

This eclipse asks us to really look at where we find our sense of security and stability in this constantly changing world.

WHAT IF. . .

Consider this for a few moments – What if … every single thing that you’ve always thought has provided you with security and stability were to leave your life or change completely… what then?

Who would you be, without the things that you own, the people who love you, your job, your roles, your home? Difficult questions, I know, but each of us needs to find these answers for ourselves.

It’s time to dig a bit deeper to find them.


In nature, a Tap Root penetrates deep into the earth, gathering nutrients, which it stores to support the whole root system.

Over this full moon and for the next 6 months – keep asking:

Where is my tap root right now, in this moment?
Is it in the physical world around me or can I reach deeper – to a place that is unchanging and eternal?

Its up to each of us to find ways of nourishing and strengthening our tap roots, so that we can  remain steady, irrespective of what’s happening on the outside. When we have a strong tap root, we’re able to bring healing not only to ourselves, but to our communities and planet as a whole.

If you are reading this, you’re probably one of the relatively few who are on a Journey of Awakening. Things are going to be very different this time next year and those of us on this path have an important role to play in the changes.
By nourishing and stabilising our own taproots, we are able to provide safety and steadiness in a world gone crazy, but it has to start with us. By committing (Capricorn) to doing our inner work, focusing on our hearts, rather than our heads, moving into the place of the witness again and again, we raise our vibration, rewire our brains and expand our consciousness so that we can beam it out into the collective.

Our individual state of grace enables healing, simple as that.


I recently came across this useful acronym to help us through these times
Whenever you feel yourself charged up, emotionally triggered or just out of alignment

STOP what you are doing… Right now! Press the pause button on your thoughts and actions, in order to create some space between you and whatever is happening.

TAKE a few intentionally deep breaths to centre yourself and bring yourself fully into the present moment. Notice the breath as it enters your nostrils and exits your nostrils or your mouth. Just that. This really is one of the simplest, most effective things we can do, in any situation.

OBSERVE – step into the position of the observer. Without going into the story, gently become aware of how you are feeling in this moment

Physically – what can you see, hear, taste, smell or feel right now. You might notice a tightening in your stomach or a shallowness in your breath, or an accelerated heartbeat, or a change in body temperature.
Emotionally – what are you feeling right now. Perhaps you feel excited, or sad, or anxious. Just notice whatever comes up for you. No judgement
Mentally – What stories are you telling yourself about the situation – notice them with humorous awareness

You can add an EFT (tapping) technique here if you like – or just say the words “ Even though I feel …………….. I deeply love and approve of myself right now”. Repeat a few times, until you feel the wave passing.

Through observing, you have successfully created a space between you and what’s happening and brought yourself into the present. Here’s a thought. If you are able to observe your thoughts and feelings, that means you are the witness and your thoughts and feelings are not who you are!. They are in constant change and they do not define you.

PROCEED with whatever you were doing, but with a higher level of consciousness.
If you’re not ready to Proceed, rinse and repeat the process


Capricorn is the sign of commitment and with the strong Capricorn theme this year, we are being asked to commit to become more conscious, awaken and create a more sustainable earth going forward.
This happens by committing to your journey and making it a part of your daily life. Just like plants need water, we need ongoing nourishment in order to grow and strengthen our tap roots.


Within the next couple of months, John Homewood and I will be launching a brand new Journeys of Awakening Online programme, an ongoing inspirational Guidance Programme to give you the continuity you might need to SHIFT YOUR LIFE to another level. Email us for details or watch this space.


Awakening to your True Nature – Turning Point 2020

I’m really excited to be co-facilitating another retreat with John Homewood in Hogsback. It’s going to be a goodie! More details in my next newsletter


Here’s to an awesome year !



In Light, Life and Love

Michelle McClunan

r 21st