New Moon Leo

I’ve decided to dedicate this newsletter to Mars, who is busy turning  retrograde and will stay that way until 14th November.  Mars entered  fiery Aries, the sign that he rules at the end of June and will spend 6 MONTHS in Aries,  as opposed to his normal 6 WEEK stay in a sign … but then, what’s normal these days, aye?

The energy of Mars is strongest when he’s in his own sign and whilst retrograde, he is closer to the earth than normal, which turns up the heat on every level.

And that’s not all! During his retrograde period, he will be interacting with (squaring) the stellium (group) of planets in Capricorn (Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter), which I’ve been writing about all year, further intensifying the energy. Those of us with personal planets in cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are likely to feel this more intensely.

Whilst most of us are familiar with Mercury going retrograde three times a year, which is often associated with communications going belly up, Mars only goes retrograde every two years, which is often not regarded as important… but it is, especially this year!


Mars is the planet that rules individual power, action, freedom, sovereignty, forward motion, moving towards our goals, as well as passion and sexual drive.

The planet of action really doesn’t enjoy being held back by anything or anybody. He never likes to be told what to do or when to do it. When in Aries, there’s an intense desire to move ON, as directly and quickly as possible.

The fiery one wants to shoot his arrows towards his goals, dammit!  Move FORWARD… not backwards!  He’s impulsive, impatient and wants to move everything holding him back out of the way so as to get on with Life!

Now the thing is, when he’s retrograde, things don’t really work that way. And this year he’s up against Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter moving together (also retrograde) through the sign of Capricorn. This bunch represent governments, institutions, legal systems, corporations, law and order, rules and regulations.  The individual against/ fighting the system!

This heated energy can contribute to irritation, nervous anxiety, inflammation and anger. It can be hot, uncomfortable, loud and often leads to over-reactions, volatility, conflict and angry backlashes.

If you’re feeling the heat of the collective or if it’s arising within you, it’s a good idea to use the tools you’ve gathered, to   work through it – feel it, release it, but don’t project. It’s also not necessary to keep jumping into the fire with everyone else.


As I was about to publish this, I received a very strong image of a controlled back-burn. In nature, controlled burning is conducted to reduce fuel build-up and decrease the likelihood of serious destructive fires. When burning is controlled, it stimulates the germination of desirable plants and trees, revealing soil mineral layers which increase seedling vitality, thus renewing the forest / field.

This is what this particular Mars retrograde feels like to me. This year has (and still is), bringing long buried stuff up to the surface for just about everybody. This fiery, hot Mars retrograde feels like a back burn, clearing away that which is no longer needed, to make way for a beautiful new abundant crop.

It can feels destructive and scary while it’s happening and the beauty that once was, seems to disappear, but it hasn’t ….  Just wait – its there, ready to emerge when the time is right.


The little arrow on the mars symbol is itching to be set free, but as any good archer would tell you, before he releases the arrow, he has to PULL THE BOW BACK, reassess the target, make sure his feet are planted firmly on solid ground and that he’s aiming in the right direction. And then, when the time is right, take aim and fire!

Lets use this time to pull back and to burn away that which doesn’t serve us individually and collectively.

Over the next two months, we might ask:

  • Where is the world around us mirroring the angst and anger that lies within us and can we burn some of that off?
  • How have we been directing our fire, our passion, our energy into the world?
  • Have we been sending it on missions that are helping or hindering ourselves and others?
  • Are we using or abusing our power?
  • Are we reacting or responding?
  • Are we resisting what “is” and if so, is that helping anyone?
  • Are we adding to the rage, the anger and the darkness or are we being part of the solution of kindness, presence, peace and light?

This whole year is about embracing a new way of thinking, a new way of being, a new way of working with power.

Let’s choose unity, not division.  Let’s choose peace, not war. Let’s choose love, not hate.

Let’s be part of the solution and part of the positive change that awaits us.


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In life and Light