This week Venus, the planet of love and relationships joins with Saturn the stern task- master, in passionate Scorpio, building up to the full moon on the 19th. We all might experience a whole lot of intensity, if not irritation or impatience in our interactions with others, be they romantic partners, close friends or colleagues. The energy reminds me of a tango, with two dancers moving in an intimate, exquisite tension. Push… Pull….not to close…pull away…push….join together again.

Used positively, this can be an exciting time to bring to the surface whatever’s not working or has become stale or heavy. We can then make some fresh agreements and ignite some passion, excitement and creativity to let some of the steam out of the pressure cooker (if you’re on your own, do this for yourself)

The thing is, if egos get in the way and both parties are determined to be right, our beautiful tango could land up being a “not so pretty” toe-stomping exercise. The challenge this week is to engage in the dance, stay in your own power, count to 140 before you react, assess what the other person is mirroring or bringing to the surface for you, then take a few looong deeeeep breaths and then speak your truth. Every interaction, even when it triggers unwanted feelings, is a gift and how we engage with it is a part of our growth and transformation.


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