Be Still

Would you like to CONNECT more deeply with Life?

Reunite with the simple JOY OF BEING?

Open to the FLOW of creative abundance?

SHIFT your life to a new level?

JOIN US FOR a powerful & transformational experience that will AWAKEN & NOURISH your soul.


The Edge Mountain retreat, Hogsback, Eastern Cape

 Friday 1st Nov  3:30pm – Tuesday 5th Nov 1pm 2019 *

with & John Homewood & Michelle McClunan 

* Optional weekend only: Fri – Sun afternoon available for those who can’t make the full 5 day Retreat 

This retreat will integrate powerful spiritual teachings of Presence, Awakening and Flow, with different creative art processes, to help you to clear blockages that may have prevented you from living a healthy, joy- filled, peaceful and abundant life.

The creative experiences are process driven, as opposed to be outcome based, so no artistic experience or skill is required. 


John is an Inspirational Speaker, Teacher and Life Coach, with a passion for sharing the wisdom he has learnt through years of self-reflection, study and life-lessons. His greatest joy is to help others see their own lives from a higher and broader perspective, and feel the joy contained within the present moment. His insightful wisdom teaching will help to clear your mind & soul of its emotional & mental ‘stuckness’ and move into FLOW.  John has a real gift in conveying large, sometimes difficult subjects in a way that is easily understood and integrated. 

For more than 20 years, John has inspired many with his radio and TV talks, as well as interactive seminars, workshops and retreats in the private and corporate sector.                READ MORE ABOUT JOHN



Michelle McClunan  is an Astrologer, Life Coach and Process Art Facilitator and uses a  multi-faceted approach to help people understand themselves, navigate their lives and rediscover their true purpose and potential.  Using her own non-outcome based creatively experiential methods, Michelle will guide you into a receptive state, where you are able to receive signals and messages from the intuitive intelligence that resides within you.

As you  engage in this work, you start to shift old patterns of thought or behaviour that may be blocking you from living the rich and fulfilling life you deserve.  Michelle counsels and coaches one-on-one and has facilitated workshops and retreats for 17 years.                                                                      READ MORE ABOUT MICHELLE



Treat yourself to a Life-changing Retreat this November

Through the mediums of 


Answer the  BIG questions:

Who are you?

What do you really want?

What is your life’s purpose?

Take time out from your busy life, away from cell phones, traffic and drama, slow down 


Becoming more present, we  re-member the disconnected parts of ourselves, reconnecting with the Spark of Life within us. 

Through wisdom teachings,  guided visualisations, meditations,  time spent in nature, heart opening music and a variety of experientially creative  processes,   you will  be lead gently into your inner landscape, where  you will  rediscover your own deep wisdom  and reason for being here,   on this planet, right now.  You will also be provided with valuable tools to help you navigate our quickly changing world. 



Hogsback, Eastern Cape 

 Residential Retreat 

The Edge Mountain Retreat is a magical place, surrounded by cliffs, dramatic views and un-spoilt indigenous forests. Fascinating, swirling mists and cloud formations complement the pristine, natural environment which Hogsback offers.

From the edge of the cliff, which runs along the side of the property, there are spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and deep, mysterious gorge, yearning to be explored.

The Edge has arguably one of the most beautiful labyrinths in the country, surrounded by gardens and with spectacular views across the valley .

There are a wide range of accommodation options,  including self-catering cottages (some perched on the edge of the cliff) and bed-and-breakfast rooms, all set in 15 acres of beautiful gardens. This exquisite venue offers space, quiet and restfulness at affordable prices.

A short distance away is the famous Eco shrine and spectacular walks and hikes through the forests to countless waterfalls.


Hogsback is situated in the Amathola mountains, a short 2 hour drive from East London. 

Flights to East London from most parts of the country are now accessible and affordable. 



Friday 1st Nov  3:30 for 4pm – Tuesday 5th Nov 1pm Nov 2019  or Friday 1st Nov 3:30 to Sunday 3rd Nov 1pm 

COST (Excl. Accommodation)*

R8500 PER PERSON For the FULL retreat  

R6500 PER PERSON for the weekend only

INCLUDES: Full Catering & all retreat materials


The Edge have offered us a wonderful special, where you pay for 3 nights and get your 4th night FREE!

The lovely,  peaceful Garden Rooms are R450 per person per night (single)

There are many other exquisite accommodation options available, so please check the website to decide which you would prefer.

Please contact The Edge to make your accommodation reservations and check for prices & availability and mention that you are booking for the workshop, so you can get a special rate.